Cut Costs with these Cheap Cable Alternatives

Cable can cost a fortune. We’re talking easily $99 a month. Over the course of a year, that’s over $1,000 that you could have spent on television snacks like popcorn, Twizzlers, soda, and a cozy blanket. Talk about a waste of money. You don’t even watch half the shows on cable. If you want to watch that new episode of Sherlock, you’ve got to record it or make it to the couch by eight o’clock. And who even knows what channel Masterpiece Theater is on? Cause I don’t. Sounds like you need some cheap cable alternatives and fast.

Here are the best of the best. Just for you, they’re all under $12 a month so that you can spend money on the things that are important, like snacks.

cheap cable alternatives


Back in the day, Netflix used to be a mail-order subscription. Now it’s grown into one of the leading video streaming services.

Netflix is the classic favorite for binge-watching new original series and cult-classics. It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a Friends or Orange is the New Black fan, Netflix is the place to be. And not only does it have shows that are sure to interest you, but it’s got shows for the kids and tons of family movies too! Along with its variety in every genre, Netflix also stream its critically acclaimed originals like 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, and House of Cards.

A subscription to Netflix only costs $8.99 a month. That’s less than $110 per year. And that’s just one of these top five cheap cable alternatives.


Amazon Prime

Want some more bang for your buck? Amazon is an awesome online store with any product imaginable. Amazon Prime offers free shipping on select (but a majority) of items. It also offers free streaming of Amazon Prime Television content. There are tens of thousands of options to choose from. If you don’t like what you see, Amazon has other television and movie options for Prime members and non-members that can be rented or bought.

If you’re interested in free shipping and unlimited streaming, then sign up! Amazon Prime is only $99 a year or $10 per month. That’s saving a whole lot of cash for the things that matter.


Hulu is in leading competition with the fan-favorite, Netflix, for cheap cable alternatives. Hulu offers a similar array of television shows and movies and updates content frequently. You can find all genres of movies and shows on this platform. Moreover, all content is available for unlimited streaming as long as you have a subscription. Like Netflix, Hulu also offers its own original series. Some of the highest rated among these were The Handmaid’s Tale, Harlots, and The Mindy Project.

The big differences between Netflix and Hulu? First, Hulu only costs $7.99 a month, unless you hate commercials. For an ad-free stream, you can buy their $11.99 per month plan. A basic plan only costs a little less than $96 per year, which is an incredible value. Another major complaint about Netflix is that it takes ages to update content, but with Hulu, content is usually uploaded twenty-four hours after its premiere on cable. Well, isn’t that sweet?

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Smart Television

If you haven’t heard of these, then where are you living? Smart televisions are incredible and in terms of cheap cable alternatives, they’re a top dog. If you’ve got a regular television, you can hook up your laptop or play videogames on it, sure, but it’s not easy. Cable is pretty much a must-have for a boring television. If you’re going to watch Netflix, Hulu, or even YouTube, you’ll have to watch it on another device. With Smart Televisions, all of that has changed. These babies come with cable capabilities as well as a number of apps. You can watch Netflix or listen to iHeartRadio with the push of a button. Amazing! Also, you can browse the internet right on your television without a laptop and a fancy HDMI cable.

The cost is dependent on size and brand, but you can easily bag one for around $100. This is obviously a one-time payment, but keep in mind that these televisions don’t come with Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime subscriptions built-in. They just have the apps. Unfortunately, the subscriptions are an additional cost, but this television makes it so that you can watch content easily on the big screen.

YouTube Red

If you’re a huge YouTube fan like me, then you know that advertisements can be annoying. Unless you have an adblocker and then, well, you don’t know. If you’re a fan of some of the top YouTubers, then you can have unlimited access to their original shows as well. While you can still receive their free content online, you can also view their YouTube Red originals which are as fun and quirky as the creators. Some of the creators featured include Good Mythical Morning’s Rhett and Link, Joey Graceffa, Dan and Phil, Colin Furze, and many more.

You can enjoy YouTube Red for $10 a month or $120 per year, which is a pretty great deal for ad-free content and original series from the coolest creators around.

cheap cable alternatives
Cable television is the worst. It costs a fortune and we don’t even get our money’s worth. The news and weather can easily be watched online. All your favorite shows are sure to be on a streaming service. So, take the plunge. Cancel your cable and start saving with these cheap cable alternatives! You might even discover a few new shows you didn’t know you liked.

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