A Horse Named Daisy And Her Incredible Labor And Delivery Story

Jenni Benson and her husband, Guy, witnessed a miracle as it was happening. As owners of a large horse breeding farm in South Africa for many years, this was a first for both of them. Their beautiful mare, Daisy, was going to give them a gift that they were never going to forget. You are not going to believe the events that occurred on an otherwise normal day in 2014. No one at the horse farm was prepared to handle the wild ride that was unexpectedly laid out before them.


As you read the story, keep in mind that what happened is possibly not going to be seen again for a long time! You don’t have to be a huge animal lover, let alone have any specific care for horses in order to relate to this story. In fact, this story is so simple and natural in its essence that it makes you believe that miracles do happen. Maybe you’ll even think unicorns are real at the end of this.

Prepare to be amazed by the miraculous story of a horse named Daisy.

Daisy Is The Apple Of Her Eye

Saratoga Stud is a South African horse breeding farm and company founded by Guy and Jenni Benson in 1997. The company is centered around breeding and raising sporting horses. The animals have high physical abilities and great temperaments.

Horse Named Daisy 1

Jenni loved taking care of all her horses. She was passionate in her breeding business and truly loved taking care of them and riding them. She was an amazing caretaker, and you could see that care in her gorgeous steeds. Although she adored them all, Jenni had a particular fondness for her prize mare, Daisy. She was a regal looking mare with fawn hair and a straw-colored mane and tail. It was easy to see why Jenni cherished her so much.

Daisy is the apple of Jenni’s eye. In 2004, an unexpected event sent the owner over the moon!

Daisy Is Expecting

In 2014, Jenni got a surprise of a lifetime! Her prized mare, Daisy, was expecting a foal! She was excited to say the least. This was Daisy’s first time being pregnant, so it was a bit unexpected. If the offspring was going to be anything like their mother, they were in for another award-winning horse.

Horse Named Daisy 2

Jenni made sure Daisy was kept comfortable during her pregnancy. Mare pregnancies typically average 11 months, so she knew they were in it for the long haul. Daisy looked and acted normal, so there was nothing that was suspicious to Jenni or her partner. She was just really looking forward to the foal’s birth! It was a great time for the horse, the owner, and the breeding farm.

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Daisy’s Background

Daisy was a striking horse that came from the English countryside. She had a wonderful demeanor and was a favorite of visitors once she arrived at Saratoga Stud. Her palomino coat was just as beautiful as her stunning and muscular stature.

Horse Named Daisy 3

Once she arrived, she soon became a popular horse not just for the visitors but the caretakers as well. Tending to her was easy and natural for the farm, and she was well on her way on becoming a successful show and sporting horse. Jenni knew she had acquired a very special mare, and she made sure she was always happy and comfortable. She wanted to keep her in top shape for many years to come.

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Breeding For Success

Daisy was a beautiful and popular horse. This was one of the reasons why they chose one of their highly treasured stallions, Treliver Decanter, as the horse to breed her with. The male horse was a Grand Prix Dressage Stallion, a true champion horse. If breeding was successful, the foal was going to be incredible!

Horse Named Daisy 4

When breeding horses especially for competitive purposes, breeders try to breed the mare and stallion as close as possible to certain dates. A January 1st due date if they are in the northern hemisphere, or and August 1st due date if there are in the southern hemisphere. Saratoga Stud made sure the farm conditions were just right to achieve breeding success. After the initial try, it was clear after a few weeks that a foal was on the way.

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A Week Overdue

It was January 2014 and Daisy was supposed to give birth around the New Year. The time came and went, and still no foal. She was now a week overdue, and everyone was anxious to get the labor started. Now Jenni was starting to get worried that there was possibly something wrong with the pregnancy and debated whether or not to call in a veterinarian to take a look.

Horse Named Daisy 5

Her worries were cut short, thankfully, when a stable worker noticed the horse showed signs of labor. The farm employee ran and called Guy and Jenni and let them know that Daisy is about to give birth. The couple ran over to the stable not wanting to miss this most precious time. They couldn’t believe the day they have been waiting on for months was finally here!

