American Idol: The Good and The Bad

A lot of people not only in America are enjoying watching one of the America’s best singing competitions which is the “American Idol”. It became very popular in the history of American television because of a lots of fans are watching and supporting this all over the world. Thus, they were really amazed on how Simon Fuller was able to come up with this show. In addition, “American Idol” began to air on Fox, through 19 Entertainment that serves as the producer of the show and Fremantle Media North America as its distributor.

American Idol

Furthermore, this was created based on the “Pop Idol” format which is originally a British show. Thus, the concept behind this television show series involves discovering new and definitely amazing singing talent, where the winner is determined through the votes coming from the viewers’ SMS and online votes. For the contestants to qualify to join this show, they must be fifteen to twenty eight years of age. In addition, the contestant must be a legal resident of United States, which have never won in the previous seasons nor had the talent representation contract in the semi-final stage.

Well, in all aspects of life, nobody can deny the fact that almost everything in this world has both a positive and negative side. Even though this show is almost perfect in the eyes of their vivid fans and viewers, still, it has a good and bad impression in some people for as you know, every individual is unique. Thus, they have different ideas, opinions and thoughts about all the things in this world. So, here’s now some of the good and bad sides of this show “American Idol”;

The Good Side

  • American Idol is truly a great show for not only it produces and discovers some of the best performers in America but it also gives hope to all the people who wanted to enhance their talent and confidently show it to the world. This show inspires a lot of viewers and fans, for them not to give up in reaching their dreams in life.
  • This television series “American Idol” influence a lot of people all over the world to also come up with a show that will showcase the talents of those people who wanted to bring out the best in them. Thus, this brings popularity to the TV station who are producing this kind of show.
  • A lot of contestants fulfill their dreams by joining this prestigious show. They even became famous all throughout the world because of this.
  • American Idol have contributed to the great extent in showing artistic and unique style of music. Thus, the music industry gained confidence in creating new and more versions of songs in different musical genres.

Singing Competition

The Bad Side

  • Discrimination and gender bias among female contestant. This has gained a lot of criticisms as most of the judges eliminated the first five female contestant in the season 10 finalists in favor of the male contestants.
  • It showcase only one talent performance. Yes, the contestants can sing in different musical genres but still, it only focus in music and nothing else. Showing variety of talents gives others a chance not only the musicians or singers but also those people who had extremely unique and amazing talent. Thus, showcasing variety of talents will break the monotonous of musical talent alone.
  • Some of the winners of the season, specifically in season 11 Phillip Phillips, complained and filed a case in the court against the producer of the show, which is the 19 Entertainment. He claimed that 19 Entertainment manipulated him to enter an oppressive contract where he is obliged to accept jobs and enter a transactions for the benefit of the producer and its affiliates itself.
  • There has been a voting controversy in some seasons as the fans and viewers complained because they cannot vote due to the overloaded phone system.
  • Control of the producer in the finalists’ career. It seems that almost all the finalists each season of the show became a property of 19 Entertainment Management.
  • Some of the contestants advanced to the competition even though they have undisclosed criminal charges and past recording contracts that are not really allowed.

Fans and viewers really love this show for it not only entertains them through watching their favorite and ever talented musicians but it also touches their lives. They are inspired for they have witnessed how every finalist transformed themselves from the worst performer to the best one. It’s really amazing how the participants of this show made it up as the champion of the competition. Thus, the success of “American Idol” was also the success of each finalist who never gave up in every challenge that they have encountered just to win this singing competition. Moreover, such kind-hearted and charitable “idols” will always remain in the hearts of those people whom they gave hope and helped in achieving their dreams in life.

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