Dog Found Abandoned In The Florida Everglades

We’ve all heard of puppy dog eyes, and when it comes to those beautiful doggie eyes, there’s no denying that the dog behind them can’t hide any emotions or experiences the dog has been through. Those precious eyes can hold more sadness than we can imagine.

Neglect against animals can come in many forms and lead to a variety of health conditions and emotional problems within the animal affected by that abuse. Pups may be malnourished, beaten, left in harsh conditions, or as the case with Powder, abandoned in the Florida Everglades.

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Dog Found Abandoned 0

In February 2016, poor Powder, as he would become known, was abandoned in the for an unknown amount of time in the Florida Everglades, a problem that is becoming an increasing issue in the area. The American Bulldog was left to fend for himself in a land that is nearly inhabitable.

The environment in the Everglades is wet, humid, and thick with alligators, wading birds, and other wildlife, but is not the likeliest place for a dog to survive. Lucky for Powder, a young couple spotted him nearby some boat ramps, leading to a rescue that would take months.

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