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Almost nothing compares to a celebrity wedding when it comes to glamor, groups of famous guests, towering cakes of frosting and glitter, and the most Pinterest-worthy photographs. Whether you’re interested in the weddings of yesteryear or who got hitched recently, often the centerpiece of the wedding is the bride’s gown. Her are some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses along with the loveliest blushing brides. Oh, the grooms aren’t too bad either.

Take a break and a longing look at some of the best celebrity wedding pics around! 

Elvis Presley & Priscilla Ann Beaulieu

He’ll forever be known as the King of Rock ‘n Roll, and she was the woman who captured his heart. A young Elvis Presley met then-14-year-old Priscilla Ann Beaulieu for the first time when he was in the Army and stationed in Germany. Priscilla’s family was also stationed in Germany, and she happened to meet Elvis when she attended a party at Elvis’ home there. It was practically love at first sight for Elvis.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 1

Elvis’ wedding with Priscilla was held in, fittingly, Las Vegas. Keep reading to find out the details!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 2

As lovely as the wedding was, it was short – only 8 minutes long! There was plenty of publicity, and there was a press conference held following the ceremony. After that, the couple attended a morning reception. Priscilla wore a dress that she designed herself. Its lacy sleeves and billowy material inspired many other brides in the late 1960s. The wedding cake was stacked six tiers high and was made of yellow cake with apricot marmalade filling and kirsch-flavored Bavarian cream, and it was topped with marzipan roses.

It isn’t just celebrity royalty who create iconic moments when they marry. Click “Next” to see the next historic wedding!

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

When Oprah hung up her microphone and retired as the Queen of Daytime Talk Shows, the woman waiting on the other side was Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen has charmed her way into the hearts of her countless number of fans who love her casual demeanor, her dance moves, her clean and quirky humor, and her natural banter with celebrities and guests on her show. Portia de Rossi is an accomplished actress who is best known for her work on the TV shows Ally McBeal and Arrested Development. When Ellen and Portia met backstage at an awards show, it was magic and sparks and “all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry,” says Portia.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 3

What designers did they wear? Where did they tie the knot? Keep reading to find out!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 4

The wedding was small, and planned quickly. Ellen and Portia got married after only a few months of engagement. The plan was to have a commitment ceremony initially, but California lifted the ban on same-sex marriage, so the two had a somewhat traditional wedding instead. They married at their home in Beverly Hills and fewer than two dozen people attended.

They both wore Zac Posen, and were beaming throughout the entire event. Food at the wedding was vegan, naturally, because both Ellen and Portia are vegans. Dinner was prepared by their person chef, and the wedding cake was understated, but lovely. The wedding cake, decorated with flowers, was a vegan red velvet cake.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this next couple’s wedding. Click “Next” to see who they are!

Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert

Could you imagine a couple from The Bachelor not making this list? Okay, technically Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert got engaged after Bachelor in Paradise, but it still counts. Fans of the show fell head over heels for the couple. Jade and Tanner appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, respectively, but neither found love on their seasons.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 5

The reality dating/find-a-spouse show Jade and Tanner appeared on is known for fantasy dates, so did their wedding live up to the hype? Keep reading for more!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 6

Not only did Jade and Tanner have a lavish wedding ceremony on St. Regis Monarch Beach in California, the wedding was officiated by none other than Chris Harrison, host of the Bachelor franchise. The couple was sure to include little inside joke-like details, such as Mexican chocolate and coffee (they met in Mexico on the Paradise show) and their first dance was to “Kiss From a Rose.” I mean, come on, that’s staying true to the whole Bachelor way of things. Oh, and it was all broadcast on ABC. Naturally.

You want over-the-top glamour and televised? You’ll definitely want to click “Next” to see the wedding that was the envy of many!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

When you’re Kanye West, you likely expect the best of everything. The powerhouse producer, rapper, fashion designer, and songwriter has more than half a dozen studio albums and so, so many features on songs for other artists. He’s also known for courting controversy wherever he can, whether it’s in interviews, on Twitter, or at award shows. Kim Kardashian is best known for her family’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and perhaps that video, but enough about that. She knew Kanye and they were friends long before they got together. In fact, their paths seemed to cross as they weaved in and out of other relationships. By 2012, though, they were officially a couple.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 7

Can you imagine what a Kanye-Kim wedding would be like? Well, if you caught that episode of KUWTK, you didn’t have to imagine. If you missed it, keep reading here!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 8

A regular wedding at a chapel, on a beach, or in the backyard of someone’s Beverly Hills mansion wasn’t good enough for Kanye. Not even Paris, France. In fact, he surprised the Kardashians when he announced he was flying them all to Florence, Italy for the ceremony! It was there that the rapper and reality star exchanged vows in front of friends and family. The wedding itself and following reception were private, and no cameras were allowed.

Perhaps one of the biggest events in the 21st century was this next wedding. Click “Next” to find out who wed who!

