Animals and Their Owners Then And Now

Animals and humans can form truly remarkable friendships. Growing up with a pet is one of those experiences that can shape you into a better person. Taking care of one in those tender years can prepare you to grow up into a more noble and caring person in the future.

It also has many fun perks, and one of them is seeing your pet grow up and develop in a unique way as well.


That’s the closest you can get to having a Pokémon, and sometimes it’s equally as impressive.

Dogs and cats grow up in a manner of months, while other pets take much longer to transform completely. In this article we’ll selected the finest then and now photos of pets and owners from across the Web.

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5 Months Apart

German Shepherds get quite big in a short amount of time. That’s a bit of shame considering how super cute they look when they’re little. But even as they get older, German Shepherds are very playful, obedient and great watchdogs as well.

They do need a lot of exercise, running in particular, so in case you’re planning on getting one, make sure you have a lot of space and a lot of time to play with one.


On average, one or two hours of daily exercise a day is perfect to keep a German Shepherd in shape. Their dietary needs are moderate, and they’re a breed that is used to eating leftovers as well packaged dog food.

Although they’re not an apartment dog, if you have the time to take him out to the local park every day, one of these fuzzballs could be the best investment you ever made.

Ten Years Apart

This black Labrador and his human servant have been inseparable friends for over 10 years. Black labs are incredibly friendly, especially for children and teenagers. Growing up with such a pal by your side can be a dream come true for any child.

They’re also very intelligent creatures, and are often trained to be guide dogs for blind people. You can also learn over hundred tricks in a few months, but it does take a bit of concentrated effort.


Just like a German Shepherd, they require daily exercise and attention, or they can get grumpy and gain some extra jiggly weight as well. It seems that this owner has some open space to work with, and the connection these two have is awesome to see. Black Labradors age gracefully and if you take care of one correctly, he can remain in top shape throughout his journey on Earth.

Then and Now

We’re not sure how much time passed between these two photos, but this pup has definitely managed to cling unto his old habits. Climbing on his friend seems to be the greatest fun there is, and both seem to have a great time in this photo.

The best thing about having a dog is the unconditional love. Every dog looks at his owner like he’s Napoleon.


Dogs are also the pet you’d get if you were feeling depressed or lazy. Their unending reserves of energy and enthusiasm for life rub off can easily rub off on you.

In fact, it’s hard not to be happy when your dog meets you at the door happy to see you like you’ve been away for years. If you think that would be a pleasant feeling, getting a puppy might just be the thing you’re looking for.

Seven Months Apart

Huskies are a real doggy master race. They’re born runners, with immense endurance that was crafted through evolutionary processes for over 3000 years. They can also survive on very little food, and they have great tolerance to cold. If you need a sled dog, a husky is the go-to guy.

But even if you’re not, a husky can be a great pal. They grow up to full size in just a few months, but they are some of the prettiest blue-eyed dogs ever, even as they get older.


They’re also great if you want a dog you can run with and get chiseled abs.

On the contrary, if you’re looking for a watchdog, huskies are not very reliable. They are very friendly to strangers. My friend has three huskies, and as soon as they sniffed my hand we became friends.

17 Years Apart

In case you’re bored of the same old cats and dogs, maybe an exotic pet like a giant lizard-tank is your perfect match. That’s exactly what this little turtle became over 17 years.

But seriously, this is a very impressive turtle by all standards. Imagine a thief breaking into your house, and then seeing a huge turtle-like menace moving towards him in the dark.


I’m pretty sure he’d call the cops, and that would be the end of it.

The other great thing about turtles is that they have a very simple and cheap diet. They eat any veggies you put in front of them, and they just loooveee to eat grass. This turtle could easily replace your lawn mower and save you heaps of time on the weekends. An even though turtles are lizards and like to be alone, they usually grow very fond of people that they interact with on a daily basis.

Six Months Apart

It’s not just the puppies that grow up quickly. Kittens can also turn into a larger, graceful creature in a blink of an eye. Many cats love to climb up on the shoulders of the owner and check out things from a different perspective. They believe in the literal meaning of the saying “we are all standing on the shoulder of the giants”.

Cats are a popular pet because they’re generally playful and they feel fine being by themselves for longer periods of time than dogs.


You don’t need to take a cat out for a walk, nor do you need to play frisbee with it on the weekends. All a cat requires is a tuna treat every once in a while and you’ll become her favorite human of all time.

In some occult circles, cats are believed to have special powers, namely the ability to sense danger and cleanse the area they live in of negative spiritual forces.

16 Years Apart

Growing up with a fluffy companion from your most tender years to adulthood is a truly unique feeling. Many would agree that the bond between a dog and a human is often a sacred one for both parties involved. The human continually develops, and the dog generally stays the same, albeit a bit slower and less playful due to the aging process.

