How to Grow a Garden in the City?

Making a garden in the city is not impossible. Even though you live in a highly urbanized place, you can still have a beautiful and refreshing garden in many different parts of your yard or house as a whole. Since there are no enough land space in the city, there are many things that you can do in order to create one not only for you but also for your nearby neighbors. As you all know, in this kind of place, it is hotter than rural areas because it lacks trees, or plants that will block growing heat. As a result, you will encounter similar experience with those people who dwell in the latter place which is refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing, and enjoying.

Urban Gardening

In creating such a garden, you may or may not adopt typical gardening procedures and materials as there is a difference in your environment. Nonetheless, a garden in a modernized area adds extraordinary appeal, especially to people who have been away from their provinces. Moreover, you will be able to maintain a more vibrant home environment due to the fresh released of oxygen from your garden’s plants.

Most of the problem of the city dwellers like you is space which can give you many predicaments. Meaning to say, it is not easy, but it can transpire into reality anytime and off course anywhere. Urban garden or city garden has specific or small space which can have different forms depending on the site that you have. Is there a rooftop, small space of ground, or a patio? If so, you could be able to make a raised bed installation where it is above the ground which could be the best and the most ideal decision that you could make when you have a concrete slab. As a matter of fact, it is the perfect spot because your plants will be exposed to sun at all times which is needed on their overall health.

Vegetable Garden

When a front porch is accessible, you can plant any kinds of flower, tomato, strawberry, salad green, etc. in durable hanging baskets. If you have windows that are south facing, boxes are a great choice especially in making green extensions in your residential house. This can relieve all the pains that you could experience in the near future. And one thing is for sure when you wake up in the morning, you will be inspired with the plants that are fluttering in the breeze. This is the most usual design garden center that can be done around containers which is available in all types of sizes and shapes which is conducive to versatility.

The places that can be put with a container are rooftop and balcony which will be responsible on producing fresh air while you are in an urban area. Since containers with plants are portable or moveable, you can put them outside of your house depending on the weather. When the season is very hot, you can plant more cool crops that will reduce the extreme temperature and when the weather is cold, you can put warm seedlings within your house. So, instead of using air conditioner and other appliances, you can make indoor garden as an alternative. As a matter of fact, you will have lower your electric bills greatly.

If you do not have outdoor access which means you do not have enough exterior space, you can put many containers on the south facing windows. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that all of those have saucers underneath in order to catch the water and this is also important to indoor plants. In this way, you will be able to maintain the refreshing atmosphere of your house in its inside part.

Plant Box

If all of your windows do not receive enough amount of energy from the sun, find another place so that all of your plants such as flowers, vegetables, etc. will grow as possible. Furthermore, it should have enough air circulation to reduce the risks of acquiring a particular disease that will definitely affect other plants available inside and outside of your house.

When you want to plant in big space of land, you can look around in the city whether it has a community garden or not. In this way, you can expand the space for your vegetables and other plants and you can likewise have a good rapport with your fellow gardeners. If you are so bored, you can do this every day because it can let you have a happy and productive life instead of sitting on a couch, and watching television the whole day. So, making a garden is possible in the city, you just have to believe that you can!

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