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom was abuzz with excitement when the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge took place on a lovely spring day in 2011. It was likely the most anticipated day of the year, and not just because the world watched Prince William grow up and were happy to see him happy – everyone wanted to see what Kate Middleton would wear.

The couple met 10 years before they wed and had a long courtship. They began as friends and it was a slow build up to a romance that captivated the world.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 9

When royalty marry, the world watches with bated breath. Keep reading for details on the massive ceremony!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 10

Thousands of guests attended the wedding, while millions more watched from their living rooms, bars, pubs, and parties. Kate wore a satin gown with a lace overlay that was decidedly demure and conservative. The designer gown spawned several knock-offs, naturally, and Kate’s softly curled hair likely inspired a resurgence of romantic hairstyles and clothing following her wedding to the prince.

The ceremony itself was broadcast across the world in more than 180 countries, and it was covered by radio, TV, and online. The reception was private, but details emerged soon after. The wedding cake was nine tiers of cream and white frostings and adorned with 900 sugar flowers, specifically requested by Kate. The cake included roses, daffodils, apple blossoms, lavender, honeysuckle, among others.

How would you describe a fairytale wedding? Some say it’s all about glamour, while others say sweet simplicity. Click “Next” to see a rustic wedding done right!

Ian Somerhalder& Nikki Reed

You probably know the blue-eyed handsome actor Ian Somerhalder from TV shows such as LOST and The Vampire Diaries. And Nikki Reed is likely best known for her roles in the movies Thirteen and the Twilight franchise. The two met through Ian’s old flame and costar Nina Dobrev. Nina and Nikki were good friends. Soon after Ian and Nikki broke things off with their partners, they got together and their romance was a whirlwind. They reportedly moved in together just weeks after they started dating. It wasn’t long before the two were engaged. And nuptials followed soon after!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 11

Although the couple was super sneaky about their ceremony, it didn’t take fans long to find the photos. Keep reading for more on this pretty couple’s wedding!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 12

The couple said “I do” in Malibu, California, with friends and family at what guests thought was a housewarming party. The whole vibe at their wedding and reception was decidedly rustic and down-home. They said they wanted something laid-back and fun where they and guests could focus on “the food, the dancing, and the love,” says Nikki.

When this perennial bachelor recited vows, women around the world wept. Click “Next” to find out who it is!

George Clooney &AmalAlamuddin

One of the most popular bachelors of the past few decades was George Clooney. When the charming actor and man with more “sexiest” titles than I can count was officially swept off the market by international lawyer AmalAlamuddin, women finally gave up their daydream of signing anything as Mrs. Clooney. No one saw the romance coming between the two. George was best known for dating a young actress for a while, then moving on to the next. Amal came along, though, and George seemed instantly intrigued and smitten.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 13

Of course, George’s wedding would be a star-studded event. Keep reading for more details!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 14

Less than a year after the two lovebirds met, they were tying the knot in Venice, Italy in front of wedding guests such as, Matt Damon, Anna Wintour, Emily Blunt, Cindy Crawford, Bono, John Krasinski, and Ellen Barkin. They wore designer duds, of course, with her in Oscar de la Renta and him in Giorgio Armani. After a ceremony under an arch of white roses, the wedding party and guests dined on Italian dishes, such as lemon lobster risotto and arugula pesto over agnolotti.

What do you get when you cross an American model with a famous singer-songwriter? Click “Next” to see the next blissful couple!

ChrissyTeigen& John Legend

Model ChrissyTeigen is known for her work in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and as a cohost of Lip Sync Battle. Her other half is one of the most decorated singer-songwriters in R&B and pop music: John Legend. The two met on the set of one of his music videos, and it took years before the two fell for each and married.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 15

As secretive as Chrissy and John were about their nuptials, they shared a few photos here and there on social media. Keep reading for more on this wedding!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 16

Italy seems to be a popular place for weddings, and so it’s no surprise to see Chrissy and John say their vows in the romantic country themselves. The wedding was intensely private, so there aren’t many photos because it wasn’t a heavily publicized event. The ceremony was lavish and lovely, though, and Chrissy wore three different looks for the wedding and reception. From a ballgown to a mermaid-style dress, Chrissy was a glamorous and blushing bride for her big day. And the wedding cake? It was a four-tiered carrot cake.

A classic beauty weds for the first time, but it was the first of eight, but one groom she married twice. Click “Next” to see who she is!

Elizabeth Taylor & Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, Jr.

As an actress, Elizabeth Taylor made a huge splash. Her first big role was in National Velvet in 1944, and she captivated audiences everywhere. Elizabeth was particularly beautiful and known for her deep blue eyes that appeared violet, and her lush eyelashes. Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, Jr. was the heir to the Hilton chain of hotels, and the two married when Elizabeth was only 18 years old.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 17

At the time, their wedding was the Hollywood event of the year. Keep reading for more!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 18

The couple married in Los Angeles with about 700 guests attending, and had a glamorous reception at the Bel-Air Country Club after the ceremony. Elizabeth wore a binding, skin-tight, but traditional satin wedding dress with off-the-shoulder long sleeves. The dress was adorned with pearls and beads, and it had a 15-yard train. The marriage dissolved quickly, however, and the couple divorced after only eight months together.

