Child Horror Film Stars and Where They Are Now

Horror movies encompass a large genre in the movie world. There is something about these creepy movies that we all love, and it keeps us coming back for more. Many horror films have children starring as main characters, because what is creepier than a small child? All jokes aside, children in horror films become wildly popular for their roles.

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These children sometimes become big stars, and other times they metaphorically fall off the face of the planet. In this list, you’ll find the child stars of all the most popular horror films and what they are doing now. You won’t believe where some of these stars have been, and the success that others have encountered.

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Billy Redden

Billy Redden starred in the horror film Deliverance. The movie was filmed in Georgia, and he was the only local to be a part of the cast. Producers found Billy Redden at his high school, immediately falling in love with his tall and lean build. He starred in the movie with other big names like Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight.

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This was Billy Redden’s breakout role. He was never a star before this, and he didn’t star in other movies after this for a long while. Billy Redden’s banjo playing wasn’t solely for the movie. After Deliverance stopped filming, he went on a long banjo tour. He worked as a dishwasher in Georgia until Tim Burton found this out. Tim cast him in the movie Big Fish, which allowed him to stop his dishwashing job temporarily.

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Christina Ricci

At just 11 years old, Christina Ricci was very popular as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family. This role was perfect for her, and she continued acting after this wrapped up. She went on to star in many popular teen shows like Now and Then and Casper.

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Christina got a Golden Globe award nomination for her role in The Opposite of Sex. She also continued on to guest star on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Her success has been very good for a child horror movie star. She ended up securing a Lifetime TV show called Lizzie Bordon Took an Ax in 2013.

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David Dorfman

A more recent horror movie, The Ring, still haunts audiences today. David Dorfman played the role of Aiden Keller back in 2002. He was very successful in his role, and he ended up reprising it in 2005 when The Ring 2 came out.

Child Horror Film Stars 3

David Dorfman became very successful, but not in acting. Little do people know that David Dorfman is actually a child genius. He was accepted into UCLA at the young age of 13. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he graduated from Harvard Law School at the age of 18. Most people don’t get near that success in their life, and he did it all before he was legal to drink. David Dorfman is clearly a very successful person.

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John Franklin

The thriller, Children of the Corn, based on Stephen King’s book, is a movie that haunted us all when we watched it on the screen. Perhaps the most amazing character a horror film had yet to see was the character of Isaac Chroner. John Franklin played this young character at the age of 25. Most people couldn’t play such a young character at that age, but John Franklin has a growth hormone deficiency so he looked much younger.

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After this large role, John Franklin secured the spot as Cousin It in The Addams Family. These were his biggest roles of his career. He left acting after a few smaller roles in the 2000s to pursue his dream of teaching. John Franklin still dabbles in acting today, and he recently had a role in the 2014 movie Hag.

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Isabelle Fuhrman

The movie Orphan was quite recent, and a 12-year-old girl played the demonic little orphan in the movie. This character was played by Isabelle Fuhrman, and it helped her break out into acting. She was relatively young to play in such a dark horror film, but it helped her be recognized as a legit actress.

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Isabelle Fuhrman was far from a one hit wonder. She starred in the very popular movie The Hunger Games as Clove. Her acting secured her a spot in one of the most watched films of the decade, and she still has a bright future ahead of her. Isabelle Fuhrman is currently in production of another horror film. It is a remake of the movie Suspiria.

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Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman was one of those child stars that got big very quickly. He was featured in the movie Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, which is what many people know him for. The movie was very popular at the time, and his character of Tommy Jarvis had a good amount of screen time.

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As Corey Feldman aged, he had a harder time breaking back into Hollywood. He has done a lot of smaller roles, including voicing characters on animated TV shows. His adult life was very tumultuous, and he saw a life with different hardships and trials. While he is a good actor, he has had a hard time making it in acting as an adult. He currently voices Slash on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Danny Lloyd

Having children on the set of horror films is always a bit controversial. When Danny Lloyd starred in The Shining, the producers shielded him from the scary parts of the film. He didn’t even know it was a horror film until after all the filming had ended. His character of Danny Torrance is still mentioned a lot today. It was one of the most popular horror films of all time, so it should come as no surprise that his face is so memorable.

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Danny Lloyd left the grip of Hollywood as a child. He wanted more for himself, so he went on to college and became a high school science teacher. His ordinary life was what he loved, and the funniest part of his experience was he became a pig farmer to put himself through college. Danny’s devotion to living a regular life is very cool.

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Linda Blair

Linda Blair was no stranger to the big screen, but she is most known from her character from The Exorcist. She had an affinity for horror films, and she ended up starring in the sequel to the movie along with some other horror films throughout the 1980s. One of the greatest child stars the 1970s and 1980s had seen, her characters on the big screen were beloved for her amazing acting skills.

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Linda Blair still acts today, but most of her time is spent as an activist. She speaks out against animal cruelty and runs a large foundation. It is called the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, and it works to provide housing for homeless pets.

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Patty McCormack

Patty McCormack couldn’t escape the role of Rhoda Penmark. She ended up playing Rhoda Penmark in The Bad Seed both on the big screen and on Broadway. However, it was because she was so good at it that she was cast more than once. Her character was a sinister killer, and Patty played the part perfectly. It got her a nomination for an Academy Award, which was an amazing feat for such a small child.

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Her career didn’t stop with this horror film, and she continued on acting throughout the majority of her life. As she is getting older, her acting has slowed down due to her age. Patty McCormack has been a guest star on many recent TV shows, but her most recent work of The Master is the most notable one of her late career.

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Danny Pintauro

Another successful Stephen Kind adaptation was the one of Cujo. Danny Pintauro played the character of Tad in the movie in 1983. It was one of the most notable roles in his whole career, and it helped him in securing future roles. He had a hit TV show afterward called Who’s the Boss.

