How to Improve Your Productivity at Work with Ten Easy to Follow Hacks

When you don’t have a successful work-to-life balance, every day seems like a Monday with a nearly endless supply of caffeine. Professionals such as yourself might find it challenging to complete everything you need to get done, and you can end up feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day. Wasting time, especially at your job, is frowned upon, but what are you supposed to do when time seems to just disappear without your knowledge? Try using these ten tips to help you take back your time while improving your work productivity.

boost-your-productivityComplete the Worst Tasks First

There should be plenty of times where you have a task that you just don’t want to complete for a variety of reasons. If you put it off, you’re lowering your productivity by continuously stressing about this dreaded project that needs to get finished. The faster you get it done, the sooner it’s out of your hair for good.

Be Mindful of Time

Obsessing over how you’re using the time you have could end up costing you more of it. The best idea is to use spreadsheets or other apps to help track your tasks, and how long it takes to complete them. The software lets you know where you’ve spent too much time, and gives you a good idea of how you can restructure your time strategically by being objective.

Use a Notebook

You might get used to using your smartphone or tablet to access your calendar and make notes, but the battery on them dies quickly, and portable charging can be a hassle. Consider purchasing a notebook that suits your personality, and you can make notes, jot down inspiration, and leave yourself reminders. It doesn’t take that long to flip a page and take out a pen.

Meal Preparation

Surprisingly, meal preparation doesn’t only help you towards a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also a time saver. If you take time out of each of your Sundays to plan what you’re going to have for the week, you’re saving yourself the time. It’s possible that you lose up to two hours a week just deciding on what to eat for lunch, so why not prepare your meal to eat healthier, save time, and save money?

The 90 Minute Power Nap

Studies show that taking a 20-minute nap makes your brain more alert throughout the day, but it doesn’t do anything for creativity and focus. To reach REM sleep, you need to nap soundly for at least 60 to 90 minutes. If it’s possible, you should lounge back for a 90-minute nap to boost your productivity instead of reaching for a mug of coffee.


There are studies done at Universities around the world that show the best way to capitalize on productivity is to follow the BRAC method. Basic-Rest-Activity-Cycle is a theory that suggests you pair the same amount of rest with activity to optimize your productivity and limit the possibility of fatigue. IE: Nap 90 minutes, work 90 minutes.

Enjoy Your Work

You don’t need to be head over heels in love with your job every minute out of every day. There are going to be many times where you get frustrated, and just need a break. However, the positive influence that liking your job has on productivity is excellent. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re less likely to procrastinate and waste time with mindless distractions.

Book Meetings on Specific Days

All depending on the role you play at your company, attending a meeting might be obligatory. However, some are unnecessary and take up time when they can get replaced with emails, shorter meetings, or even phone calls. If you come across instances where the topic of the meeting can’t get resolved with other methods, consider leaving two 30 minute windows open. The two timeslots can get used to discuss the week’s issues and concerns.

Go Easy on Your Eyes

Eyestrain is a serious issue and commonly found in the office workplace. It can dramatically affect your productivity by causing you to experience headaches and even chronic back pain. There is a method that you can follow to prevent it from happening, and it’s called 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes, try looking 20 feet away from your computer screen for at least 20 seconds.

Tackle Two-Minute Tasks

Studies suggest that the two-minute rule boosts productivity and self-esteem. There are a lot of tasks that take much longer than two minutes, but when you allow yourself an allotted amount of time to complete all of your two-minute jobs, the sense of accomplishment is highly motivating. Even if you reward yourself with a break after finishing the two-minute projects, you should feel good having completed the work.

productivityLiving your life ruled by the clocked is almost as stressful as watching the seconds go by on one. When using the above hacks, you can boost your productivity levels, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and take charge of your time. Soon enough, everyone in the office is going to notice your workplace performance.

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