Apple Tries to Make Amends after Battery Slowdown Controversy

For years now people have been assuming that Apple was intentionally slowing down old iPhones to boost sales. However, the world seemed to be taken by complete surprise when Apple responded to claims made by Primate Labs. The allegations suggested that Apple slows down old iPhones intentionally, and they do.

appleMany customers looked at the move as a way to boost sales and drive people towards purchasing the newly released iPhone X. Their suspicions got fueled further when Apple did not attempt to disclose the fact that they were slowing down the phones to preserve battery life. Technology analysts have stated that if anything, Apple’s issue was not being transparent enough. It became increasingly apparent that Apple was legitimately trying to extend the battery life in old iPhones as all lithium-ion batteries degrade over time.

The reaction from customers was aggressive and hostile after Apple acknowledged that the slowdowns happened because of a fix that got rolled out to unsuspecting customers. Shares in Apple dropped by nearly three percent since the admittance, and a minimum of five groups are seeking class-action lawsuit status. Customers in New York, Illinois, California, and Texas have banded together to suit the tech empire.

As a way to make up for the way that Apple handled the situation, they issued an apology on their website and went on to claim that they wouldn’t do anything to degrade the user experience intentionally. In addition to the apology, Apple also claimed that they are cutting the cost of a battery replacement by over 50%. Previously, the end user would pay upwards of $99 to replace an iPhone battery if they hadn’t purchased Apple Care.

The company also revealed that they are issuing an iOS software update early in 2018 so users can have a better understanding of their battery health. It comes inclusive of new features that allow users to see the condition of their battery, and how it is affecting the performance of their iPhone.

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