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Giving Birth To A Surprise

There was no time to waste. The palomino foal was coming. Jenni and Guy helped to deliver the offspring but were faced with a very big surprise. The baby was small. This surprised everyone because Daisy is a pretty big horse, about 18 hands high. She was also large during pregnancy, so the assumption was the baby is going to be a pretty good size.

Horse Named Daisy 6

Despite the colt’s stature, it was healthy and beautiful. Jenni was amazed at the sight. She quickly brushed off any anxiety she felt looking at the foal’s small frame and made sure Daisy was doing OK. She decided to set up post in the stable to keep the two horses company and safe overnight. She was just glad the mother and baby looked fine.

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Something Is Not Right

Jenni was preparing for a night in the horse stables with Daisy and the new foal. All of a sudden, she and Guy heard their dogs barking back at the house. Guy went back home to investigate, while Jenni stayed put. She noticed Daisy was suddenly not right.

Horse Named Daisy 7

Quickly coming to her side, she noticed the afterbirth starting to come out. Something was amiss, she thought, this did not look like a typical delivery. Looking at her beloved horse, she soon realized she was going back into labor! Could this be happening? Surely, she had to be wrong. Daisy was concentrating all her energy on her new foal and wasn’t positioning herself for more labor, it was a confusing time. Jenni knew the only way to be sure was to check.

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Doing A Double Check

Jenni put her gloves on and checked her horse. She could not believe what she was touching. She felt more feet in there! Daisy is pregnant with twins! She knew they had to deliver this foal fast as time was already wasted between the first labor and this one. She let her caretakers know what they were in store for.

Horse Named Daisy 8

She had a farm worker run to the house to get her husband. When they returned, it was time to get the foal out. Putting on all the necessary gear, Guy got behind the horse and started to pull the baby horse out. Jenni placed herself behind her husband in anticipation of catching the horse once the final pull came. They both didn’t know if they were delivering a horse that was alive or dead. Anxiety and concern were running high!

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A Second Surprise Is Coming

After the last pull, the foal came out. It was breathing! The filly was tiny like her brother but alive. Jenni and Guy could not believe what they were seeing. Daisy had twins, and they were both alive! The young female horse had a true fighting spirit in her. A few minutes after her birth, she slowly tried to stand so she could nurse on her mother.

Horse Named Daisy 9

This whole time was incredible for all who were present. It looked like the cremello filly was going to make it. She and her brother were two tiny miracles. Jenni prepared once again to spend the night with Daisy and her two foals. Although they looked healthy, she knew that it was a fragile time for all. She had to take care of these amazing animals herself.

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Taking Care Of The Horses

Over the period of several hours, Jenni was eager to stay by the three horses’ sides. The young female was doing well but was in a more delicate state than her brother. The young male was able to wean successfully after a short time, but his sister did not.

Horse Named Daisy 10

Jenni had to pump out colostrum from Daisy in order to feed the struggling filly. She placed the nutritious liquid in a bottle made for horses and fed her manually every two hours. She supplemented the milk this way for a full day until she was certain the young female could nurse on her mother appropriately. Daisy looked to be recovering well from her labor and deliveries and became a loving mother instantly. She was made to be a mother to these two.

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Nothing But Up From Here

After a day of bottle feeding the young filly, it looked like things were taking an upswing. Slowly, she started becoming more stable on her four legs. It was clear the intensive bottle feeding was working. Eventually, both foals managed to figure out nursing and were getting the nutrition they needed straight from Daisy. Jenni was relieved!

Horse Named Daisy 11

Once she saw the two young horses gaining more and more strength, she knew they were pretty much out of the woods. As the days passed, word spread in South Africa and the rest of the world that Daisy gave birth to two healthy twins. It was not only amazing to see it happen, but it was equally amazing just to say it!

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Horse Twins Are Extremely Rare

Horses giving birth to twins does not happen very often. In fact, it is rare for a mare to give birth to both of them alive. Usually, when a female is known to be pregnant with two foals, spontaneous abortion of one of the animals is almost evident.