Just when the human becomes an adult, the dog has entered the golden years.


It’s almost as if the dog was a caretaker in the relationship, and he expected nothing in return but love and a good friend. If you live up to those small standards, you can form an amazing bond with one of these playful creatures.

Relationships with parents and other people might get worse as time moves on, but a relationship with a childhood pet is one that we can always look back on with almost exclusively fond memories.

14 Years Apart

These are two really cute photos, showing a very playful duo. It seems that the doggo was a bit drowsy in the first one, but in the second one he’s got an even bigger smile than the girl.

Did she tell a good joke in the hopes of producing this effect, or did this doggy get into meditation and found his bliss at some point?


I can’t give a definitive answer, but I’d definitely ask him for some life advice if I had the opportunity to do so.

Fun Fact: Did you know why dogs curl up while they’re sleeping? It’s because by doing so they can generate more warmth in their body. It’s also a simple way to protect their vital organs in case of any sudden attack. Come to think of it, I do the exact same thing!

5 Months Apart

These photos tell us a real story. The puppy was found by the soldier during a mission while exploring a desolate, but potentially dangerous area. Soldiers have always been known to love dogs, as they remind them of loyalty and bravery when it comes to defending their property and those that they love.

This puppy was too cute to be left alone in such a place and this soldier brought him from a mission.


Although puppies are not allowed on military bases due to obvious practical reasons, it seems that this one was given the pass by the higher officers. And who can blame them? In such cases doing the right thing is far more important than following the protocol.

It seems like this soldier doesn’t regret his decision one bit. These two are definitely best pals, and hopefully they’ll remain the same for years to come.

6 Months Apart

Does this cat remind you of anyone in particular? Perhaps a certain Martian? Yep, this cat definitely got some ties with David Bowie, and considering his private interest in magic, it just might be his spirit animal. Joking aside, this kitty has got pretty unique eyes, and judging by the last photo, she’s pretty aware it gives her great prestige in the animal kingdom.

Fun Fact: The oldest domesticated cat’s remains were found recently on the European island of Cyprus.


The remains are approximately 9500 years old, so they’re even older than the Ancient Egyptian depictions of pet cats by about 4000 years.

Cats make great pets for practical reasons, mainly because they chase away rats and other pests that can run circles around an ordinary human. They also don’t have a craving for sweets, which makes them even greater predators, and less likely to steal your stash of candies.

Then and Now

This is actually a Great Dane, one of the largest dog breeds around at the moment. These dogs can grow up to be huge in just a matter of months. Due to their sheer size and strength, they were used by the nobility for hunting boars. But the history of Great Danes stretches even further than that.

Some Egyptian monuments depict large dogs that look exactly like this breed, and similar stuff can be found in paintings and other art forms in Tibet, China and Ancient Greece.


They’ve got a part in contemporary culture as well. Scooby Doo is a Great Dane, and his mission is to hunt ghosts and evil spirits. That’s been the spiritual meaning given to this dog breed throughout centuries – warding off evil spiritual forces. They’re also great around kids, which adds further allure to them.

3 Months Apart

Here we don’t have the owner, but we have a mom and her kid, and the change that occurred in 3 months is quite astounding. This puppy turned into an adult in just 3 months, but he is still obviously very childlike and playful.

Some mommy dogs are quite protective of their little ones. It is advised that strangers do not try to approach them or their pups in the first month, or they could experience a sudden backlash.


But once the pups get stronger and are able to defend themselves properly, these moms get back to being their ordinary selves. Believe it or not, that sounds very much like my wife.

Fun Fact: If you’re going to be away from your dog for a long time, leave them a piece of cloth with your scent. It will curb down their separation anxiety significantly.

Then and Now Kitty Kat

It’s amazing to see this kitten outgrow her favorite toy, curling up to it in the same manner as before. Everyone has their favorite childhood toy, and unpacking the old Legos and having a go at building a cool object can be a real treat even for an adult. This cat is still not ready to give up on her favorite teddy bear, and she has every right to do so. In fact, after seeing this I got a sudden need to unpack my Legos once more.

Fun Fact: In 1963, the French sent a cat into space. This was part of a scientific experiment the goal of which was to determine the effects of being in space can have for the brain. She was equipped with electrodes that were implanted in her brain, which sent signals back to Earth. The mission was a success, and Felicette (Astrocat) survived the trip.

4 Years Apart

Another photo of a German Shepherd that is, based on his looks, a very speedy endurance runner. German Shepherds are incredibly protective of their owners, and they’re always full of energy. Add to that their great instincts and the ability to learn new tasks and they make excellent police and military dogs as well.

