Customized Smartphone Ecosystem: How to make your iPhone More Google Friendly

The battle between Android and iPhone has been going on for as long as both of them beat out BlackBerry. The majority of the time, you find that people are either completely loyal to iPhone, or they’re completely loyal to Android. However, what happens when you have someone that wants the best of both worlds? Google happens to make many iOS apps that are just as good, if not better, than the default apps created by Apple. Just because you prefer the curved aesthetics of the iPhone, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some apps commonly found on an Android device.

iphoneIf you’ve decided to start installing Google apps onto your iPhone, it’s best that you start with the primary Google app. Not only can you search the internet and Google Maps with it, but it gives you a steady stream of news and curated information based on your previous activity. You can also install the Google Assistant app which gives a more personal approach.

Email, Contacts, and Calendar

You are capable of syncing your Gmail account with the default iOS mail client, but it might not be your cup of tea. You can install Gmail – Email by Google, or Inbox by Gmail to your iPhone which gives smart features and automation. It also lets you pick up your Gmail activity from wherever you left off on other devices. If you have an Apple email address, you can sync it to your Gmail. Simply tap the menu button, followed by your username, manage account, add account, and select iCloud from the list.

By installing the Google Calendar app, you can login and it syncs all of your important Google events to the calendar. You can also add it to your Apple calendar by going to the menu button, settings, manage accounts, and turning the iCloud setting to on.

Voice Calls and Messaging

Apple doesn’t allow you to replace Messages as the default application, but you can manually use other apps to provide the same purpose. Try installing Google Allo for SMS messaging, Google Duo – Video Calling for video calling, and Hangouts for everything. Currently, Hangouts is the option with the most features.

Google Storage

Google Drive – online backup is Google’s cloud storage space and it syncs your computer files, mobile devices, and Google cloud locker together. You can also save your Apple contacts to your account. When you have large files like video and photos, the Google Photos app backs them up easily and it even asks if you want to do a backup when you first install the app, though it does resize the files with the free version. There is a cost if you want to keep your files at their original resolution or add extra space.

Office Suite

The Microsoft Office suite remains the most recognized office apps, but Google does offer its own for iOS just like Apple does. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are available for free on the app store. They do interface with their web versions which make it easy to continuously edit regardless of where you are.

To open documents that you created in Pages, Sheets, or KeyNote, you need to export the file from its original application, choose export from the menu and select the Google formatting option to open the document in Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

Web Browsing

Safari can’t get replaced as the iOS default web browser due to Apple restrictions, but you can install Google Chrome if you prefer it. You can launch the browser manually when you want to search the web, and you can sign into it with your Google account. Once you sign in, Google should automatically carry over any stored information from your computer. Unfortunately, when you tap on hyperlinks, they do open in Safari.

Media Players

Apple Music and iTunes are two of the best things with an iPhone, but Google Play Movies and TV and Google Play Music can replace everything that iTunes does. When you install the apps, you can stream music, TV shows, download media to use it offline and watch movies. The only downfall is that you can’t buy content straight from iOS like you could if you had an Android. If you need to buy or rent something new, you need to do it on your computer first.

ios-appsNow that you’re full of the best hacks to make your iPhone as Android compatible as possible, what’s really the difference between the two? It might take an extra step here and there, but at the end of the day, you’re getting the best of both worlds from both devices. Installing a bunch of apps to make your iPhone more Google friendly is much better than jailbreaking your brand new iPhone X and voiding the warranty, don’t you think?

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