Horse Named Daisy 12

Unfortunately, over 80% of these types of pregnancies result in one horse being delivered alive and the other dead. Complications can also occur for the mother. The situation remains dangerous even after delivery. Often, mares suffer from trauma, infections, and fertility issues after giving birth to two horses back to back. There is also the heightened threat that both foals, if they are delivered alive, are not going to make it past a few weeks of life. So, for Daisy to give birth to a boy and girl twins, one can only describe it as a true miracle!

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Even though the twin horses were doing well, Jenni was still hesitant to let them out of their stables for the first time. She did not want them to catch an illness or hurt themselves with their new-found freedom. In addition, Jenni had a fear that Daisy may leave her babies if they were outside of familiar territory.

Horse Named Daisy 13

It was now January 2015 and the young horses were physically strong enough to head outside. After a lot of pondering, Jenni decided it has to be now or never. She led Daisy and her offspring to the large meadow just outside their stables and let them go. With baited breath, she watched them closely. What is Daisy going to do?

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A Mother’s Love

As Jenni watched the mother with her foals, she breathed a sigh of relief. Daisy made sure her two twins stayed close to her and doted on their every move. The first outing was a success! The horses looked like they enjoyed smelling the grass and flowers for the first time and breathing in the fresh South African air.

Horse Named Daisy 14

Daisy led the way and let the two horses play and frolic with each other. It was so great to see the horses not only thriving but enjoying life as well! The horses looked far from the two weak newborns that came into the world several months ago. They were well on their way to becoming the sporting horses they were always meant to be. Jenni could do nothing, but beam with pride.

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Two Strong Ponies

Duet and Don Quixote cannot get enough of the outdoors now that they have had their first taste of it! Their sibling relationship is blossoming as well. When they are outside, it is almost certain that those two are together. Jenni recently went on her Facebook page to let the public know they are enjoying each other’s company and spend most of the day grazing the farm together.

Horse Named Daisy 15

When they were born, Duet was the smaller of the two twins. Although they have both put on weight, the filly is still significantly smaller. This is to be expected. Jenni also put on her social media post that while she is increasing in weight, Duet is a smaller horse by nature. She is very impressed by their steady growth, and they both love to gallop around the property as soon as they are let out in the morning.

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Growing Up In Happiness

Don Quixote and Duet have grown so much since they were born on the farm. It has now been a year since they had their first trip outside and not only has their physical appearance changed, but their demeanor has too. Jenni has taken note at their behavior.

Horse Named Daisy 16

She has told media outlets that she can’t believe how mature the two young horses have become. They are completely different than when they were first let out of their pens months ago. From the looks of them, you can’t even tell that they were born so frail and had trouble thriving. Daisy is just as loving as she was from day one. A mother’s love can be seen in all animals!

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Not Up For Sale

Jenni and her Saratoga Stud farm have found fame with the birth of the two twins. Typically, when horses are born on the farm, there is the option to put them up for sale. Many people were reaching out to her and the ranch to see if that was a possibility for the two stunning steeds.

Horse Named Daisy 17

Jenni did not even have to think twice about it! She was definitely not going to be putting up her two precious ponies for sale. The offers for them both were quite large, but there was no swaying her or her husband. Those horses were hers, and she was proud of how the horses have grown so strong and resilient. To give them away is foolish. In addition, she could not bear to separate the young horses from their mother.

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A Life Of Bliss

Daisy, Don Quixote, and Duet have now found their place together on the farm. They now spend all day outside and won’t allow themselves to be separated. They are instant best friends! When they are with their mother, they do go back and forth only for a quick nurse or nuzzle.

Horse Named Daisy 19

Jenni has said they are still very happy and joyous, exactly what she wanted to see from their first days. They love human interaction and have really grown great temperament. The twins even love meeting the newest foals of the farm while Daisy watches from afar. The three have grown into a beautiful family. You can see in Jenni’s actions and words that they are her two little miracles. She can’t wait to see them grow into their full potential.

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