10 Things You Never Knew You Were Using Wrong

As you go about your day, what you might not know is that there are mind-blowing hacks that can make your tasks much easier. We all love a good trick, but sometimes you get stuck doing things one way and don’t realize that there are amazing shortcuts right at your fingertips.



It may be even more surprising to know that you have been using some of your favorite products wrong your entire life. Some of the littlest things have a hidden purpose that you probably were never aware of.

You may not realize it, but sometimes an item can be used for more than its intention. To prove this point, here are 10 things you never knew you were using wrong.

1.  Soda Tabs Double as a Straw Holders

Many people choose to drink everything through a straw, which would include carbonated soft drinks and even coffee. Sometimes people do this because of preference; other times it is due to tooth pain, or a belief that this practice will help to avoid cavities, tooth decay, and will keep your teeth white.

If you like to enjoy your beverages with a straw, it might be surprising to learn that you have been using your straw wrong the entire time. Well, fortunately, the opening mechanism on soda cans was changed in the late 80s, which made it much easier to use a straw.

The original device was a pull-tab, which detached quickly and led to accidental ingestion. Once the retained-ring pull cans were introduced for soft drinks, the problem was resolved, and it grew into the soft drink design that you see today.

Things Using Wrong 1

How does the new design help you hold your straw in place? It will blow your mind. Keep reading!

Things Using Wrong 2

If you like to drink your soft drinks with a straw, you don’t have to fumble around looking silly anymore. All you have to do is pop your soda, swivel the tab around, and use it as a perfect straw holder.

This may have just blown your mind, but there is more; if you don’t finish your whole soda you can use the rest of it for a variety of things. Soft drinks are filled with acid, which is probably why you are using straws in the first place.

You can take advantage of the acidity in your favorite soft drinks and use it to remove grease stains, rust, oil, and even clean burnt pans. You can even use soda to clean your toilet!

Have you ever wondered why there is a hole at the end of your pots? Click “Next” to see why.

2.  Wooden Spoon Hacks

You probably have a large selection of pots and pans, and if you look through them, you might notice that they all have a hole at the end. If you have a smaller kitchen or have incorporated space-saving solutions, you may have utilized that hole to hang the pots from a rack, or hooks.

Most people don’t think much of those holes or their pots and pans until they have a dirty spoon with nowhere to go. Well, it turns out, that hole at the end of your pans doubles as storage for your spoons.

Once you realize this, it is hard to imagine that you missed it all along and you will probably never use a bulky spoon holder again. This is a great solution because it is hygienic and it always keeps your spoon handy when you need it.

Things Using Wrong 3

Could there be something else that you didn’t know about wooden spoons? Keep reading to find out.

Things Using Wrong 4

After that last wooden spoon hack, it is hard to imagine there is anything else that you missed, but there is one more kitchen trick that might blow your mind. When you are cooking something in a large pot, and it begins to boil over, it can be a nightmare of a mess and creates a burning stench in your home.

What if we told you that there was a solution to prevent that boil-over? It is so ridiculously simple you will wonder how you didn’t know it all along, but all you have to do is place a wooden spoon over the top of your pot.

It is so easy; it’s almost magic, and everyone will think you are a genius. Either you are a genius, or a dry wooden spoon works to destabilize the bubbles that meet its surface. Also, bubbles created from boiling water are filled with steam, which condenses when it touches the spoon.

If you forgot your spoon, this trick will save the day. Click “Next,” to see what you’ve been missing.  

3.  Snack Containers

Sometimes busy moms forget to pack those few essentials in the lunch box and before you know it, Junior is at school with applesauce, and no spoon.

If you forget to pack your spoon, you might be left hungry. We have all been there, but usually, we either skip the applesauce, or maybe attempt to slurp it up without a spoon.

Surprisingly, Motts has had us covered all along with a built-in applesauce spoon in every pack. So how do you do it? First, clean off the top of the foil then twist it a few times, and voila! You have a spoon.

Things Using Wrong 5

Did you know these snack containers are meant to be folded in half? Keep reading!

Things Using Wrong 6

The chances are good that you have a container of Greek yogurt in your refrigerator. Many people love this yogurt because it is a quick snack that tastes good, is rich in protein, and low in carbohydrates.

