Caution! 9 Vehicle Brands That Might Be Dangerous

Sometimes we know what we want and other times, well, we might just know what it is that we don’t want, which can still be helpful.  This is truer than ever when it pertains to buying a new car.  Most of the time, when people are shopping for a new ride, they will want one that will keep them safe more than anything else.  For that reason, we have gotten this list together of the 10 car brands that any car accident lawyer can warn you away from.


While you might think that because Buick has been around so long, they must be doing it right, you could not be more wrong.  If you happened to be one of the people who didn’t take personal injury seriously and bought a Buick Rendezvous in 2007, you might know exactly what we are talking about.  

buick rendezvous_mini

Many people hurried to buy one of the new 4 door SUVs due to the ever popular Tiger Woods heading their ad campaign.  The thing is, the Rendezvous completely failed when it came to the rating for front impact.  Also, the on board safety equipment was also subpar.  Nobody was surprised when the Rendezvous got replaced quite quickly by the Enclave just a short year later.  At least this showed people that Buick was on top of things and correcting their mistakes.  I don’t know if the same can be said about many of the other vehicles on this list.


Back in 2008, Chevy had a truck called the Chevy Colorado with extended cab.  It was a good looking truck so many people found themselves at their local Chevy dealership test driving and then purchasing the truck.  It is true that 2008 was a great year for trucks, but not for this one.  This is the vehicle that is not only the largest on this list, it is also one of the most dangerous.  The statistics for accidents that involved this model truck showed that for every million drivers there were 93 deaths.  Most of these deaths, a whopping 54 per million, were from accidents in which the Colorado was the only vehicle.  Now, if you know anything at all about statistics, you would be terrified at this point.  

chevy colorado_mini

If you still have this vehicle, you might just be better off trading it in or selling it.  This can actually lower the vehicle insurance rates that you are currently paying due to the fact that insurance companies are now punishing those who drive this truck with higher rates.


Many people might be of the belief that Ford is one of the car companies out there that are safe.  However, this is decidedly not so.  Let’s talk about the Ford Ranger 4×4 with the extended cab.  With this vehicle, the catch phrase “Built Ford Tough” certainly did not apply.  The rollover rate for this truck…in single vehicle accidents…was 30%… which is way too high.  It also lacked both curtain and side air bags and this made it more of a death trap that got some of the lowest ratings for safety that have ever been seen.  

ford 4x4

If you still own and drive this truck, it might be best to get some life insurance quotes pretty quickly.  It is a distinct possibility that your family might have a need for it until you decide that it is time to get another truck.  Ford has plenty of other trucks with higher safety ratings…and better looks too!


A claim can be made that Nissan is one of the long lasting car manufacturers that hasn’t been able to produce a “wow” vehicle in quite some time.  However, many vehicle makers can still turn a profit as long as what they offer on a day to day basis still excites drivers.  Nissan was pretty good at this until the 2005 – 2008 Versa.  This was one of the cars that was the most dangerous in the entire country.  Because of its poor handling and its single car crashes that resulted in death, the Versa was a complete failure when it came to safety ratings.  If you still drive this car, it is highly suggested that you find something else to drive or at the very least get a good auto accident attorney to put on speed dial.  

Most people don’t want to put their lives in the hands of something that is not safe…so why would you?  Like Ford, Nissan has plenty of other models for you to choose from that are both safer and better looking.


Between 2005 – 2008, the Hyundai Tiburon was one of the poorest quality vehicles the company made.  This vehicle rated 96 fatalities per million registrations while it was still being tested.  Most of the fatalities were in single vehicle accidents too, and that was the four door model.  The 2 door model was even worse.  If you are still driving this model, I hope you have a connection with someone who is good at personal injury law.  

Hyundai tiburon

You might definitely need an attorney to defend your rights when you get anchovied in this vehicle before much longer.


The Scion is on this list because of the fact that there is a disparity with them when it comes to quality and quantity.  Half of this year’s models got 5 star ratings, but only 38% of them were able to compete with other vehicles that were not a luxury brand.  Scion is also known for not meeting the competition when it comes to safety equipment.  In fact, 85% of Scion models get on the streets without any sort of safety system that is pre – crash.  This is a company that makes it clear that they do not care about its clients and the personal injury that can occur when they drive their Scions.  The Scion is a brand that is not really luxury but not really lower end either.  


Stuck in the middle, the safety ratings weren’t quite spot on since it isn’t really one category or the other.  That being said, if I were you, I would trade it in now before you get into an accident and it is too late.


Kia has always had a great marketing campaign and despite that, they still make this list.  They are also known for having one of the best warranties in the entire market.  Going to the years 2005 – 2008 again, the Spectra wagon made by Kia was quite an affordable death machine.  The death rate for this vehicle was 102 people per million and most of them were from crashes involving multiple vehicles.  They have basement level safety ratings and it has taken them until now to address this issue.  This is one of those vehicles that might make insurance companies want to raise their rates for.  

KIA Spectra wagon

Especially since they like to make more money off of the drivers instead of getting the vehicle manufacturers to come up to par with their safety issues.


Are you aware that Ram vehicles have an 85% rate of not getting a 5 star safety rating when it comes to the NHTSA?  In fact, GM consistently outperforms them.  You might think that this would have them working on fixing that status and yet they are doing nothing about it at all.  In fact, when it comes to luxury vehicles, Ram continues to fall behind.  This is another one of those vehicles that, if you still drive one, you might want to get your life insurance quotes up to date.  

car insurance companies

Ram wants to charge an arm and a leg for their products so they should stand behind them and make the safety ratings on them great.  That would be the sensible thing to do.


If you are considering getting a Mini, only look at the highest end ones.  When it comes to ALL of the major brands, Mini is responsible for the lowest safety scores.  

car accident attorney

In fact, when looking at the 2016 models, only 10% of them got any IIIHS safety awards.  If you have one of these vehicles, let’s hope that you know a good auto accident attorney.

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