Artificial Intelligence and Your Home: Let AI Make Your Home-Life Easier

Since advancements in artificial intelligence have become more prevalent, the promises made have been almost endless. There is consistent talk over the ways that AI can improve your life, and humanity, and self-driving cars and disease diagnosis are only a couple of them.

artificial-intelligenceWhile the more ambitious of the artificial intelligence goals are far off and just in the beginning stages of research, there are plenty of ways that AI can get used now. You might not know it, but it’s already running on computers, gadgets, and cell phones. Take a look at some of these ways that AI can make your home-life easier.

Photo and Video

It’s very possible that you have devices that are full of photos in an unorganized state. The majority of the time, you probably take a picture and don’t store it where it needs to go, or you save one to your camera roll and forget about it. If that’s you, you’re in luck. Photo and video solutions from Facebook, Google, and Apple have been using AI in the background, and it’s getting better.

As of now, the most of advanced is Google Photos. If you use the platform, you can pull up your account and search for broad terms such as trees, sunsets, ocean, mountain, etc. Google uses a smart network that learns from a comprehensive database of images. If it recognizes one picture of trees, it analyzes millions of others. The artificial intelligence then labels your photos for you, without you having to do the labeling manually.

While still a bit behind, Facebook and Apple photo and video AI is developing on the same path, but with more advancements. The platforms being built by Apple and Facebook are going to be smart enough to isolate the differences between faces with facial recognition.


As a kid growing up in today’s world, it means that tablets and smartphones are undoubtedly a part of their daily life. Artificial intelligence, however, is what’s working behind those screens. AI functions to run the processing that’s needed to recognize voices, and to translate language into something that the computers are going to understand.

Currently, the Amazon Echo can give you an artificial intelligence presence in your home, but now you can have a robot. There are presently a few AI robots on the market, and undoubtedly more in the beginning phases of production. The intelligent droids can learn your children’s habits, and act as a smart friend for them. They can play games, sing them to sleep, read them stories, and more. In addition to that, these robots are also able to be a companion for the elderly. They can keep them company, help them with tasks, and ensure they are safe with AI-assist software that learns as it goes.


How you get your entertainment now is becoming more technologically based each year. Services such as Netflix and Spotify are on the rise, while DVD and CD sales are falling. These streaming services use artificial intelligence to scan what you, and millions of others, have enjoyed in the past. For example, if Harry Potter fans also liked Lord of the Rings, you might too, so it gets recommended to you.

When you initially sign up for any type of streaming service, the majority of the time you are going to be asked simple profiling questions. These questions are made up of hidden algorithms that begin the AI learning process for your profile. As an example, you might get asked what your favorite genre of music and movies are. From there, you’ll get recommended films and playlists of those types.


There are plenty of security cameras on the market, but there is only a handful that uses artificial intelligence, and those are considered to be the most advanced. While more cameras using AI are expected to pop up, the ones currently on the market use AI to recognize the difference between an intruder and a blowing tree.

Currently, some artificial intelligence cameras are smart enough to understand how a vehicle differs from a dog. That’s something quickly done by the human eye, but requires a lot of background intelligence for a computer to assess and get right without error. In the future, your doorbell is going to be able to recognize your kids and even let them in for you.


Gadgets and automatic vacuums such as the Roomba have been around for a while. However, they’re only getting smarter. Robot vacuum cleaners were once considered a quirky gadget, but now you might be surprised at how good of a job they can do.

The robot vacuum cleaners on the market have gotten equipped with AI software that maps out where they need to do the cleaning by surveying the room. In addition to that, you can also set boundaries for the robots, so they stay in a particular area.

By shopping around, you can find other cleaning robots that do more than just vacuum. There are ones on the market for mowing your lawn and even wiping down windows. With all of these artificially intelligent cleaners, you have plenty of time to spend doing other things.

photo-and-videoOver the course of the next decade, advancements in artificial intelligence are going to take the world by storm. There are still plenty of discussion over the pros and cons of these intelligent machines, and just how far their intelligence can go. However, everyone needs some extra help around the house sometimes. The ways listed above are only a couple examples of how AI can make your home-life easier. As knowledge of artificial intelligence becomes more extensive, the list is sure to grow.

How do you feel about artificial intelligence being used in the home? What type of experience do you have with AI? Leave a comment below.

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