Greek yogurt has taken over and shoved regular yogurt aside because it offers a creamier, more exotic taste with the same health benefits. You can get this snack in a variety of flavors, and you might recognize the container, which comes in a split pack that has half of the flavor on one side, and the plain yogurt on the other.

If you were spooning the filling onto your yogurt or dipping the yogurt into the filling, you have been doing it wrong. The container is designed to split in half so you can pour your toppings directly onto the yogurt.

Did you know there was a solution for this common restaurant struggle all along? Click “Next,” to see it.  

4. The “Sweet Spot” on The Heinz Ketchup Bottle

Everyone has sat in a restaurant and struggled to get ketchup out of the glass Heinz bottle. You probably tried every method imaginable to get out just a drop of that magic tomato sauce with no luck.

For some reason, the ketchup will not come out of the bottle despite hitting the bottle, sticking a knife through the bottle, and even forcing a French fry though it. That might be why the Heinz company switched from the aesthetically pleasing glass bottle to the easy squeeze bottle.

Apparently, getting your ketchup out of the bottle doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare because all along there was a magic “sweet spot,” who knew?

Things Using Wrong 7

According to Heinz, applying force to the sweet spot will easily release the ketchup from the bottle. Keep reading.

Things Using Wrong 8

As it turns out, you never had to struggle to get ketchup out of the bottle; you just had to know exactly where to tap the bottle. The “sweet spot,” on the iconic Heinz 57 bottle is on the neck of the bottle. So, with one firm tap on the sweet spot all your ketchup struggles will be over.

Strangely enough, ketchup is tested for speed as it comes out of the bottle, so you will be glad to know that if it comes out any faster than .028 miles per hour, it will not be in your restaurant.

Another good point to keep in mind before incorporating your sweet spot trick is to give the ketchup bottle a good shake. This will loosen up the particles and ensure that you do not get a watery pour.

This spaghetti trick will blow your mind. Click “Next” to see it.

5. Spaghetti Hacks

Spaghetti is a common staple in any kitchen, but the only problem is you either make way too much, or way too little. Most people end up throwing in an entire box of spaghetti noodles and end up with enough spaghetti to feed the entire neighborhood.

It is one of those constant guessing games trying to figure out how much to cook. So, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could perfectly proportion out only the amount that you need? It turns out that you have the tools you need at your fingertips and you never knew it.

A single serving of pasta is usually around two ounces, but without a kitchen scale, it can be tough to measure. If you have an empty 20-ounce water or soda bottle, fill it up with uncooked spaghetti, and once it can’t fit anymore noodles, you have around two ounces.

Things Using Wrong 9

You have another spaghetti measuring hack hidden right in your kitchen drawer. Keep reading.

Things Using Wrong 10

If you look in your spoon drawer, you will notice a spoon that you probably ignored all along or wondered what it was used for. The slotted spoon, or spork, is called a spaghetti spoon and is used to stir and serve pasta noodles. It seems like everyone has one in their kitchen, but does anyone know what the hole in the middle is used for? Well, that hole in the middle of your spoon can be used to measure one serving of spaghetti accurately.

Just count out how many noodles fit inside the space and when you can’t fit anymore, you have yourself an approximate serving. To create more than one serving, just repeat the process until you have a meal.

Have you ever wondered why the back of your shirt has a loop? It will amaze you. Click “Next.”

6. The Mysterious Loop on the Back of Your Dress Shirt

Have you ever noticed the smallest fashion details that don’t seem to make much sense? For instance, the shirt loop on the back of all men’s business shirts. This loop, located at the rear of the shirt, is also referred to as the “locker loop,” it is basically just an extra ring of fabric at the center of the shirt.

Today, these tags are sometimes known as “fruit loops,” which girls will rip off the shirts of the men they think are cute. This trend has carried through to several clothing brands and continues today. Some people also think that this loop is for decorative design. Although, all of those are innovative and interesting twists on this little piece of fabric, none of those are the original source or reason why this was created.

Things Using Wrong 11

The real reason for these loops dates back to 1960. Keep reading for more.

Things Using Wrong 12

Shirt loops were originally used by sailors in the East Coast, and the trend carried through with the US oxford button down shirts. According to history, sailors would hang their shirts from ship hooks while they were changing, which earned them the name “locker loops.”

Since this kept everything so neat, many people thought that this trend would completely prevent the need for hangars. Of course, not every fashion works perfectly with a “loop.”