These two met at one of California’s premier music festivals, fell in love, and married soon after. Do you know who it is? Click “Next” to see if you were right!

Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul shares a love of music with his significant other Lauren Parsekian. Aaron met the blond-haired beauty at the Coachella music festival, and they hit it off. The loving couple shared intimate moments over Twitter and Instagram with their followers, and support each other’s careers and endeavors. They’re both in the film industry, but Lauren’s role is behind-the-scenes as a director and producer. After a couple years of dating, the duo decided to get married in a blowout bash that had a very specific theme.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 19

Guests came dressed appropriately for the themed wedding that was an over-the-top, roaring good time. Keep reading to see what the theme was, if you haven’t guessed already!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 20

Aaron called it early on: roaring ’20s! The themed wedding and reception was perfect given the timing of the remake release of The Great Gatsby. Following the ceremony, guests joined the newlyweds for a masquerade party. In addition to the dressed-up guests, Aaron and Lauren had entertainers on stilts and mimes at the event.

Not every wedding is traditional, and no other couple showed that than this next one. Click “Next” to see the breathtaking photos!

Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson

Though she’s better known as Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowles is a talented diva of her own. And when she wed Alan Ferguson in New Orleans, she proved it. Solange and Alan had been dating for eight years before they finally got hitched. And they did it in style. Lots of style. Like, six wedding outfits, kind of style.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 21

As modern as the photo shoot of Solange and Alan was, their wedding was surprisingly different. Keep reading for more details!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 22

The couple bucked the traditional trend of rustic or lacy-flowery romantic vibes, and instead went super Bohemian chic. In shades of ivory, the duo and wedding party hit up New Orleans for a long weekend of celebration. And boy did they celebrate! They arrived to the chapel on bicycles, married, and then had a raucous party in the streets, complete with live band, party buses, and dancing.

She’s a mix of vintage and modern, while he’s a mix of, well, everything. Know who it is? Click “Next” to see!

Marilyn Manson & Dita Von Teese

It doesn’t get more alternative than Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese. He’s a performance artist, singer, entertainer, director, and is best known for his gothic-inspired appearance and art. She’s a burlesque performer and model who is known for her vintage-inspired clothing, makeup, and art. Together, they were a couple that intrigued fans. They dated for six years before finally marrying.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 23

Picture their wedding – gothic plus vintage and completely void of tradition, right? Keep reading to find out more!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 24

In spite of Dita’s classic look and homage to all things vintage, her wedding dress was nothing short of apropos for a wedding with Marilyn. Dita descended the staircase to arrive for her big day in an iridescent blue-purple gown that was as dramatic as the couple themselves. Perched atop her head was a veiled hat, and Marilyn was dressed as you might expect for his wedding in a super gothic tux. Their marriage didn’t last, but both halves of the couple’s style continue to inspire.

They were the ’90s pop prince and princess with a fairytale romance. Click “Next” to see the couple’s wedding details!

Gavin Rossdale & Gwen Stefani

For six years, Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush, and Gwen Stefani, the pop-punk princess of No Doubt, were America’s sweethearts. They dated all the while touring the world with their respective bands. And finally the couple married in 2002. The two made waves with their mix of traditional and contemporary for their wedding.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 25

What was the most talked about bit of Gavin and Gwen’s wedding? Keep reading for more on it!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 26

Gwen put away her belly-baring tops and opted for a more traditional style dress for her wedding day. But it just wouldn’t be Gwen without a bit of pink. Her silk Christian Dior gown was custom-made for her, complete with a hot pink hand painted hem. The event was a little bit traditional with the ceremony held in a church, and romantic with roses. And after the ceremony across the pond, they had another in Los Angeles. The two have since split, but that dress lives on with its own legacy.

Would this list be complete without a nod to the young actress who continues to inspire generations of women long after her career ended? Click “Next” for the last one on the list!

Audrey Hepburn & Mel Ferrer

It hardly needs mentioning that Audrey Hepburn was a film and fashion goddess to her fans. She epitomized understated elegance from head to toe. Following her meteoric rise to fame in Roman Holiday, Audrey married her costar and boyfriend-turned-fiancé Mel Ferrer.

Celebrity Wedding Pics 27

What would a style icon wear to her wedding? Read on to find out!

Celebrity Wedding Pics 28

Naturally, grace shone through in Audrey’s choice of wedding gown. The tea-length white dress had a high neck, buttons from the collar down to the waist, which was cinched with a satin sash. Her ballooned sleeves did nothing to distract from her waifish figure and elegant attire. She married Mel in Switzerland in a chalet that was positively enchanting. The two remained married for 14 years, and then divorced.

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