Health Benefits of Having Pets

We all love our pets but they may be a bigger boon to your health than you could ever imagine. There are a few different ways that pets can help to improve your health greatly and that they can truly make your life better. So still not convinced? Here are a few different ways that pets are great for our health to help sway your opinion.

Health Benefits Pets 1

We Are Social Creatures

For starters, we as humans are social creatures that thrive on interaction with one another and with animals. Though you might not think it, prolonged time being alone or prolonged time without social interaction can be incredibly detrimental to health. For starters, it can affect your brain function. Lack of social interaction has been tied to depression, forgetfulness, feelings of hopelessness, and unhappiness in general. Interaction with a pet is not substitute for eventual social interaction with another human being but it is a good stand in. For those that are travelling and may feel alienated from people or that may feel that they are losing touch, a pet can help center you and can provide you with companionship and social interaction to help get you through the day.

Social interaction is also great for your pet. It has been linked to better behavior in pets, to smarter pets, and to pets that are overall happier with their situation. Having a pet is a great way to feel more comfortable with your surroundings even if you feel that you are lonely or that you are in need of a friend. Pets can help provide you with partnership that you need to feel good and to re-center your mind.

Health Benefits Pets 2

Pets Reduce Anxiety

Another way that pets are good for your health is that they can help reduce anxiety and can help you to feel better even if you suffer from diagnosed anxiety or other diagnosed clinical issues. Pets can help to reduce anxiety by offering you with a security blanket of sorts so that you not only feel better but also so that you are more comfortable and so that you have something and someone to fall back on even when things get tough.

Anxiety is something that is crippling for millions and with a pet you can help to reduce this anxiety and really start to feel better and to get better so that you are not constantly worrying about things and worrying about the issues that constantly plague you. Anxiety is something that can be managed with medication but many people prefer to use pets and other forms of therapy to help. Therapy animals can help calm panic attacks, can help to reduce overall stress, and can also help to elevate mood and make you feel better all around.

Health Benefits Pets 3

Pets Can See the Future

Ok not in so many words but they can help to predict attacks like sugar drops or spikes, stroke, epilepsy and more before the attacks actually happen. This means that they can help to keep you healthy and can help to prevent issue before they actually happen. They can also help stay with you if something happens and can help to make sure that you are not in any additional harm’s way until emergency services can be contacted and until you can be helped.

It has also been thought that pets can help to predict natural disasters like earthquakes. They have also been known to be able to predict bad weather. Pets are truly amazing and the basis of these studies is in the fact that they have heightened senses. Cats can feel electricity in the air when it is thunder storming and dogs have the ability to feel quakes before they are even big enough to detect. Pets are also great if you are older and fear being alone, if you fall frequently, or if you have other health issues that might require someone stay with you.

Pets are also fantastic in times of emergency. They have been known to alert owners of gas leaks, have been known to help owner’s out of the home in cases of fires and other emergencies, and have also been reported to help fight off attackers when their owners are threatened. Overall, pets are a wonderful way to fill your time, use your love, and to really make your life richer and more valuable.

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