So, the next time you are folding your clothes, you might want to consider utilizing the “locker loop.” It will hang well from tie hooks to perfectly organize your closet space.

If you like cold beer, you should hold the bottle the right way. Click “Next,” to make sure you are.

7. Holding a Drink

If you are a beer aficionado, then the last thing you want is a warm beer, which is exactly what could happen if you hold your beer the wrong way. Most people are holding their beer all wrong, and surprisingly it is usually a reflection of their personality traits.

With long neck beer bottles, specifically, most people hold the bottle around the base, which heats up the beer. Unless you like warm beer, you have been doing it wrong this entire time.

So, how should you hold your beer? Always hold your beer by the neck of the bottle so that the heat from your hand doesn’t transfer to alcohol.

Things Using Wrong 13

Have you been drinking wine the wrong way as well? Keep reading to find out.

Things Using Wrong 14

Some people prefer wine to beer, and if you are one of them, then you know that it can be much more complicated. If you want to drink wine like a professional, then it is important to know how to pick the right varietals and hold the glass correctly.

There are a variety of different glasses to choose from, but with the basic wine glass, you will see a rod of glass within a base and stem. When it comes to holding a wine glass, remember to keep one critical rule in mind: the stem is there for a reason.

With that said, hold the glass towards the base of the stem between your forefinger, thumb, and middle finger. If you are doing it correctly, you will find that your fingers rest naturally on the base.

You will love this trick and so will your kids. Click through for a win-win solution.

8. Juice Boxes

Moms everywhere have a love-hate relationship with juice boxes. These convenient on the go juices are perfect for kid’s lunches, sporting events, and play dates, but they are messy. Every mother has cleaned up her fair share of juice spills from kids who squeeze the juice too hard.

Once your kids reach the independent phases and want to do everything for themselves, you basically relinquish hope of keeping your home spill-free. But, what if there was a solution hidden right under your nose the entire time?

Well, those sides, which are folded underneath the juice box are not just for looks, they are made to allow space in the box. Once you unfold the wings and insert the straw, there is less chance that your juice will spill. It also makes a convenient holder for your kids.

Things Using Wrong 15

Are you interested in more juice hacks for kids? Keep reading for more.

Things Using Wrong 16

Now that you have learned about the juice box “wings,” you are probably dying to know more juice box hacks for your kids. Well, there are a few more ways in which you can get clever with your kid’s juices.

For instance, consider freezing the juice boxes on a hot day. This will save you money because freezer packs usually get lost or never come home. Also, by the time the juice reaches school or a sporting event, it will be perfectly chilled. All you have to do is throw a juice box in the freezer overnight, and you are ready to go.

There is much more to your favorite Chinese food takeout box then you might think. Click “Next!”   

9. You’ve Been Doing Chinese Takeout All Wrong

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking, and on those days, that little white Chinese food container filled with orange and cashew chicken really hits the spot. What you may not know is that the box was specifically designed to be even more convenient for you.

You may have been doing Chinese food wrong your entire life because when you use these boxes, you don’t even need a plate. That’s right; the container is designed to fold out into a plate.

The Chinese takeout container has a Japanese design, but the technology is primarily American. In 1894, a man by the name of Frederick Wilcox patented a leakproof paper pail, which was a single piece of paper, creased and folded into a container with a single wire on top.

In 1970, a graphic design company took the same design and stylized it with a “Thank you,” on top and adjusted the design for modern-day behavior.

Things Using Wrong 17

After seeing this, you will never use chopsticks the same way again. Keep reading!

Things Using Wrong 18

So, we might have just blown your mind with the Chinese takeout container, but there is more, you also have been using chopsticks wrong your entire life. If you think there is only one way to use wooden chopsticks, you are wrong.

If you do use chopsticks, you might be aware that the ends of your chopsticks are messy at the end of your meal. Well, with this trick, you will never use chopsticks the same way again, that is, if you know how to use these tools without making a complete mess.

You know that little piece of wood at the end of your chopsticks? Simply snap this piece off, and use it to rest your utensils.

Do you like Oreo cookies and milk? This trick will take your dunking to the next level. Click “Next.”

10. You Might be Doing Sweets Wrong

The love of Oreo cookies and milk is almost a perfect science and has been compared to an actual skill. This is something that people take so seriously that the perfect milk-Oreo dunk time ratio has been timed in an experiment.

