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Step by Step was a 1990s hit sitcom that was loved by millions. The ABC show ran for seven seasons and made the cast household names. The show centered around two families who came together after their single parents met and married.

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They were supposed to be one big happy family, but it sure didn’t work out that way! Instead, viewers saw the family try to fight off their growing pains and live together peacefully. The result was a hilarious ride that only got better with time. When the show went off the air, fans were left wondering what happened to some of their favorite stars. Thankfully, the wait is now over! Let’s find out what they have been up to!

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Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster

Carol Foster was the mother of the large household who ran her own business while trying to be the perfect mom and wife. The beauty shop owner worked from home and was always available whenever her family needed her most.

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Carol was played by actress Suzanne Somers, who has been in the industry since the late 1960s. When Step by Step came on the air, her old fans were excited to see the extraordinary talent in something new and modern. Suzanne also won new followers with her spunky acting style. There was never a dull moment when she played Carol! She could still pull in the laugh and hold her own as a lead character. There is no doubt that she was one of the reasons the sitcom lasted as long as it did.

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Suzanne Somers – Today

After Step by Step ended in 1997, Suzanne had no intention of leaving Hollywood. She went on to be the host for Candid Camera for two seasons. After that stint, Suzanne had her sights set on Broadway. She had created a one-woman show entitled The Blonde in the Thunderbird. She spoke about her life and work as an actress. Her play only lasted a short season before it was canceled due to lack of ticket sales. Despite this disappointment, Suzanne pressed on.

Cast of Step by Step 2

In 2015, fans saw her lace up her dancing shoes as she became a cast member on Dancing with the Stars. This was the 20th season of the popular show, and Suzanne had put in the work to do well. After it was said and done, she landed in ninth place. Not bad for the 69-year old star!

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Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert

Actor Patrick Duffy played the head of the household, Frank Lambert. Frank was a contractor who owned his own company and always kept his cool. He loved watching sports and making sure his family was well taken care of. Frank had three children he brought into the household when he decided to marry Carol. It took some work, but he managed to blend both families together.

Cast of Step by Step 3

Patrick was no stranger to the acting world. Before Step by Step, he was best known for his work on the prime-time soap opera Dallas in the 1980s. After the show was canceled in the early 1990s, Patrick received a call to audition for the fatherly figure on Step by Step. It was a huge departure from his soap opera days, but he fit the role well! No one else could have played Frank as well as he did.

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Patrick Duffy – Now

Patrick didn’t stop acting once Step by Step went dark. He made a lot of guest appearances on popular shows that included Touched by an Angel and Diagnosis Murder. He is a well-rounded actor, and this was evidenced by his wide range of acting roles. Patrick also decided to try out some voice work in a few animated series. He can be heard on Justice League and Family Guy to name a few!

Cast of Step by Step 4

In 2012, TNT decided to make a Dallas reboot and asked Patrick to join the cast. The actor eagerly accepted as he got to reprise his role of Bobby Ewing. The show lasted two seasons before cancellation. Now Patrick lives in Oregon with his family. He is an avid follower of Buddhism and practices the spiritual teachings on a daily basis. He is proud to be a member of Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist organization.

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Staci Keanan as Dana Foster

Staci Keanan was great in her role as the oldest Foster child. She played Dana, who was an over-achiever and always had a quick wit about her. Nothing slipped by the teenager no matter how hard her family tried! When her mother, Carol, moved them in with the Lambert clan, she took it the hardest. She had a tough time finding any sort of connection with Frank and his children.

Staci was picked for the Step by Step role mainly because of her previous experience in the industry. Before she appeared on the sitcom, she starred in another hit called My Two Dads. She acted alongside Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan. She was just as hilarious then as she was on Step by Step! Comedic acting was in her blood, and she became a breakout star in the 1990s.

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Staci Keanan – Today

After the show wrapped up, Staci tried to continue riding her fame to greater things. She had some film work that included Hidden Secrets and Sarah’s Choice. The movies she acted in didn’t do well, unfortunately. After a few more years of trying to make it in the industry, Staci threw in the towel altogether.

Cast of Step by Step 6

Staci went back to school and graduated from the University of California in Los Angeles. She then went on to law school and passed the Bar in 2013. She has since changed her name back to her original moniker, Anastasia Sagorsky. She has been practicing law in Los Angeles and recently got married to a fellow actor and producer. When asked if she could ever go back to acting, Staci made it known that she is enjoying her life out of the public eye.

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Christine Lakin as Al Lambert

Al Lambert was the middle child in the Lambert family. She was a tomboy who preferred to hang with the guys and play sports. She was protective of her dad and her younger brother. When it came to the other side of the household, Al had a hard time opening up to her new step-mother and her children.

Cast of Step by Step 7

Christine Lakin played Al in the show. This was her breakout role, and it shot her into stardom. Before Step by Step, Christine could be seen in a variety of commercials and small modeling jobs. She had one acting gig under her belt before she was chosen for the sitcom. You couldn’t tell from watching her that she was a newbie back then! She found her groove while playing Al, and it was nice to see her character soften a little as she grew older.

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Christine Lakin – Today

After the sitcom ended, Christine continued to act. She had some guest roles on 7th Heaven and Touched by an Angel. She really stretched her acting muscles with these new roles as she was so used to playing in a sitcom for nearly a decade! It didn’t seem to break her, though. She was offered roles in movies and even appeared in MTV’s Wild ‘n Out for a season.

Cast of Step by Step 8

In 2012, Christine was the star of a miniseries called Lovin’ Lakin. It was a mockumentary on how to make it big in Hollywood. She gained a cult following with the show. After this miniseries went off the air, Christine did a couple of podcasts and smaller television roles. She is now married and recently had her first child. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and still plans on staying in the acting scene for as long as she can.

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Angela Watson as Karen Foster

Angela Watson played the lovable character, Karen Foster. Karen was Carol’s the middle child. She wanted to be a model and musician, and her storyline often centered around her pretty looks and her ditzy ways. Karen was very aloof, but she meant well. There were moments on the show where we could see she was truly smart when she applied herself!

Cast of Step by Step 9

Angela is best known for her role on Step by Step. Before she was cast for the part, she did a lot of local community theater in her hometown of Cape Coral, Florida. In addition to acting, Angela also took part in the pageant world. She won hundreds of titles, one of which included Model of the Year at a pageant in Dallas, Texas! Once she graduated high school, she decided to try acting on a bigger scale, and that was when she landed on the hit sitcom.

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Angela Watson – Today

When Step by Step ended, Angela received some bad news. She had discovered that her earnings from the show had been spent by her parents. For seven years, Angela thought her mother and father were keeping her finances in check. They ended up spending all $2.5 million by the time she turned 18-years old.

Cast of Step by Step 10

Since then, Angela has distanced herself from her family. She decided to start an organization called Child Actors Supporting Themselves. The group helps young actors and athletes navigate through their own finances. Angela also does mentor work for the Screen Actors Guild. She loves her charity work and wishes she had someone to look up to when she was a young actress in Hollywood. Although she is never going to see a dime of her money from her Step by Step days, she hopes she can save others from going through what she did.

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