Child Horror Film Stars 10

Once his show wrapped up, he stopped acting for 15 years. He focused on his personal life and only came back to Hollywood in 2007. Danny came out as gay, which allowed him to hone his focus in speaking out for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. In recent years he worked as a Tupperware sales rep and managed a large Vegas restaurant. He hasn’t had any acting jobs that have been too notable, but he starred on a web series back in 2016.

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Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff’s debut in Hollywood was with a horror film called The Gate. This horror film quickly became a classic in many households. He played the character of Glen, who was a young boy that found a scary portal to Hell right behind his house.

Child Horror Film Stars 11

Unlike many other child stars, Stephen Dorff has not fallen off on his acting career. While his appearances may not have been as notable as his child performance, he has successfully kept up a career in TV shows and TV movies. His most recent acting was as a Texas Ranger in the film Leatherface, which is a prequel to the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards was so good at the characters that she played that she was cast in many horror films before she was a legal adult. She starred in the films Eaten Alive, The Car, and Halloween. Her characters were always hard to play, but she was able to portray them perfectly. These films jumpstarted her acting career, and she still is alive and well today.

Child Horror Film Stars 12

Nowadays, you may recognize Kyle Richards from her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The show follows herself and her family as they struggle to maintain a life in the spotlight. It is wildly popular on Bravo and has been running for seven years. She is said to have a net worth of over $30 million, so she is clearly doing well for herself.

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Brandon Adams

Brandon Adams didn’t get his breakout role in a horror film. He actually starred as Zeke in Michael Jackson’s The Moonwalker. However, it wasn’t until years after that when he got the role as Fool in The People Under the Stairs. This creepy film encapsulated audiences everywhere, and the director was well-known for being a genius. He starred in another horror film in 1993 before wrapping up his Hollywood career.

Child Horror Film Stars 13

Unfortunately, Brandon Adams couldn’t make it past being a child star. While he guest starred in a few different TV shows, it was never enough to make a career out of it. Brandon has grown up now, and he focuses on his singing and rapping career. He goes by the name of B. Lee when he raps.

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A. Michael Baldwin

The child star, A. Michael Baldwin, went on to become a very successful actor. He starred in the film Phantasm as Mike. His role was received well by both critics and audiences, with the film turning into a franchise of films with a long list of followers. This one movie ended up turning into a few different feature films for A. Michael Baldwin.

Child Horror Film Stars 14

In recent years, A. Michael Baldwin has returned to the screen. He spent some time in India studying Eastern Mysticism, which he claims to still be following. In 2016, the fifth movie of the Phantasm franchise was released. He continues to make horror films on a regular basis.

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Harvey Stephens

In The Omen, Harvey Stephens played the spawn of Satan. He was a very young child actor, and the role stuck with him throughout the years. It turns out that he couldn’t move past this role very well because he didn’t act in much else after this successful acting stint.

Child Horror Film Stars 15

He was in the 2006 version of The Omen as a TV reporter, but aside from that, Harvey Stephens has stayed out of the spotlight. He works for himself, dabbling in property development and stocks. While he may not be a successful actor, he was successful in landing himself in prison. On Friday the 13th in January 2017, Harvey Stephens was sentenced to 12 months in prison for inflicting damage upon two cyclists in a road rage incident. It turns out the horror films just couldn’t escape him.

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Alex Vincent

The movie Child’s Play is easily one of the scariest horror films of all time. Alex Vincent had the opportunity of starring in this film, which led to a lead role in the sequel Child’s Play 2. His success was very good, but he was ultimately replaced in the third movie. Alex Vincent decided to take a long break from acting, and he was gone from 1994 to 2007.

Child Horror Film Stars 16

Slowly, Alex Vincent tried making his way back into acting just 10 years ago. It was a slow start and he didn’t have many films in the works. However, Alex Vincent’s career looks to be taking off this year. He has three horror films being released in 2017, which is more than he has had in the past 10 years. Hopefully, they become very successful for him.

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Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris’ innocent looks were perfect to play in horror movies. She was in the movies Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 as Jamie Lloyd. After these movies, Danielle Harris ended up doing a lot of voice acting for animated film.

Child Horror Film Stars 17

Her success continues today, and she has starred in many horror films in the last decade. She is still very young, and her TV career is becoming even more successful. In 2017 alone she has one TV show and three films being released with her in them. She is currently married to her spouse, David Gross, and has one child. Danielle Harris is balancing family life and film life in her New York home.

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Lisa and Louise Burns

It can’t be easy being the Grady daughters. While Lisa and Louise weren’t truly their characters, many people treated them that way. The Shining is easily the most popular horror film of all time, and Lisa and Louise Burns played the role of the twins in a creepy and eerie way. The twins believe that the film was what caused them to be denied from many acting schools. It ended up doing them more harm than good.

Child Horror Film Stars 18

However, the twins are still successful today. While it isn’t in acting, they stay in England with different careers. Louise is a published scientist, and Lisa is a lawyer. The twins are still under 50, but the look back at their time on The Shining set as a happy memory. They remain close to Jack Nicholson who mentored them for many years before they decided to quit Hollywood completely.

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Daveigh Chase

Daveigh Chase should be known for her role as Lilo in the Disney film Lilo & Stitch. However, since that was voice acting, many people know her for her role as Samara Morgan in the horror film The Ring. She was very young at the time, but she played the trapped horror character in 2002. This role got her the MTV award for best villain, in which she beat big stars like Colin Farrell and Mike Myers.

Child Horror Film Stars 19

Unfortunately, Daveigh Chase’s career has come to a bit of a standstill. She has been in many small feature films, but nothing too big. Her latest film was American Romance in 2016, which she played the character of Krissy Madison.


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