This sounds ridiculous, but apparently, if you leave your cookie in too long it will fall apart, and if you take it out too soon, it will not be soft enough. The final dunk time came in at 60 seconds.

Also, like the great toilet paper roll debate, many people speculate about the proper way to eat an Oreo cookie. Some people say you should dunk the entire sandwich; others say you should take the cookie apart and eat the middle first.

If you are a serious Oreo cookie eater, you should probably know that you have been missing out on a huge dunking opportunity. Pour milk down the middle of your cookie tray, skip the glass, and reach optimal dunking.

Things Using Wrong 19

Would you like to get frosting in every bite of your cupcake? Try this trick. Click, “Next.”

Things Using Wrong 20

It seems hard to believe that anything can be wrong about a cupcake, but you may have been eating it wrong your entire life. Although these are delicious baked cakes, they can be messy and awkward to eat.

If you want to eat a cupcake like a proper lady or gentleman, there is a step-by-step process. The cupcake sandwich is the answer to everyone’s sugary problems and apparently, it has been practiced for years.

To make a sandwich, simply remove the paper cupcake holder, twist off the bottom of your cupcake, place the bottom layer upside down on the top of the frosting, and enjoy your cupcake as a sandwich. Now, you won’t have a boring top with no frosting, and a top with too much frosting. Some people are just geniuses!

Are you using your earbuds correctly? There is one way to be sure. Click ‘Next.’

11. Earbuds Go Over the Ear

A pair of earbuds might seem pretty straight forward; you unpackage them, stick them in your ear, and enjoy endless hours of music. But, if you notice that your ear buds keep falling out, or you are constantly adjusting them, you are probably using them wrong.

Surprisingly, there is a right and a wrong way to wear ear buds, and when used correctly, you will avoid having them falling out. So, how do you properly wear earbuds? The trick is to loop the wire around your ears, then place the earphones in your ear.

When you place your earphones straight down and into the ear canal, which most people do, they will slip out, and you will find yourself adjusting them all day.

Things Used Wrongly 21

According to science, some people just cannot wear earbuds, so what is the solution? Keep reading to find out.

Things Used Wrongly 22

Now that you know the correct way to wear earbuds, it may seem like you are well on your way to listening to music with ease. However, according to science, there are a select group of people, who cannot wear ear buds at all. The problem with these devices is they were designed as a one-size-fits-all product, which is not how the human ear works.

Although there are two different types of ear buds on the market, the on-ear variety and the in-ear variety, there are still people who have issues with ear buds. Fortunately, a custom 3D printer/scanner has been developed, which promises to scan and custom fit an earpiece for customers struggling with these issues.

After seeing this, you will never eat French fries the same way again. Click ‘Next!’

12. Expanding Ketchup Tubs

If you enjoy French fries, or any other fast food indulgences, which require the use of ketchup or other condiments, then you are probably familiar with those small paper condiment cups. A true ketchup lover will sometimes walk away with an entire tray filled with red ketchup cups. Sometimes, it can take quite a while to fill up cup after cup with enough ketchup to get through your meal.

Well, what if we told you that you have been using these cups wrong your whole life? In fact, you can use half as many and fit more ketchup in just one cup. These condiment cups actually expand and fan out to almost twice their size for optimal dunking.

Things Used Wrongly 23

Could there be something else that you do not know about ketchup? Keep reading to find out.

Things Used Wrongly 24


When it comes to condiments, ketchup is at the top of the food chain. It is a favorite tomato-based dip, which is famously used on French fries, burgers, and even eggs. This condiment is found on the table at every restaurant and is practically an American staple, so naturally, why would we question it?

As it turns out, those little condiment cups may not be the only things that you do not know about ketchup. For instance, did you know that ketchup was sold as a tomato pill and considered a medicine in 1835?

The theory was that tomatoes would cure several illnesses including jaundice, indigestion, and diarrhea. Of course, the ketchup pills were fraudulent and had laxative effects, which led to the collapse of the market in 1840.

You probably use this product every day, but ignore this helpful feature. Click ‘Next’ to see what you’ve been missing.  

13. Aluminum Foil Boxes

There is one staple that is common in almost every kitchen, and you might be surprised to learn that you have been using it wrong your entire life. Aluminum foil is great for covering and saving food, wrapping sandwiches, and layering baking pans. There are also several unusual uses for aluminum foil, too, like fixing loose battery connections, cleaning rust, and sharpening your scissors.

