12 Incredibly Hot Internet Business and Exciting Startups For 2016

What will be the next big thing? It seems like there is always something brewing in someone’s garage or dorm room. That’s where Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and even Apple started and are now household names. Those humble beginnings were laughed at by one financial advisor or two but now who’s getting the last laugh? Let’s take a look at 12 similar companies who are newer to the market but are reaching a niche market with forward thinking ideas and products that someday will change the wealth management portfolios of their founders.

1. Product Hunt: Clever as The Cat It Uses As It’s Logo

Product Hunt is the brainchild of Rick Hoover, who explains it started out of something that wasn’t. It’s the place people can go to to find technology’s next big thing. 

Product Hunt

Product Hunt compiles a list of the top products that people haven’t heard of yet and opens the conversation through emails sent out the same time everyday. It’s great for everyone from a tax attorney to anyone with an investment account to stay updated and informed daily on the top five new things. Product Hunt is now a valued place to go to find out what’s new. What started out as an idea in late 2013, now has more than 43,000 subscribers.

2.  Giphy:  Growing, Bigger and Bigger in Almost a Jiffy!

Giphy is a two year old search engine that does more than find what you are looking for, it adds emotions and feelings to your social media posts using GIFS. Giphy was founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke who both believed that words sometimes fell short. That’s where “gifs” come in. Almost like a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF or image can express feelings so much better. And these GIFs are making these two founders very happy and their investments’ portfolio management even happier. 


There are now millions of people searching for images on Giphy every month and they don’t even have an app yet. GIF searchers go to their mobile friendly website and simply cut and paste the GIFS they are looking for. According the founders and the millions of users, this is a trend that is here to stay.

3.  Mobcrush:  Crushes The Gaming World Competition

Wow! Mobcrush is a startup to watch and they aren’t playing around. This mobile video streaming internet business enables users to broadcast, watch and chat about games being played in real time. They raised $11 million bucks to get people to watch others playing mobile games. No small business funding needed for this up and coming winner. 


Mobile games are played by millions and the growing trend to watch others play and compete, known as eSports, is growing too. Mobcrush has the technology that makes it easy to screen share mobile gaming. Let’s play!

4.  Patreon:  Crowdfunding Platform Raising Millions For Artists and Musicians

Crowdfunding is serious business. Everywhere you look there is a crowdfunding site for everything from pets to poets. Now there is one exclusively for creative types called Patreon, and it’s working! It’s raising millions and helping the portfolio management of these artists, too. How it works is creative genius. More than 2,000 artists, musicians, photographers, writers, and other creative folk are making a living by creating their own pages and obtaining funding from fans on a regular basis. 


It’s been helping creative types since it started in 2013, by a creative person, Jack Conte and it looks like three years is a charm.

5.  Carousell:  Move Over Ebay And Craig’s List, There’s a Better Game In Town

Cash in on clutter, old clothes and piles of unused stuff around your home by selling it on Carousell, a simple internet business platform started in Singapore that is gaining popularity worldwide. This consumer to consumer marketplace is an app for smart phones and allows users to sell their unwanted goods to others and buy others’ unwanted goods. One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure on Carousell. 


All you have to do is take a picture of the item, write a brief description, and it’s listed within 30 seconds flat. They call it their “snap and sell” marketplace and it’s taking off fast!

6.  Doormint:  Household Services Right To Your Doorstep!

Doormint, headquartered in Mumbai, India developed a platform to book professional services for household needs like plumbing, appliance repair, electrical needs, pest control, laundry and much more, and the help comes right to your doorstep. It’s like a husband for hire and it’s working! Founded in 2015 Doormint is a mobile app for home-based utility services. It’s a small business funding dream. Co-founder, Naman Lahoty expresses how Doormint is a “super” startup that hires enthusiastic people all working for the same goal: to help others who have problems that need solved. 


“We’re super,” he said. And super it is! Doormint has raised 7 million dollars since they started the India based company in January, 2015 and plan to expand their service area, categories and workforce.

