Eric Lamarque: The Survivor Story

“After falling back into the snow, I was convinced that I wasn’t as tough as I believed” this was the statement he keeps narrating during a press. Having spent the majority of his life on ice, driven by one goal, this was a manifestation of his toughness. At an interview on the 700 club, he admitted to having a compulsion for the sport. “Once I had an enclosure for the sport it was fixated in my blood, and I knew I was going to be a professional hockey player.”


Spending two years at the minors, Eric then progressed into a pro in Europe. He featured in the 1994 Olympics in France after securing dual citizenship. Similar to all pro athletes Eric’s career ended a sporting goods company offered him a job.

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Eric succumbs to an addiction

Eric admitted that the drugs gave him a surge of energy. But on the flipside meth affected his judgment and obscured him from family. “Together with my friends were able to do what we wanted to without anyone questioning “Eric reiterated. To Eric, snowboarding was an obsession. He lived for snowboarding moments to the extent that he was willing to sacrifice his output for work.


Eric was willing to sacrifice more for his obsession. He had been snowboarding on California’s ginormous mountain. An oncoming storm forced the compelled the ski patrol to shut down the slopes. “I could see the ski patrol steering people to the left of the mountain.” Despite numerous calls from the ski patrol Eric was intent on taking one last ride. This resolve led him to commit the biggest blunder he would ever imagine.

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Eric’s biggest slip

He then charged up the mountain. Knowing the risks that he was exposing himself to Eric still decided to ride down into the fog. Once he rode down, he veraciously hit the fog. He admitted it felt more like opening the door to another world. What’s more, Eric headed into the wilderness after taking a wrong turn. He was now completely lost and was obliged to spend the night at this unbeknownst location he recollects.


“I hardly slept a wink I sat there quivering, and the shivers never ended not until I was off the mountain.” On the 2nd day, Eric had a plan that involved following his tracks back. On the material he embarked on the trek, he then heard water that drew him to it. Worn out and parched out he decided to go forward taking a sip since he had like a mile to hike.

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Eric’s baggage

As he sat down to take a sip from the river he then remembered he was in possession of his bag of meth. Eric sat there with mixed sentiments. He sat there contemplating on whether to keep following his tracks or ingest the bag of meth. He had a feeling though the idea would put him in a worse situation. At that deprecatory moment he disposed of the meth to the snow then proceeded to have the last sip.


He put his hands on one of the rocks and took the biggest gulp he could. The mantel Eric was supporting himself on gave way, and he plunged into the river. He then struggled to wade and got to the side of the river. At this juncture, Eric was struggling with two misfortunes. Not only was the environment frosty, but he was also thoroughly soaked. Comical enough Eric then proceeded to strip down and performed what he referred to as the “fire dance.” What was possibly going through Eric’s mind at this point?

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Eric surges on

Eric then proceeded to put his damp clothes on though he made little passage before nightfall. He climbed on a rock cliff before continuing to the other side to take a nap. The next morning the piercing temperatures had taken a heavy toll on him. “It just then hit me that I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. This was when he realized he was in trouble. He noticed his feet were black and purple the moment he took of his socks.


Despite this Eric still surged on heading farther away from help. He admits that he hiked further and covered almost seven miles on this day. The sky was now clear it was like God had a hand in it. Eric could now see everything. Notwithstanding he was still somewhat far from the ridge and he still had to hurdle over one gigantic mountain. Will Eric survive this adversity?

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Eric is still determined on this course

After traveling nine miles off course for three days, he was now drawing closer to the mountain. “I struggled to pull my legs out of the snow. The more I tried to pull and board myself off the snow, the more it gave more way, and my leg plunged back like a fish. At this point, Eric was surviving through sleeping in snow cages. His reserves were exhausted, and his feet felt like huge blocks of ice. Nonetheless, there was no way he was giving up.


