The Best Selfies From the Past

We take selfies all the time. There are even phones out there that can take a selfie just by you saying, “Take a selfie.” Between Snapchat filters, duck faces, and the traditional selfie photo with friends, it’s safe to say that we are all obsessed with selfie-style portraits. Selfies have actually been popular for the past few years, in fact, some of the oldest photos are selfies! Of course, they are all taken in a mirror, but it’s still amazing to see the old selfies. Check out these historical selfies!


A Handsome Selfie

This handsome fella shown in the photo is none other than Sir Paul McCartney. With an retro camera, Paul jumped up to the mirror in what looks to be a hotel room and took a photo of himself. Whatever the reason behind this cool selfie, it is one of the most recognizable historical selfies of today. This pose is a traditional selfie pose, and you can see teenage boys of all ages taking this exact same photo in the mirror at their gym.



The Perfect Pose

We aren’t sure who this man is, but it’s clear that he wanted to take a photo of his dapper self. Dressed up in a nice suit with an awesome watch, this man is going somewhere special. This selfie is awesome because it shows some great history in the background. If you take a closer look, you can see some neat wallpaper speckling the walls. This man has the selfie photo taking down, so maybe this isn’t his first time doing it.



A Very Long Shutter

Our first woman selfie of the list is one of the coolest out there. The shutter times on cameras were very long, which basically meant you had to hold as still as possible for the photo to be clear. That’s why most people aren’t smiling in old photos. As you can see from this selfie, this woman accidentally moved while the photo was being taken. That’s why an apparition of the lens is there above her left shoulder. The person holding the camera is none other than Jacqueline Kennedy. She looks absolutely radiant.



Ultra Chic Selfie

The person holding the camera is none other than Jacqueline Kennedy. She looks absolutely radiant. The group seems to be standing in front of the mirror. In true Kennedy fashion, everyone is dressed to the nines. The selfie looks like it could have come straight out of a magazine! The trio even tried to smile for the long shutter photo, which makes the selfie all the more adorable. Now that’s what we call a fashionable selfie.


The 60 Year Old Selfie

This selfie is definitely reminiscent of an interesting time period. His name is Colin Powell, and the selfie itself is over 60 years old! Colin Powell’s face remains in the shadow, so he probably wasn’t paying attention to the lighting of the room very much. We’re guessing it was probably a spur of the moment thing. Maybe he was going to send the photo to a lover after it was developed! We just hope they don’t mind the messy bed.



A Ghost Appears

This old selfie is pretty crazy. This little girl in the selfie had a great idea to put the camera on a chair so she wouldn’t move it too much while taking the photo. The craziest part about this selfie is that there is something to the left of her! It almost looks like another littler girl who got in the picture but was moving around too much to be seen really well. Whatever it is, let’s hope it isn’t a ghost!



Perfect Focus

Getting the focus correct on old photos was pretty difficult. You had to manually set it, so if you didn’t know what you were doing with the camera then most of your photos were probably a bit blurry. This was especially true for old selfies because you couldn’t set the focus before taking the photo anyway. However, this man was clearly a camera genius! He set the focus perfectly, which created one of the best old timey selfies around.



Quick Smile

You get an awesome up close and personal look at the camera in this selfie. This selfie of Sammy Davis Jr. is perhaps one of the best historical selfies out there. Not only is it pretty clear considering the time period it was taken in, but his face makes the photo that much better! He’s clearly giving the mirror a handsome smile and his robe makes it even more awesome. A little take on the duck face.



Rocking the Turtleneck

This selfie photo of Eve Arnold hasn’t been seen by many eyes. The man is wearing a turtleneck, which goes to show the decade this photo was taken in. Eve Arnold is making a pretty cool face while taking this photo. He looks dapper as ever, and that belt buckle really does wonders for making this selfie appear cooler than ever. We just wish that we could have been in the photo with him, it is awesome!



How Do I Look?

This man is very serious while taking his selfie. He clearly wanted the best quality photo around. With the camera held so tightly between his fingers, he left no room for error. His pose just screams vintage male chic! While the camera isn’t as old as some of the other selfies, it was still a film camera. Imagine taking a photo and not being able to see it until you develop the film.



The Perfect Selfie

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage selfie, this man just may get the crown. The camera is literally larger than the man’s head! Could you imagine trying to take a photo with a camera bigger than your head? That seems impossible to us now that we have such small phones that are capable of taking selfies. If it wasn’t his special day, we can bet that he was sending this selfie to someone very special who lived a distance away.



The Selfie Stick

You’ve probably used a selfie before, but this photo is about to blow your mind. If you think the selfie stick is a new invention, just look at the selfie below. This couple is taking a photo of themselves with the camera mounted on the edge of a stick! The photo is a bit blurry since they probably had to mount the camera, start the shutter, and then move it into position. These two would do anything for a good selfie!



The Group Selfie

This squad is clearly having a grand old time. We can just picture them wanting to take a selfie with each other after a long night celebrating the bachelor party of their main man. Each of these guys is doing something completely different than the rest, but one thing is for sure, they are having a great time. This could have been their one and only selfie throughout their life, so they made sure to celebrate it!



Get in Here, George!

It appears that the camera was so big that it had to be held up by two people. This is one of the only vintage selfies that wasn’t taken in a mirror! This selfie is reminiscent of all those early 2000s selfies we all used to take. Without our iPhones and forward facing cameras, we had to hold the camera up in one hand and elongate our arm like these guys did. Is this actually real?



A Grand Celebration

The best part about this selfie is that each guy is striking a pose. Most vintage selfies are nice photos of people with serious faces or smiling, so this one is pretty refreshing. photo! One guy is holding up a gun, the other is holding a sword, and one guy looks like he is playing some sort of instrument. Whatever it is, they are must have been celebrating something. Maybe they just got finished with a grand party!?



Celebrity Photo-Op

This celebrity wanted a photo of herself. However, in the 1940s that was pretty hard to obtain. Set on taking the photos herself, this woman rigged up the camera so that she could press the shutter button from across the room. What you see is the end result. If you look closely, you can see the shutter remote in her hand. All she had to do was pose, smile, and stand still as she pressed the button on the remote.



Showing Off a Win

When you get a trophy, it’s obvious that you want to show it off. This lady took matters into her own hands and decided to create the perfect selfie. Standing against a blank wall in an empty room, the woman stands in front of a mirror, holds her trophy up high, and takes the photo of herself. Because photos were so limited back then, the photos are usually more meaningful. Do you think it’s Instagram worthy?



A Dangerous Selfie

Charles Clyde Ebbets was a photographer in the 1920s that was a fairly big risk taker. As you can see from this selfie, he liked to do very dangerous things to get awesome shots. While the photos definitely paid off, we don’t recommend anyone try this at home! He is hanging from some type of building, and takes the selfie in what can only be assumed to be a mirror being held up by someone else.



Oops He Did it Again

Just take a look at this photo below! Charles is back at it again and more dangerous than ever. In this selfie, Charles is straddling a large beam in front of an iconic city view. He kisses his camera as his hair blows in the wind from the high heights. This celebrated photographer may not have been the first person to ever take a selfie, but he certainly was one of the best by far.



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