In fact, German Shepherds can learn over 100 tasks in the first year of their lives.


In addition to their exceptional desire for work and learning, they can become super-dogs if the owners are motivated enough to teach them and reveal their true potential.

Fun Fact: German Shepherds have a very powerful bite. In fact, a human bite has 86 pounds of force, but a German Shepherds bite has a whooping 238 pounds of force. This is just one of the reasons why they’re favored as police dogs time and time again.

17 Years Apart

The evolution of this cat is pretty amazing; in 17 years she hasn’t changed a single bit! Okay, maybe she does look a little rough around the edges, but it’s still a very minimal change. A 17-year-old cat is like a 60-year-old human – you’d expect a 60-year-old human to look very different from their teenage self.

Whether this cat is using special moisturizing creams or she looks younger due to her unchanging grey fur is hard to tell.


Maybe she just fell into a fountain of youth at some point. Either way, her human friend has aged according to the dictates of Mother Nature, so at least something has gone right.

Fun Fact: Cats are the favorite pet in North America. Just over 30% of households own a cat. There are also 73 million cats in comparison to 63 million dogs.

12 Years Apart

Okay, this cat is pretty hilarious. Why is it that grumpy creatures make us laugh? Perhaps it is a natural instinct to laugh away the negativity of another person. Whatever it is, this relative of the popular Grumpy Cat is perhaps even worse in that regard. That aristocratic smirk has “ha, plebs!” written all over it.

Rumor has it that this grumpy cat smiled just once in its whole life.


It happened while the whole family was watching an episode of Seinfeld. Kramer walked through the door of Jerry’s apartment being his usual whacky self, and the cat burst out laughing.

No one could believe what just happened, and in the state of shock they refused to admit to themselves what had just happened. To this very day, only the boy you see with the cat is willing to openly talk about that chilling event.

3 Years Apart

There’s nothing better than staying good friends with someone whom you’ve known since your earliest childhood. Sharing all the memories and being able to rely on each other in good times and the bad times is something that’s worthy of preserving.

These two pups have grown together, and it seems that they still like to lay around in Zen mode as time moves on.


You’ve perhaps noticed that the brown dog has different eye color in these photos. That’s not due to lighting or anything like that. In fact, many pups have blue eyes at first, but as they get older the color of their eyes changes.

Fun Fact: If you have a dog with you, you’re three times more likely to get that cute girls phone number. I’m not making this up, that’s the statistical report made by the FBI.

1 Year Apart

This baby just doesn’t want to leave his crib, but nature is forcing a different answer. A shelf is good as any other place, as long as you have your favorite toys with you. This lab unfortunately is getting bigger and bigger and he’ll have to find a new favorite place for relaxation. Cheer up buddy, it happens to the rest of us as well!


Fun Fact: In a study done by the University of California, it was discovered that dogs can feel jealousy if their humans start displaying affection towards other objects, other humans, and especially other dogs.

If you’re planning about getting a second dog or another pet, make sure to integrate your dog gradually to the new situation. Think of your fluffy pal as a child and show him that his place in your life will always be secure.

6 Months Apart

It’s a well-known fact that cats hate getting in the water. But lazying off in the sink? The danger is present, but it’s well worth taking a risk for a cat trying to prove its bravery.

That’s the sort of thing my cat would do. Provoking a messy situation just for a laugh, and then blaming me when it happens. In fact, is there anyone that doesn’t have a dysfunctional relationship with their cat? Probably not.


Fun Fact: Well, more of a Hebrew legend. According to a legend of the Noah’s Arc, Noah was scared that rats would eat his food supplies and possibly rapture the arc if they were left to do as they please.

God kinda agreed, so he made a lion sneeze. That sneeze created the first cat! It’s unclear whether the cat simply made sure that the rats don’t cause any trouble, or she ate them for breakfast.

Either way, it got the job done, and the reputation of cats across the world has been sky-high ever since.

1 Year Apart

Okay, this cat has grown quite dramatically in one year. Is it the new cat food, or it’s just pure genetics at play? Either way, it can be quite remarkable seeing your own cat growing at such pace. Just yesterday it was smaller than your hand, and now you can use it for as an extra pillow. And yet the sitting on the shoulder part remains despite the change in size.


Fluffy Fun Facts: A cat’s brain is biologically more similar to human brain than it is to a brain of a dog. Once you start thinking about it, it actually makes sense. Cats enjoy company, but they also like to be alone in equal measure.

Dogs on the other hand thrive when they’re surrounded by others almost all the time. The main similarity between cats and humans arises from the brain centers that deal with emotion, which are seem to be very similar.