Eric then devised a master plan that would involve sleeping after every ten steps. After every ten steps, he would rest for an hour. His body frame had given way to a skeletal type. He looked so frail raised by the fact that he had lost so much energy and mass. He had started experiencing hunger pangs as well that created some delusional feelings on him. Eric hoped that someone was aware of his disappearance. The effects were now far-reaching. Let’s hope someone comes to his rescue.

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Eric’s disappearance causes panic

Eric’s mother Susan Lamarque was getting worked up by Eric’s disappearance after her calls went unanswered. She lived five hours away in Los Angeles. She had a feeling something was terribly wrong. “I stepped outside though it was completely dark and I just screamed continuously “his mother narrated. Susan persuaded Eric’s dad and marshaled a couple of friends to report to the authorities that Eric was missing. Susan believed that the police would now devise search parties that would help in looking for her son.


Susan explained how she could hear voices of fear and panic. Filled with emotions she hoped and prayed that her son was ok. “God, please let him be alive, God, please watch over him no matter what “she uttered. The search for Eric finally commenced. In the meantime, Eric had scaled within ten steps of the ridge. He was exhausted and now needed to catch some air. All this while Eric hoped that someone would come to his rescue. This was almost turning out to be true since the search parties had embarked on his search.

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The Hunt surges on

Eric slept in a makeshift shelter that night. He slept through the sixth and the seventh night on one spot. This was approximately ten steps from over the mountain ridge. He then woke up and switched on the mp3 radio he always carried with him during his skiing expeditions. “It was at this point that I learned of a search party that was looking to rescue me. “Eric had been out in the snow for a week now.


Eric was determined to crawl with the aid of both his hands and legs since giving up was not an option at this point. “My parents are not going to bury me, hell no! He motivated himself. Despite this impulsion, something wasn’t right. Eric kept falling asleep since hypothermia was now hitting him hard. With this condition, sleep takes a serious toll on you. His mother waited in patience back in Los Angeles and kept praying for his son.

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Breakthrough in Eric’s search

Screaming on the phone, Susan was elated that there was hope in finding her son. The search party had found Eric’s trail, and they now knew where to look. “I then heard a chopper hovering over me “Eric narrates. He immediately fell on his knees. After a horrendous eight-day stay in the mountain, he had finally been found. Though nauseated and looking fail Eric was excited that he was finally getting over the downer.


Eric reiterated that the one thought that kept prevailing in his mind was going back to his loved ones. “I was going back to every relationship he valued, and I was determined to make it worth something.” He felt this was now an opportunity to restore every broken relationship. The search hunt had borne fruits their efforts were not in vain. Though Eric had successfully been rescued, he was not completely out of danger.

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Eric wasn’t completely out of danger yet

The situation had taken a serious toll on Eric’s body. He had been severely dehydrated and had lost about forty pounds. The worst news that Eric and his family had to bear was the fact that both his limbs needed amputation. “I credit these feet for taking me around the world “he narrated filled with emotions. He explained how his feet helped him achieve his worldly dreams. Eric then clung to both of his feet and wept uncontrollably.


Restoring his life back was going to be a long and steady process. He also came to terms with his drug addiction and learned he couldn’t overcome the situation alone. He turned back to God for divine strength to overcome this challenge. The experience changed Eric’s life. Going to church was now a habit for him though he had to move around using his wheelchair. Eric had finally discovered his new purpose in life.

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Eric discovers his new purpose in life

“In such conditions, the longest a human could survive is two days, I’m yet to come to terms with the fact that I lasted eight days “he explained. Eric felt there was a reason he made out alive. This was a complete transformation, and he felt he owed it all to God. Eric’s story left many people startled. It was quite surprising how he had managed those conditions without food. Indeed, it was all the working of divine power.


Eric is now a married man with two kids. He managed to recover from the drug addiction he was struggling with. He still has a passion for snowboarding. As a parting shot, he explains that from his experience you cannot question God. Moreover, he feels that if you don’t have Christ in your life yet, you are missing out. He feels that he is now alive since he turned back to Christ. Eric Lamarque story is miraculous.

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