30 stuck cats who look like they need some help

Even if you’re the biggest pooch lover, you can’t help but not love the silly things cats do sometimes. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are such indifferent creatures, that makes their moves and action even more entertaining. In recent years, videos of funny cats getting in and out of all kinds of misconduct, have been going viral like wildflower, much to our amusement.

Funny Stuck Cats 23

Well, let’s just say that after seeing these pictures of these snuggly little furry friends getting into mischief, you will get a better understanding of the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’. In our opinion, it seems like they simply don’t have a good judgement of how big they really are. Here are 30 cats who got stuck and have miserably failed in getting out.

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Thirsty Cat Stuck in a Six-Pack

This cat was either seriously thirsty or he thought it would be a good idea to squeeze himself into this water case in hopes to find an open bottle of water.

Funny Stuck Cats 1

This very picture is the proof how cats have become the target of endless online memes. In any case, we have a feeling that next time this furry friend feels thirsty, it will just have a sip from the closest water bowl.

Cat in a Tissue Box

Grab your tissues, because you might need one when you see this next picture. Unlike what you may assume, these will be happy tears. Sure, cats are playful, curious and hyper, but who knew they would find a tissue box the appropriate place to hide while playing ‘hide and seek’?

Funny Stuck Cats 2

Can you imagine its owner face when she wanted to grab a tissue only to realize she is pulling one of her cat’s whiskers?

The Cat Who Was Blindsided

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself when you see these kinds of pictures, how in the world did this happen? It takes a lot of talent, creativity and well, stupidity to find yourself in this situation. It is a known fact that blinds and cats are not the best of friends, as you can tell below.

Funny Stuck Cats 3

This poor red-headed cat was probably just curious about the world outside that he tried to in between these blinds, even though they are shut.

Cat in a Jar

This is just one of those pictures which gives you mixed feelings. You don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the poor cat when you first take a look.

Funny Stuck Cats 4

This unlucky kitten was fortunately rescued from the jar his head got stuck in, which is good news (literally if you see what he is stepping on). Not sure he found himself in this situation.

Fat Cat in a Tiny Kitty Door

We’ve already mentioned before that some of these cats’ biggest problem is that they don’t have a really good assessment of their size, or in other words of how fat they are.

Funny Stuck Cats 5

Now we have nothing against over-sized cats, in fact, we find the, extra-adorable, the only thing is that we think its owners should make a few changes or adjustments around the house, just so everyone could move around more freely.

Cat Stuck in a Chip Bag

Hey, even cats are allowed to spoil themselves from time to time and have some Sun Chips as a snack, after all, they’ve had a hard day of sitting around doing nothing at all.

Funny Stuck Cats 6

What we think happened in this picture is that the cat was so eager to find those last chip crumbs inside the bag that he put his entire head inside. We sure hope he reached that last chip he wanted and that it was all worth the hassle.

A Cat on a (Christmas) Tree

You can’t say this cat isn’t part of the family. All he wanted to do was search for his Christmas gift under the tree and he couldn’t hold himself (literally). It’s probably a good idea to keep your domestic cat away from the Christmas tree as he might think it’s a real one outside.

Funny Stuck Cats 7

One thing’s for sure, it won’t be a big problem to rescue him from this perfectly decorated Christmas tree.

A Cat on a Tree

Just look at the face on this cute little cat? It looks like he’s asking himself ‘why did I have to push the line again and climb up that tree?’ Sure, it happens quite often that cats climb trees and then have to be rescued, that’s what they do.

Funny Stuck Cats 8

However, we bet they never actually think they would be the ones that would have to be rescued at the end of the day. Well, don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat

To be honest, this cat looks quite comfortable. Some cats actually like the idea of accompanying their owners when they have to go to the toilet. It’s like a nice quality time, a little one-on-one that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Funny Stuck Cats 9On a different note, cats also like to drink from the toilet as the temperatures are usually cooler there. It’s probably best to keep the toilet seat down, if you don’t want your cat to do so.

