Anna Nicole Smith: More Facts You Didn’t Know

She Was A Huge PETA Supporter

Anna Nicole Smith was very passionate about animal rights and remaining cruelty free. In a response to a Marie Claire survey that showed that men were attracted to women who wore furs, she decided to do a counter shoot. She posed for PETA with a campaign that looked down on the use of furs.

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In true Marilyn Monroe fashion, she wore a pink satin dress and jewels. She was placed with male admirers and the words written “Gentleman Prefer Fur Free Blondes.” In the end, this remained something she was very passionate about.

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She Had Her Own Reality Show

From 2002-2004, Anna Nicole Smith had her own reality show, The Anna Nicole Smith Show. The show followed her and her group of friends. At the beginning of the show, much of it was scripted, with her going on dating shows and participating in game shows. Later on, it focused more on the drama behind the lawsuit between her and the son of her deceased husband.

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Because she had gained weight after following out of the public sphere, this was also a huge facet of the show. Many of the episodes portray her trying to get work acting or modeling, and struggling greatly. In the end, it was marketed as a reality TV show, and ran for about three seasons on E!.

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Anna Was Sick Before She Died

After Smith’s Death, there was plenty of mystery surrounding the cause of it. Besides the various number of drugs that were found in her hotel suite, no one drug was blamed for her death. After seven weeks of investigation, her death was declared an accident as a result of the multiple drugs in her system.

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However, reports by loved ones have come out refute this evidence. In particular, a friend of her’s, Frank Rodriguez, came out with a different story. He mentioned in an interview that Anna Nicole Smith suffered from Lupus. She had kept this a secret during her lifetime. As a result, her entire body would ache constantly and she was prescribed medication.

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Her Boyfriend Helped Her Take Drugs

Maurice Brighthaupt, her bodyguard at the time, was with her in the Bahamas. He claims the night that she died, he saw her boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, feeding her pills. When she was too weak to go on eating them herself, he allegedly lifted her head and kept on feeding her.

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In court, he alleged that Stern egged on the drug use to the very end. Brighthaupt accused Stern of telling Smith’s psychiatrists “she could handle it.” In the end, of the nine drugs that were found to have killed her, the fact that two were prescribed to him made this narrative very alluring to the media. Although in the end, Brighthaupt stopped short of a full accusation of murder. In court he testified that Stern never forced Smith to take drugs, and in the end, it was always her decision. He merely told her when to take the medication.

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Margaret Cho and Her Were Best Friends

Margaret Cho was particularly affected by the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The two were close friends. On a radio interview with Maria Menounos, Cho opened up about her grief after losing someone so close, in such a sudden way. She also opened up about many of the struggles Anna Nicole Smith had been facing.

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Cho recollected that the grief that Smith was facing over her son’s death was enormous. She felt a lot of guilt about the way he died, especially given that they both struggled with prescription drugs. She suffered from post partum depression after giving birth to her daughter. Additionally, the lawsuit, which had begun to prove paternity of her daughter, also really weighed on her. Cho made a music video in tribute to her friend after her untimely death.

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The Grief from Her Son’s Death Changed Her Forever

After the death of her son Daniel, Anna Nicole Smith truly was changed forever. In September of 2006, to lose her son only three short days later greatly upset her. His cause of death was stated to be an accidental overdose of Zoloft, methadone, and Lexapro. Smith was so distraught that she tried to climb into his coffin at the funeral.

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She was inconsolable after this death. Her son had grown up with just his mother for such a long time. The two of them had built a support system around each other. It was clear that once he died, Smith was in a profound state of mourning that did not get better until she died, just a short five months later. Brighthaupt believes that if it was not for the birth of her daughter, she would have died much sooner.

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Her Boyfriend Was Charged and Not Convicted

After her death, Howard K. Stern was charged with two counts of conspiracy for her murder. In 2010, he was convicted of conspiracy counts in the court, but he was acquitted on the other charges. These include conspiracy, excessive prescribing of sedatives and opiates to an addict, and fraudulently obtaining drugs by using false names. The case was then appealed for a total of six years.

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In the end, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry, decided that the prosecutors were unfairly targeting Stern because he was a public figure. The judge agreed with the argument that Stern had used false names to obtain prescriptions in order to protect Smith’s identity, and found Stern not guilty on all charges.

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Her Mother Warned Her of Danger

Virgie Arthur had expressed concern to her daughter about the fact that she might be in danger. After the death of her grandson, Arthur called Anna Nicole Smith and warned her about the anxious feelings she had been having. She felt that something was not right, and that her daughter was in great danger if she stayed in the Bahamas.

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She found it strange that Danny had never done drugs as far as she knew. Despite this, there were enough drugs to kill 10 people found in his body when he died. For her, this reeked of suspicion. Additionally, no one was formally charged with any crime after Danny’s death. For Virgie Arthur, this triggered alarm bells. She begged her daughter to come home, though Smith did not listen at the time.

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Her Mother Believes She Was Murdered

Following the death of her daughter, the grieving mother, Virgie Arthur, held firm to the belief that there had been foul play resulting in her daughter’s death. Arthur, who was a sheriff in her town, had an instinct that the timing of her daughter and grandson’s deaths was not an accident.

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For her, the fact that both died an accidental overdose within five months of each other was too large a coincidence to ignore. She felt that the same person who killed Danny was probably responsible for the death of her daughter as well. She began to speculate shortly after her daughter’s death. She would go on to accuse Stern, who she believed murdered her daughter.

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In the End, She Felt Really Misunderstood

Perhaps the most heartbreaking fact about Anna Nicole Smith is that to her last day, she felt terribly misunderstood. Her ex boyfriend and personal trainer, Alexander Denk, says that in the end all anyone talked about was her drug use and paternity problems. But she was also very actively involved with the Make a Wish foundation and various animal rights causes.

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She loved her dogs, and her children very much. She even had a feeling that she would not live very long. In the end, she was a Texas girl who wanted to live life to the fullest and love with all of her heart. She often felt very isolated and targeted by the media’s attacks.

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