Home Kid-Proofing Hacks That You Need to Try Right Now

Kids are explorers. Once they get on their feet, there’s no stopping them from running, hopping, and twirling. That’s the way toddlers are and that’s what makes them such little bundles of joy. But for everything that tumbles and busts a move, you know that there will be some damage in the crossfire. In the epic show-down between toddler and coffee table, it’s your job to swoop in and make sure that both parties make it out without a scratch.

Being the mediator is tiring though. It would be nice to just sit back and know that neither your coffee table or child will be harmed in the next stunt film. That’s where kid-proofing comes in. Everyone who’s had a little one knows that kid-proofing is so expensive though!

Not anymore! These toddler-proof hacks will ensure that future fights between your home and your toddler are just for fun.

Friends on sofa

Tennis Balls

This isn’t the prettiest hack, but these can save you some tears or a trip to emergency room! The corners on tables can be sharp and if baby hits his or her head on it, there’s bound to be some pain. Tennis balls are one good solution to providing a landing zone for your baby.

All you have to do is cut a slit into the tennis ball and pop it onto the corner of the table! Nothing could be easier!

Cleaning Supplies

Windex isn’t really part of a healthy diet. It’s detrimental that your little ones stay away from the cleaning supplies. So, while many parents will put them up on a higher shelf, unsure of what to do with the cabinet below the sink, there’s an even better solution. Tupperware! Just pop your cleaning supplies in some complicated Tupperware so that your children won’t be able to get them out and you’ve got a kid-proof solution to a clean home!

Plastic container


Fabric can go to war with even the most curious of toddlers. One of my favorite uses of fabric is using it to cover the stairs so that baby doesn’t wedge through the rungs. Just find some nice fabric and fasten it over one side of the staircase as securely as possible with zip ties. If you don’t trust the fabric, you can also use cardboard, but it usually comes down to how well you fasten it to staircase.

You can also use fabric to stop your toddler from seeing or touching things that you don’t want him to mess with. If your baby likes to unload DVDs or books from shelves, a covering of fabric will make him forget all about that hobby.

Hair Ties

Your cabinets and closets are never safe. Get ready for baby to go opening and rummaging through all of your storage. You have a chance at stopping the reign of terror, though. A hair tie goes a long way in securing cabinets and closet doors closed without relying on uglier and more inconvenient hacks like hangers and cookie cutters.

Organized closet

Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles are one of the most versatile hack items ever! When silted down the middle, you can slip these bad boys over hard railings, door corners, crib and table edges, and counter tops. Finally, that troublesome fireplace slate is a problem no more! With a barrier of pool noodles, your baby won’t take a tumble on the hard surface ever again. Just get those noodles out of the way before you light a fire…

pool noodles

Baby proofing is a long and tedious process, but it’s completely worth it! Your child needs a safe home environment to grow up and develop in while also having the freedom to run, play and explore. These kid-proofing hacks can keep you from breaking the bank while giving your child the freedom he or she needs to have a happy childhood!

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