As you know, foil comes in a handy cardboard box, which allows you to measure and cut a sheet of foil in one convenient place. However, you may have noticed that the roll of foil has a way of falling, unraveling, and making a mess. As it turns out, the box comes equipped with push tabs at the end, that when pushed in, will prevent this problem from happening, once and for all.

Things Used Wrongly 25

Did you know there is a reason why there is a shiny and a dull side of foil? Keep reading!

Things Used Wrongly 26


While cooking or barbecuing with aluminum foil, you might have noticed that there are two sides; one that is shiny, and one that is dull. These two different surfaces have spurred a lengthy debate regarding which side should face up when cooking.

While some people think it makes no difference at all, there are some who believe that facing the dull side up will absorb more heat, which would make more sense when baking. Alternatively, when freezing the shiny side is thought to reflect heat away from food. So, which school of thought is correct?

According to the Reynolds company, it doesn’t matter, and the two different sides are a product of the manufacturing process. There are still many people, however, who wholeheartedly disagree.

Every restroom has one ,and it is a germ saver, but are you using it correctly? Click ‘Next,’ to see.  

14. The Toilet Seat Cover

Everyone is familiar with the toilet seat cover; this is a commonly used item that you will find in every public restroom. Without them, it would be impossible to survive any trip to a public restroom. You might find it hard enough to use public facilities, so the toilet seat cover is often a life saver to protect you from the germs of using those gross toilets.

Although they seem like they are easy to use, often times, they end up falling into the toilet. If they don’t fall in, you end up with a strip in the front, which is exposed and not shielded by the cover. So, did you know that you are actually supposed to turn the toilet seat cover around? When you do, you will find that it is specifically designed to shield that exposed area. Also, now it will not fall into the toilet!

Things Used Wrongly 27

Does the original toilet paper roll patent solve the over vs. under debate once and for all?  Keep reading.

Things Used Wrongly 28

You might be familiar with the “over vs. under,” toilet paper debate because it may be alive and well in your own home. This argument has divided households and been an issue of contention amongst men and women for decades. However, it seems that the debate has finally been solved once and for all.

According to the 124-year-old patent, dating back to December 22, 1891, the original design illustrates an “over” arrangement. The idea for perforated toilet paper was first patented by Seth Wheeler’s company, Wheeler Albany Perforated Paper Company.

He then re-patented it again in roll form to reduce waste in 1891. In the original 1891 patent, it clearly shows that the roll should go up and over. Sorry, “under” people!

How do you use this small pocket on your jeans? Click ‘Next’ to see what it was designed for.  

15. The Small Pocket in Your Jeans

If you have a pair, or several pairs, of jeans hanging in your closet, then you have definitely seen that small pocket located above the regular pockets. You may use it to hold change, chapstick, gum, or just to rest your thumbs. However, you chose to utilize this little pocket, you might be surprised to know that none of these are the actual intended uses for this extra pocket.

You may never have noticed this extra pocket, and if you did, maybe you never wondered about its purpose. But, as it turns out, some people questioned the reason for it, and the answer is steeped in history.

The original design for the traditional five pocket jeans included the small pocket to fit a pocket watch. Placing a watch in this pocket would protect it from scratching, while still making it easily accessible.

Things Used Wrongly 29

How do you wash your jeans? You might be doing it wrong. Keep reading to find out if you are.

Things Used Wrongly 30

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe, and the chances are good that you are probably washing them incorrectly. Most people separate their colored clothes and wash them separately in a cold wash cycle. If you have a really good pair of designer jeans, you might wash them on a gentle cycle, and dry them on low heat.

According to the Levi CEO and president, you should never wash your jeans. That is right, never. You can spot clean any stains you may have with a toothbrush, but good denim should very rarely be washed in the washing machine.

So, what about bacteria or the smell that an unwashed pair of jeans can cause? Well, to get rid of bacteria, you can freeze your jeans overnight, and for smells, try a neutralizer spray or leave them outside in the sun.

Have you ever crossed something out in an attempt to conceal confidential material? This method is all wrong. Click ‘Next.’

16. Concealing Sensitive Material

From time to time, we all need to conceal confidential, or sensitive information. While it might be most effective to shred this material, a shredder is not always handy and available. So, naturally, the easiest method is to grab a pen and scribble out any information that you do not want to fall into the hands of the wrong person.