7.  Belong:  Finding the Best Candidates that Belong With You

The name, Belong, alone adds a personal touch to this web-based company that scans social media, the internet and other public sources to find the best candidates for jobs for anything from bankruptcy lawyers to marketing management. It’s similar to the United States based company Monster.com but Belong is based in Bangalore and services its country. It was founded in 2014 and has already raised money from investors like Matrix Partners and Blume Ventures. Belong employs more than 60 professionals and plans to add even more to their staff in the near future. 


Some of India’s fastest growing companies use Belong to build their teams and find the “friendly professional,” a win-win for them.

8.  Sendinblue: This Up and Coming Email Service Isn’t Monkeying Around

Small business funding isn’t what is on Sendinblue’s mind right now. It’s focus is rivaling competitors MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Benchmark, among a sea of others for their online email management services. This Paris based company is finding more and more freebies to offer customers while at the same time adding paid upgrades and services for customers to grow into as their organizations need them. Currently they offer 9,000 emails each month, unlimited email contacts, an impressive template selection and it’s all free. 


The internet business has raised an impressive $2 million dollars from investors since its startup in 2014. Consumers are saying, “Oui, Oui!” to this newer, bluer kid on the email block.

9.  Maple:  More Reasons to Find NYC Delicious!

Just when you think there are enough restaurant delivery options for New Yorkers, Maple hits the scene with a mission to reinvent the food-delivery status quo. Their “delivery only” restaurant platform that was founded in 2014 is as really appealing to their growing customer base. Maple is “combining” the country’s best culinary talent, technology and top of the line customer service to create the best meals using the best ingredients, the best chefs and the best price right to a New Yorker’s front door. 


The founders’ wealth management is extremely impressive just as their consistent and delicious menu that includes options like roast pork and fig sandwich and roast beet and avocado salad. They coin themselves as the “most delicious app in NYC” and it’s impressive to see and taste why.

10.  BitGold:  It’s like Paypal but Shinier!

BitGold, a new Canadian company is similar to a Paypal but it uses gold to back payments. That’s right, big beautiful blocks of gold. And according to the company’s founders, Josh Crumb and Roy Seabag it’s as easy to use too. BitGold is  listed on the TSXV exchange and was as high as $8.00 per share earlier this year which put them on the Forbes Top 20 Startups to Watch in 2016 List. They have an impressive $30 million in cash and assets, no tax solutions troubles and are debt free. 


Their claim to fame is you can buy or sell Gold and spend it with a debit or credit card or transfer it between people. You can even get gold bricks if you like. Now that’s golden!

11. Play Buzz:  Making Social Media “Buzz” With Excitement

Social media is all about engaging your reader with content that they will want to share and their friends will want to share too. Going viral has gotten a buzz thanks to Play Buzz a social media friendly internet business that was founded in Tel Aviv in 2012 that received more than 58 million unique monthly visitors in 10 months after they started . Its content is what is taking this company to new levels. They are appealing to the users’ emotions by using surveys, lists, questionnaires and other interactive material. 

Play Buzz

It’s so popular among social media users, especially Facebook that it has surpassed Buzz Feed! They’ll be around for awhile due to their investments of 19 million bucks!

12.  Voonik:  A Virtual Designer’s And Investor’s Dream Site

Now everyone can enjoy a personal stylist thanks to up and coming Bangalore company, Voonik. Voonik is a platform that makes shopping for a wardrobe easier by showing you how clothes would look on you based on your profile. Voonik offers instant recommendations from stylists and provides daily recommendations on what to wear from the customer’s online wardrobe. Founders and classmates, Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan worked for VISA and Amazon in the past so they know a thing or two about internet business and bank accounts. 


Sujayath came up with the idea because his wife didn’t approve of his clothing choices. He must thank her everyday because his company that targets the Indian online apparel market is worth $500 million and stylishly growing.

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