Beneficial Certifications to Help Advance Your Information Technology Career and Salary

Over the course of the past decade, IT solutions have become one of the most sought-after things in the business world. On top of that, it’s growing increasingly difficult to secure yourself a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Technology Sciences; the spots fill up quickly.

certificationsIf you’re currently a technology student, already working in the IT industry, or are someone interested in switching careers, this list of certifications could help you stand out amongst all of the people who pursue careers in IT, Cloud Computing, Networking, Server Virtualization, and IT Security. Once you’ve received your certification, you could qualify for a higher income.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Association: Windows Server 2012

The need for Windows Server 2012 are still extreme and widely used, despite its age. In fact, Windows Server 2012 is one of the most commonly used servers in the world, making its certification very valuable. The certification is one of the required fundamental certifications needed to get Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

The certification teaches you full competency with Windows Server 2012, and shows you server administration such as handling files and configuring storage. On top of that, you learn how to manage availability, group policy, and understand how to set infrastructures in both the network and Active Directory.

Cisco Certified Networking Professional: Routing and Switching

All of the certifications within the Cisco family are highly sought after, very beneficial, and are ones that are going to be useful regardless of if data gets stored locally or on the cloud. The CCNP certification displays the ability to accurately understand switch and routing planning, installation, troubleshooting and support, and configuration. The accreditation includes three exams, and you must hold either the Cisco Certified Network Associate: Routing and Switching, or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certificate as a prerequisite.

Citrix Certified Associate: Virtualization

Currently, there is a high demand for Citrix certified individuals, so having a certificate could mean that you’re privy to a higher salary. While the CCAV certification is only one of Citrix’s entry-level certificates, it puts you in a great place to obtain your Citrix Certified Professional certificate.

The certification mainly focuses on the basics of virtualization. You learn how to manage, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot the virtual Citrix environment. The program itself has been created for administrators and support staff that help Citrix users on a daily basis.

Citrix Certified Associate: Networking

Like the CCA-V, the Citrix Certified Associate: Networking certification is very valuable for an individual who currently has, or is looking to have, a career in IT solutions. Unlike the CCA-V, you only need to pass an exam to obtain the certification, so it does require you to have a basic understanding of networking.

The Networking certification teaches the fundamentals of accessing the Citrix environment, and how it gets used. You also learn about the design of the NetScaler implementation, and how to configure NetScaler for desktops, data access, and applications. Also, you learn how to troubleshoot common issues and learn about security protocols, and how the Citrix environments integrate with third-party vendors in a “Partner Apps” solution.

ITIL v3 Foundation

ITIL is the most used IT management and solutions framework in the world, and their entry level certification is comprehensive, and beneficial for IT professionals of all levels. The core of the certification covers the entirety of the information technology lifecycle, along with its concepts and terminologies. It is structured to focus on the needs of the business.

There are no requirements for the certification except passing an exam, and many IT companies and Managed Service Provider’s offer it as a part of their entry-level helpdesk positions. You can expect to understand incident management, IT operations management, capacity management, availability, and more once you’ve completed the certification.

windows-server-2012The above certifications aren’t the only ones that are going to help you further your IT career, and in fact, they’re just a few. Depending on the area that you’re looking at specializing in, there are a variety of other ones to suit your needs. However, the above five are the most common ones. Ensuring that you get your ITIL certification is a good place to start when driving towards a career in IT solutions. Before being able to do anything else, you’re going to need to master your fundamentals.

What IT certifications would you recommend to someone interested in furthering their career? Start a discussion below.

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