You may have noticed that when you scribble out information with lines, you can still see through it. It may seem good enough to the blind eye, but as criminals continue to advance their hacking methods, you could be placing yourself at risk. So, if you want to ensure that you are truly protecting your information, the best way to cross out material is to use words instead of lines. Just write words directly on top of the words that you are trying to cover up, instead of crossing them out.

Things Used Wrongly 31

Now that you have the scribbling down pat, are you holding your pen correctly? Keep reading to find out.  

Things Used Wrongly 32

If you have ever looked around a classroom filled with students, you may have noticed that almost every person has a different writing technique. Some students hold their pens or pencils loosely, and other people, especially left handed people, will grip their utensils tightly near the ink.

With the many different ways that people hold their pens, it might be hard to believe that there is a right, or a wrong way to hold your writing instrument. But, as it turns out, there are an alarming number of people who have no idea how to hold a pen. The correct way to hold your pen is to position your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together to form a triangle. Your writing instrument will then rest on the middle finger, and the thumb and index will prevent your pen from sliding.

The next time you serve strawberries, skip the knife and use this method for stemming. Click ‘Next,’ to see it.

17. Cutting off the Top of Strawberries

When strawberry season comes around, there is nothing better than enjoying the sweet, ripe fruit alongside your barbecue, or favorite meal. Strawberries are delicious in kabobs, a fruit salad, or by themselves in a bowl. Of course, before you can enjoy them, most people will wash them and cut off the green leafy top with a knife, which results in the loss of some of the delicious flesh.

Did you know there was another, much smarter way all along? If you take a regular drinking straw, insert it through the bottom end of the strawberry, and push upwards, your leaves will be removed. With this method, not only save some of that delicious fruit, you eliminate the need for knives.

Things Used Wrongly 33

Straws are useful for much more, keep reading for more unique hacks.

Things Used Wrongly 34

So, we now know that straws are excellent for de-stemming strawberries and of course, they are great in our favorite soft drinks. But, there are also several unique ways that you can use drinking straws.

For instance, you can use a straw to help get the air out of a Ziploc bag and more effectively vacuum seal your food. All you have to do is seal the zipper of a bag around the straw and suck out as much air as you can.

Also, if you would like to take a necklace, or necklaces with you on a trip, but don’t want it to get tangled. You can thread the chain through one end of a drinking straw, clasp the end, and voila! No messy knots.

Can you eat a popsicle without getting your hands all sticky? You probably never knew this was possible. Click, ‘Next.’

18. Foods You Have Been Eating all Wrong

On a hot summer day, or when you are feeling sick, a popsicle is a great treat. Kids also love them, but they can be messy and often leave your hands all sticky. Unfortunately, if you are going to eat this delicious snack, it is just something you have to put up with.

Unless, of course, you are eating them correctly, which most people do not. There is a neat little trick, that will keep all those messy, sticky popsicle juices contained and off your hands. The best part is, it involves something that most people already have in their own kitchens. Just take a cupcake or muffin cup, poke your popsicle stick through the middle of it, and you have yourself a built-in cup.

Things Used Wrongly 35

How do you make your lunch meat sandwiches? Keep reading to see if you have this common problem.


Things Used Wrongly 36

Lunch meat sandwiches are a favorite in many homes, so it is no wonder that some people are sticklers about how to make a good sandwich. As you know, almost all bread is square, and many types of lunch meat are round, which means that the corners of most sandwiches are left without any meat.

For serious meat and sandwich lovers, unoccupied space like this is simply unacceptable. It would seem that there is no solution, but there is actually an answer for this problem, and a guide to the perfect sandwich. So, instead of overlapping two round pieces of lunch meat, you cut them in half and place them on the top in half-moons, then cover the rest of the bread.

When you brush your teeth, pay attention to the amount of toothpaste you use. Do you know why? Click ‘Next!’   

19. The Amount of Toothpaste You Use

When it comes to brushing our teeth, there are a surprising number of ways in which we all do it very wrong. Most of us will pick up our toothbrush, run it under water, and put a big glob of toothpaste along the center of it, and then brush. For some reason, it seems like the more toothpaste we use, the cleaner our teeth get. Then of course after we are done brushing, we will rinse our mouth out, and spit.

