Best Sales in the World

It’s totally amazing how different businesses and their products reached the highest rate of sales in the world.  Thus, it’s such a great honor and pride among businessmen or women who had made it to the top and succeed in their business not only locally but in the whole world. Maybe, a lot of people now are wondering why an increment demand for the product of this top most branded company continues to increase year by year. Of course, each of them has a story and secret to tell on why they are able to remain in the spotlight among other companies who are also offering the same products and services.

Now, here’s the list of the world’s most popular and saleable products that almost all of the people would love to have:

  • Among the list of favorite brands of cellphone, Apple remains as the top most best-selling brand of iPhones, for nothing can be compared to its supremacy in terms of the highest quality of cellphone. Apple always serves as the prime mover in making a more high-tech and advanced gadgets that always exceed the expectation of the consumers. Thus, almost all the users all over the globe feel great satisfaction whenever they are using an Apple product. Moreover, due to the increase in the demand of Apple products, the company has sold more than 516 million of iPhones all over the world. In addition, Apple has also sold 211 million tablets since 2010.Furthermore, Apple is still the best choice of brand of the people even when it comes to laptops.

Apple iPhone Sales

  • Coca Cola Company has always been a company that is known for its trademark product. According to their statistical studies, 2 out of 10 persons in the world are drinking coke every day. Even the famous celebrities and Hollywood actors and actresses would prefer drinking coke than other brands of soft drinks.

  • Among the best-selling books, Harry Potter is still the number one choice of all the readers out there, with 450 million copies being sold since 1977. It is the book being bought worldwide that encompasses almost 90% of all the books being sold worldwide.

  • Toyota “Corolla” had shaken the world with its new and incredibly amazing cars that has been patronized by a lot of people all over the world. Since 1966, the company has sold almost 40.7 million of cars. This car always rocks the world for its unique and high quality performance that makes your driving safe.

  • Among the online games, Angry Birds made it as one of the top most  games being downloaded by 29 % of the world’s total population.

  • Since 1980, Rubik’s cube forms have been a part already of the lives of every individual who are plays with it. A lot of them can’t sleep well at night for they have to still think of how they can solve the puzzle behind this cube. So, as the demand of it increases it, the company reached its outstanding sales of selling 350 million of cubes.

  • Among the brand of shoes, Nike is still the best. The company is very much known for its stylish and very durable shoes. Nike world’s revenue ranges 27.8 billion U.S dollars. Michael Jordan and some of the famous athletes highly recommend and promote this because of its versatility. Most of the athletes or even people who are not inclined in sports because it is really comfortable to wear.

Nike Shoes Sales

  • Abercrombie and Fitch has been always number one in terms of the clothing brand. Their clothes are very comfortable to wear. It is washable and is made of high quality fabric materials.

  • In terms of the best-selling bottled water brands in the world, Tibet 5100 has been considered as a premium water that has an enticingly distinctive taste. It offers a refreshing feeling to anyone who drinks it. In addition, this bottled water contains minerals like strontium, meta-silicic acid and lithium that are healthy for our body.

  • Dove cosmetic products are always on the top of the list when it comes to a beautiful, healthy and youthful looking skin. A lot of consumers trusted it for they had proven among themselves how dove works on their skin. Thus, it’s brand value reached almost USD 10 billion since 2013.

Truly, we can’t deny that through the minds of a lot of creative and artistic individuals, all the things that people have never thought before will happen has now been made possible. Through the rapid advancement of the technology, we are now enjoying an instant and easy life but still, in all aspects of our life, specifically in the business world, it will take a lot of sweats and hardship before you could build a name in the world. Thus, being in line with the top companies that offers best-selling products in the world is really self-satisfying.

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