3 Months Apart

Here we have another Labrador that outgrew his castle. This black lab has made some further use of the outgrown home by placing his favorite toys on the spot. You see, dogs have a sense of private ownership as well, and they treasure their toys as much as the next guy on the street.

The great perk of having a house with a garden is allowing your dog to have his dog house.


Even if you do not have enough space to make this a reality, you can simply create some space in one corner of the house where your dog can have his toys, his food and everything else in one place.

That way your dog will also have one place in which he can go when he doesn’t feel too sociable, and everyone definitely needs one of those.

10 Years Apart

In the words of Johnny in the best scene of the worst movie of all time: “Oh, hi, Doggy.” This is perhaps the fluffiest dog we’ve seen so far, at least he was in the first photo.

It also seems like he got leaner as time moved on. Is it the Paleo Diet, the Vegan diet, or just a good combination of meal timing and counting calories? Either way, this doggy is a real looker.


Cool Fact: Dogs can actually be trained to detect changes within the human body. For example, there are dogs that can detect seizures and they are sometimes assist patients during the onset of a seizure.

There are also dogs that assist diabetics. They can detect the scent the human body releases when its insulin levels drop low, and then they signal the human in a way that was determined when the training took place.

Then and Now

Another epic turtle transformation. We’re not sure how big of a time lapse we’re seeing here, but it’s definitely at least a few years. It takes a lot of dedication to bring up a fine specimen like this one.

Turtles do not have huge dietary requirements, but they do enjoy a lot of free space and being in nature. Whether this lady has a garden or she’s making room in her apartment for her shelled-in-buddy is also unknown, but the duo definitely seems to be getting along.


You should not get a turtle pet if: you want a jogging partner. Seriously, turtles like to move at their own pace, but regardless of how slow they are, they eventually arrive at their destination.

You should get a turtle pet if: you want a pet that won’t bother you. Turtles like their alone time, and as long as you give them some veggies and water you don’t have to bother your turtle at all.

Netflix & Chill

These two kitties have known each other for a long time. Being brother and sister, they often fight for toys and affectation of their human, but they still love each other dearly. In fact, they love to spend time together in the evening when they get home from school. In this instance they were watching Garfield: The Movie for the second time and clearly enjoyed the drama that unraveled in front of their eyes.


Despite their need to be alone from time to time, cats are actually sociable creatures. They especially enjoy the companionship of other friendly animals. In fact, deserted street cats often live in packs that have ten, sometimes even more members. If you have to leave your kitty alone in the apartment for extended periods of time, getting another one to make her company is a wise investment.

Dogs & Ducklings

And here is a very unlikely friendship between ducklings and dogs that shows love knows no boundaries. You’d expect that a dog would cave into his natural instincts in these situations. But that’s not necessarily so. Dogs can be trained to be friendly with animals that they might eat in a different situation.

In fact, they can be the best buddies two ducklings could ever hope for. I’m not sure of the time span between these two photos, but it’s safe to say that these four have had numerous adventures together.


I just wonder if Joey and Chandler are still grieving for their ducklings.

Sweat Fact: If your pupper’s paws smell like Doritos, don’t be worried! The truth is that dogs actually have sweat glands in their paws, and only there. The corn chips smell is just their natural odor. You can use a deodorant, but I don’t think it would do much good. Just let it slide instead.

Oreo And Pumpkin

Here is a perhaps even stranger combination then the dogs and ducklings. A raccoon and a doggy having a blast together, drinking beer and watching football games. It’s pretty funny that the dog looks a bit weirded out, and the raccoon is just kissing him like he doesn’t even care.

In fact, this is a hunting dog that would in different circumstances probably chase after a raccoon. We as humans can definitely learn a thing or two from these examples of pure friendship as well.


Fun Fact: Raccoons can produce over 50 different sounds, depending on the effect they want to produce. They can hiss, purr and growl and exhibit high-pitched squeals that are not fun to listen to at all.

On top of that, they’re nocturnal creatures, so having an untrained raccoon in the house can be the biggest reason for developing insomnia.

Stewie And Rocko

I’ve never understood why some people are afraid of rats, so much so that they are prone to jumping on a table or a chair if they see one running across the floor. They seem like a genuinely decent bunch, and nowhere near as scary as spiders or venomous snakes. In fact, rats crave companionship, and it seems that this Stewart The Little has found the perfect match. With Rocko by his side, it’s hard to imagine anyone giving him a hard time.


The second photo is pretty funny, seeing Stewie on his back legs, pretending to be the boss with a huge weapon he can use against anyone that attempts to stand in his way. This is how I would probably act if I could afford a huge bodyguard. I’d come into a nightclub and act bullish. Yep, sorry, but that’s how I roll. Stewie is living the dream.

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