All of these are wrong beginning with the amount of toothpaste we use. You are really only supposed to use a dab of toothpaste. In fact, you only need a pea sized amount to properly clean your teeth. Also, when it comes to rinsing, less is more, so use as little water as possible. This is to retain as much fluoride in your mouth as possible.

Things Used Wrongly 37

There are a few other things you might be doing wrong when it comes to brushing. Keep reading!

Things Used Wrongly 38

Now that you know exactly how much toothpaste to use, there are a few other common brushing mistakes that you should be aware of. For starters, many people will use the same toothbrush for too long. The average life of a toothbrush is about three months or 200 uses, so change your toothbrush to avoid the buildup of bacteria and food particles.

Also, many people only brush for 45 seconds, when anything shorter for two minutes is not effective. Another common mistake, which everyone makes is storing your toothbrush in the bathroom. Try to keep your toothbrush in another location where it is free from the toilet bowl, or you can put a lid over your toothbrush.

When it’s time to clean your blender, how do you clean it? You might be doing it wrong. Click ‘Next.’

20. Common Cleaning Mistakes

An electric blender is great for making smoothies, milkshakes, and a variety of sauces. When it is time to clean these appliances, however, it can be quite a task. You can soak it in dishwater, but then you still need to navigate your way around the blades and try to get the crevices cleaned. Of course, you could always put it in your dishwasher, but some of the nicer appliances are not dishwasher friendly.

So, what is the solution? Instead of soaking your blender in hot water, or risking cutting up your hands, why not use your appliance to clean? Simply, place a few drops of dishwashing soap in the blender, and let your blender do the cleaning. Once you have run it through a few times, rinse, and dry. It should be sparkling clean when you are finished.

Things Used Wrongly 39

How many sponges have you ruined trying to clean this kitchen tool? Keep reading!

Things Used Wrongly 40


If you have ever tried to clean a cheese grater, then you can relate to how impossible of a task it can be. With all the tiny little crevices that hide food, it can be impossible to clean. No matter how much you scrub, it doesn’t seem to come clean, and your sponges appear to shred to pieces. You may have learned quickly that a sponge is the absolute wrong way to clean this item, but what is the solution?

Surprisingly, there is a way to clean your cheese grater using food. So, next time you need to clean one of these, just take a potato and start shredding. Not only will you have hash browns for later, after rinsing, your grater will be cleaned. The oxalic acid in the potato will have removed any residue.

Do you find that your peanut butter is particularly oily? There could be a reason why. Click, ‘Next.’

21. Foods You Have Been Storing Wrong

When it comes time to make a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, there is nothing worse than finding oil welled up at the top. There could be a reason for this, and it has to do with how you are storing your peanut butter.

Whether you store your peanut butter in the refrigerator, in the pantry, or up high, most of the peanut spreads, especially the natural ones, will separate. Often times, peanut butter will lack an ingredient called lecithin or mono-di-glycerides, which act as an agent that disperses oil separation.

This results in an oily layer on the top of the spread. So, to avoid this, you need to store your peanut butter upside down to distribute the oils throughout the container evenly.

Things Used Wrongly 41

Where in your refrigerator do you store your milk? Keep reading to see if you have been doing it correctly.

Things Used Wrongly 42

Most people store their milk in the door of their refrigerator because it is convenient and easy to grab. However, the best place to store milk is in the very back of the fridge where it is the coldest. Since milk is the most perishable food, it is at the most risk when temperatures drop in a food safety danger zone.

So, what is considered a food safety danger zone? Milk should be served at temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees and should be stored below 40 for proper safety. The door of the refrigerator is one of the warmest places in the entire refrigerator, which makes it the worst possible place to store your milk. If you are storing it there, opt for the shelves in the back, where it can stay the coldest.

Do you find yourself struggling to get this popular candy out of the container? Click ‘Next,’ for a solution. 

22. The Tic Tac Container

If you are a fan of those popular little Tic Tac breath mints, then you may have found yourself struggling to dispense a few of them from the container. Many people shake the container, or tip it upside down, just to free one tiny, little breath mint.

You might feel silly hearing that the Tic Tac dispenser actually comes equipped with a special slot, which was designed for mint dispensing. The process is easy if you just turn the box the other way around, face the white flap down, then pour your candy out.


Things Used Wrongly 43

There is another candy you may have struggled with, keep reading to see how you are doing things all wrong.

