Check Out the Best and the Worst Buys on Amazon Online Store

Amazon is the e-commerce giant that has changed the way many consumers shop. This online retailer was started by forward thinking guy who sold books out of his garage and almost overnight became a household name selling everything from A to Z. Looking for a special pair of shoes? Amazon has them. Looking for a hard to find tool? It’s on Amazon. They even sell fresh fruit! And they get bigger and bigger everyday offering membership called “Amazon Prime” that awards members with free two day shipping. But consumers have to be careful. Amazon is an online marketing powerhouse and is doing business to make money. Their online advertising teases and entices, but is not always the best deal out there. Consumers who are looking for a deal, should research other companies who sell online before they click that famous “buy now” key.

Here are 10 of the Best Deals on Amazon:

1.  Televisions Are A “Best” Deal

Amazon is an online store where deals on televisions are some of the best out there, especially on special shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday. And if you are an Amazon Prime member the shipping is totally free and will conveniently come right to your front door (in the future maybe even by a drone!)

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2.  Clean Up On Paper Towels

Here’s some quick picker upper news: Who knew you can clean up on Bounty paper towels when you buy them on Amazon’s online store? Rumor has it that a 12-count Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels, Huge Rolls (one of Amazon’s best sellers) is cheaper on Amazon than at your local Wal Mart! Check it out and then check out!

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3.  Get A Deal On Diapers

Anyone with a baby knows how disposable diapers dispose of your hard earned cash. Well, Amazon weighs in as the best online store to buy diapers and the best thing is they come straight to your door. No strollers, binkies or blankeys to drag to the store.

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4.  Power Up And Save on Cables and Batteries

Listen up, get your batteries on Amazon and save big! Amazon has a line they call Amazon Basics that includes cables, battery packs and other must have electronics. And they offer the best prices around. One of their best sellers is AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries 20 Pack at the low, low price of $7.59. Walmart sells them for $10.97 and you have to drive, park and stand in line to get them.

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5.  Books: Bestsellers and Best Deals

Amazon’s product management team knows how important selling books online is to their customers. Books were essential in starting an online business and the first product the founder shipped. As more and more brick and mortar bookstores close their doors, Amazon is the prime location to find every title under the sun and at the best prices and they bring the bookstore right to your home!

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6.  Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine fans should look at our friends at Amazon to get their fix on monthly subscriptions They know a thing or two about business marketing and offering a deal on magazines is a win win for them and a win win for you. Step away from the rack at the grocery store where you’ll pay as much for one issue as you will for a whole month’s issues on Amazon.

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7. Mops And Bags And Bulbs, Oh My!

Household items and Amazon go hand in hand and according the Teri Gault, CEO of a business internet site, consumers can cash in on a great selection and a save cash on a great price. Plus, Prime Members get free shipping that comes right to your front door! Sweet!

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8.  Gourmet Small Appliances

Amazon has much more than cheap promotional items on their online store. They sell everything from A to Z and gourmet small appliances is one of the categories they offer at lower prices than their competition. Before running to a Big Box Store for a Cuisinart or a Keruig, check out Amazon’s prices and save a buck or two.

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9.  Kindle Books

Remember when Amazon’s new product development team introduced the Kindle, electronic reader? It’s now become one of the most popular tablet too and a way people get their book fix. Instead of turning the pages of a big heavy classic or tempting bestseller, turn them electronically on a Kindle and save.

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10.  Amazon Prime Perfect

Amazon’s business marketing gurus turns customers into members and offers Amazon Prime a paid subscription membership program offering free two day shipping as well as special pricing and offers throughout the year. Free shipping right to your door and the best deals on the planet? What’s not to love?

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Here are the Worst Deals On Amazon

1.  Vitamin Supplements Not so Healthy For Your Wallet

You win some and you lose some and Amazon loses when it comes to the best deals on vitamins and supplements. Maybe it’s the product liability, maybe it’s too much online store competition, but steer clear of this online giant for your favorite supplements.

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2.  Mattresses

Buy local when it comes to buying mattresses. Amazon sells them but this ecommerce giant can’t compete with the service and smiles that a local retailer can. Plus Amazon can’t take your old mattress away like a local retailer can. Sometimes service is worth a buck or two so we can sleep easy.


3.  Cooking Oils

Amazon can’t compete on everything and cooking oils is one of them. Their online store competitors like VitaCost offers better prices on some of the more specialty oils so stay away from Amazon for this slippery category.

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4.  Dog Food

You’re better off shopping for your best friend’s food at an online store that focuses on pets if you’re looking for the best prices. Amazon’s dog food costs much more than Petco. Keep in mind that local retailers offer frequent buyer rewards so you can save a doggone good couple bucks that way too.

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5.  Tools

Shop around for tools at online stores and e-commerce sites for the best deal. Amazon’s prices are usually the same amount or more so price comparing is a good idea when looking for a special tool to get the job done.

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6.  Cleaning Products

The research is in: Amazon might take you to the cleaners when it comes to their cleaning product prices. Stick to big box stores like Walmart for the basics and use a coupon or two to clean up on savings even more.

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7.  Brand Name Apparel

OMG! Watch your back when it comes to buying your fav jeans on Amazon. They can’t compete with department chains like Macy’s and Kohl’s whose everyday prices are better than our online marketing giant Amazon. You might be throwing money to the wind by buying brand names apparel online. It pays to shop around at online stores and locally.

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8.  Select Furniture

Online marketing giant Amazon sells a lot for less, but furniture isn’t one of the categories where they compete. Maybe it’s the product liability insurance or the costs involved with their Prime’s free shipping but make sure you shop around for your new dining room or patio set to get the best price.

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9.  Sneakers and Shoes

Not only are the shoes Amazon sells online a confusing category, because they offer the same brands from different sources, the prices and styles are all over the place. Stick to the online store sneaker pros at Zappos or buy as a local small business to get the right fit and right price.

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10.  Groceries

The online marketing geniuses at Amazon created Amazon Fresh that delivers overpriced groceries right to your door. Not the best prices, but a service you pay for that’s for sure. If you’re looking for the best prices, hit the local stores, drag your own groceries home and save big bucks.

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