The Cat Who Was Drained

When you first look at this picture, it’s hard to tell exactly what it is. But if you look twice, you will find a cat who simply curious about this shower drain that he probably regrets the moment he decided to check it out.

Funny Stuck Cats 10This little kitten found himself stuck inside the drain, and the only way he was going to get out was with the help pf the rescue squad. His curiosity almost killed him.

Can He Get Out?

Before we’ll try to figure out what really happened in this case, seeing this picture of a cat’s head stuck in a food can, gives you a good understanding of how his head is seriously unproportioned to the rest of his body.

Funny Stuck Cats 11It’s not hard to figure out what went down here, the cat was probably very hungry and he wanted to lick the bottom of the can so badly that he would risk his own head. The can was luckily removed by the staff at the animal rescue center.

The Bright Cat?

It’s almost impossible not to look at this one and smile. In addition to all the crazy things cats love getting into, apparently, they also love lamps. The position this cat is in is actually hilarious because it almost looks like he is an inseparable part of the design.

Funny Stuck Cats 12Cats have a thing with lampshades now that we think about it, if they’re not stuck inside, they like tipping them over. It does make you wonder how bright they really are.

Cat Stuck in a Couch

It seems like cats would get stuck in pretty much anything! Even the least hazardous objects can be dangerous for your cats. The sound of your cat scratching the back of your couch is a pretty familiar sound if you own a cat of course.

Funny Stuck Cats 13But what sound does a cat stuck inside a couch make? Well, we hope you will never have to find out. In the meantime, can you think of ways to rescue this poor little cat?

The Jungle Cat

Indoor plants always add a nice touch to the overall ambiance. They are not only known for reducing stress, but also for cleaning the air. However, if you own a cat, plants can also serve as cat toilets. Cats absolutely love houseplants and that love eventually means getting stuck inside one of your favorite plants.

Funny Stuck Cats 14If you don’t want to find your cat inside a plant, you might want to switch some things around the house.

Cat Stuck in Ball of Yarn

Cats are highly associated with yarn. There’s always this cute picture that comes to your mind of cats playing with a ball of yarn around the house. However, this cute cat toy can quickly become hazardous as a cat can find itself tangled and stuck inside a ball of strings.

Funny Stuck Cats 15While it might be quite entertaining to watch a cat play, the situation could get pretty messy. Well, we have a feeling the cat won’t give up on his toy so fast.

Cat Stuck on a Glass Door

If you own a cat, another very familiar sound is the one of a cat climbing a glass screen door only to be clawing back down. It’s actually pretty funny to watch. This is a very common behavior for a cat and there are many ways to keep them from doing so, if you can’t bear the sound.

Funny Stuck Cats 16What we care about, though, is the funny outcome of a cat lying flat on the screen and that priceless face that it’s making.

Cats Stuck in a BBQ

This cat knows sure knows how to be in the right place at the right time. We wish we could see the face on its owner’s face when they opened the barbecue only to realize their fat cat is sleeping inside. This cat looks so comfortable that it’s almost a pity to wake him up, no matter how hungry you might be.

Funny Stuck Cats 17Cats actually spend between 13-16 hours a day just sleeping, so it makes sense they would sleep anywhere.

Cat with Something Up His Sleeve

This cat was probably so curious about the clothe laying around the house that he decided to check them out, closely. This one got stuck inside a sleeve, which is a pretty hard thing to do to be honest.

Funny Stuck Cats 18In any case, this cat was probably trying to hint his owners that they shouldn’t leave a pile of laundry on the floor or on the couch for so long. Who wouldn’t want to sleep inside freshly scented clothes?

Sinking Cat

Could this cat look any more comfortable? It looks like this ceramic sink was almost custom-made for this spoiled cat. This cat, whose name is Buffy, actually has his owners wrapped around his finger.

Funny Stuck Cats 19They wanted their cat to feel so comfortable that they even thought of adding a soft chin rest to the sink for the cat who loves lounging there during the day. This picture kind of makes you want to be a cat, right?