Things Used Wrongly 44


Fans of the iconic Swiss chocolate bar might love the honey and nougat but hate struggling with breaking off each triangular piece. If you have been pulling each piece off individually, pulling outwards, then you are not alone. That is how most people would assume that it is done, and honestly, is there a wrong way to eat a Toblerone?

The answer is yes. There is a much easier way to eat this almond nougat goodness, and it doesn’t involve struggling with each individual triangle. This way does not involve the muscle and strength that you have been putting into before. Instead, just tap the triangles inwards, and a piece will easily break off.

Do you use your to-go lid on top of your cup? Is there another way? Keep clicking, ‘Next!’ 

23. To Go Cups

 When you get fast food or carry out, you get a drink in a paper cup with a plastic lid, which goes on top of the cup with a straw. Most people put the plastic lid, on top of the cup with the straw, and call it a day. However, what if we told you there is another use of that lid?

While you are using the lid correctly when you put it on top of your cup, it also doubles as a coaster for your drink. So, before you cover your drink, you can turn it upside down to protect the surface of the table, then when you are ready to leave, you can use your lid. Many people do not know that these lids serve two very important purposes. Of course, you may want to ensure that you wipe off your lid after using it as a coaster.

Things Used Wrongly 45

You are probably using a straw with that plastic lid, but is that the best choice? Keep reading to see.

Things Used Wrongly 46

We are a society that is always on the go, so it is not at all unusual to have a to-go cup, with a plastic lid and a straw. But, is it the best idea to always drink from a straw? Some people choose to drink from a straw even when they are at home because they think it is better for their teeth.

However, according to dentists and some doctors, it might not be the best choice to always opt for a straw with your beverages. There are health and even environmental reasons why this isn’t a good idea. First and foremost, it isn’t at all good for the environment, to have so many straws filling up our landfills. Also, straws are known to cause wrinkles around the mouth, and there is no proof that they protect your teeth from staining.

How do you eat your apples? Click ‘Next,’ to see if you are doing it correctly. 

24. You Have Been Eating Fruit All Wrong

 We have all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” which has become one of the most recognizable phrases around. This little rhyme describes why it is important to include some fruit in your diet, more specifically apples, which offer pectin, vitamin C, phytonutrients, and boron.

If you don’t eat apples for health reasons, you might just enjoy them for their delicious taste, or for the fact they are a convenient snack. Whatever your reason, like everyone, you probably take the first bite of your apple right in the middle, and continue from the top to bottom. Well, if you do, this is wrong. The correct way to eat an apple is from the bottom and continue to the top.

Things Used Wrongly 47

What about bananas? There is only one way to peel those, right? Keep reading.

Things Used Wrongly 48

Bananas are another common fruit that is found in almost every kitchen because they are high in potassium and great for your digestive health. This fruit is also high in fiber, and are known to help our bones and encourage healthy bacteria.

Since a banana comes with a natural handle at the top, most people will peel it from the top, down to the bottom. However, that usually causes the top of your fruit to be smashed and inedible. What most people do not know is that bananas are meant to be peeled from the bottom to the top. One species of mammal who does know this are monkeys; they have been peeling bananas like this all along.

Do you fumble with those childproof prescription pill bottles? Did you know you don’t have to? Click, ‘Next.’ 

25. Prescription Pill Bottles

 If you have to take prescription medications, then you are probably all too familiar with the pesky childproof caps. Although they are necessary and can save lives, they can sometimes feel adult proof. These caps are supposed to push down, then turn, so you can easily open the bottle, and retrieve your medication. However, it is not always easy to open them, especially, if you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, or any other painful medical condition.

Well, it turns out, most pill bottles have a smaller cap, just under the main cap, which allows you to turn the pill cap upside down. When you do this, you create a childproof cap that you can easily open, but a child cannot.

Things Used Wrongly 49

Do you have an abundance of extra pill bottles laying around? Keep reading for clever ways to repurpose them.

Things Used Wrongly 50


If you do have a medical condition, which requires the use of prescription medication, those prescription pill bottles can very quickly pile up. As you may know, the environment is in a state of crisis, so disposing of large amounts of plastic, could put a strain on our resources.

Fortunately, there are always ways in which you could uniquely repurpose items around your home, work, or backyard. If you peel off the labels of your pill bottles and apply a little paint, there are a world of possibilities at your fingertips. For instance, you could create a makeup organizer, candle holder, jewelry holder, or travel-sized cosmetic case.

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