Cat Stuck in a Vase

What could be so intriguing about the bottom of this vase that made the cat look inside and eventually get stuck? We hope it worth it, because it doesn’t seem like he could get out without some external help.

Funny Stuck Cats 20If you love your vases, then you might want to consider adding some decorative rocks at the bottom and fill it with some water to avoid these tricky situations. We wonder which strategy his owners used to free him from the vase.

Cat Stuck in a Flood

It’s safe to say this cat found himself in a stormy situation. This poor (and very wet) little cat got stuck on a flooded street after a heavy storm hit the place. Thankfully, a kind man rescued the cat and brought him to safety.

Funny Stuck Cats 21This cat named ‘Tilk’ had more luck than it could ever imagine, as its rescuer even found him a loving permanent home. It’s nice to read about these happy endings especially when it comes to helpless animals.

Tom & Jerry or Ben & Jerry?

Could this picture get any more symbolic? A cat inside a Ben & Jerry pint is the ultimate viral picture. Can you imagine what went down here? The cat was either craving something sweet like ice-cream or just a bit depressed that he went for the freezer to find his comfort food.

Funny Stuck Cats 22We bet it took its owners a few seconds to free him, as it was too entertaining to watch.

Cat Stuck in a Hamster Wheel?

We don’t love seeing pictures like this one as we are sure the cat isn’t happy about the situation he found himself in, but we can’t help but wonder how in the world did he manage to squeeze inside this hamster wheel?

Funny Stuck Cats 23A hamster wheel is usually used for allowing small animals exercise and play while they are confined to a tiny cage. We sure hope no one messed around and rolled this furry ball over and over.


One place where cats love to spend their time is inside car engines and wheel wells. It’s probably best if you check under your car before you start your engine to make sure there isn’t a furry little fellow in the area. Cats love engines as they provide a warm setting to just lay down and relax.

Funny Stuck Cats 24Make sure to take preventative measures as it could turn out into one big cat-as-trophy. It looks like this cat was pretty lucky.

Cat Stuck on a Power Line

It seems like these kinds of things only happen in films, but it turns out that cats on power lines are more common than we think. Can you imagine the tricky situation the fire fighters are found in when trying to rescue a cat from such a high place?

Funny Stuck Cats 25They have to, on one hand, persuade him from the pole and on the other hand make sure he doesn’t fall. We wonder how long he was stuck up there until he was rescued.

On Both Sides of the Fence

The owner of this had some good intentions, they wanted to keep their cat away from danger. Well, it looks like this cat is more of a domestic one as he doesn’t seem to really know what to do outdoors. He seems stuck, literally.

Funny Stuck Cats 26Who thought, though, that of all places, the cat would get stuck inside the holes of this metal fence? It’s time to take this cat out for a few walks perhaps.

Got Milk Cat

If you forget the fact that this cat is tuck inside a cup, it’s actually a pretty sweet and adorable picture. The owners of this cat must have left their cup of milk on the counter, and they also probably never imagined that their thirsty cat would try and have a sip or two.

Funny Stuck Cats 27In any case, we think next time the cat can join its owners when they are having coffee or tea and let them know how he likes to have his milk.

Cat Stuck in its Toy

Who doesn’t love a slinky? They are fun, colorful and can keep you bust for hours. Well, apparently, they can also keep cats busy, until they get tangled inside one of them.

Funny Stuck Cats 28If there were special awards for the most hilarious stuck cats in the world, we have a feeling this one would have won it big time.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

There is a common notion that if a cat falls down, it will always (hopefully) land on its feet. We sure hope this is the case for this poor cat who was just trying to re-create a scene from the famous 1950’s play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Funny Stuck Cats 29The cat was eventually rescued safely returned to its owners.

Cat Stuck on A Ladder

When you think about it, it makes sense to teach a cat climb a ladder, and it’s actually easier said than done. There are all kinds of tricks to do so, but it might take some time for your silly cat to learn.

Funny Stuck Cats 30In the meantime, he might end up looking like this, and you’ll be right there to capture this hilarious moment.

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