Inappropriate Test Answers Are Too Cool For School

As an adult, I sometimes like to reflect on my past school days. There are things that I miss dearly about attending school such as the social aspect, the sports, extracurricular activities, and even a few of my teachers. However, one thing I certainly do NOT miss is, the tests. Then again, who would?


I will never miss the long nights and many hours spent cramming for an upcoming exam or the sleepless nights spent stressing over the fact that the teacher hadn’t passed back our marks yet. I wonder what went through the teachers minds when they saw these kid’s answers.

Some of these answers are pure comedy gold, just Click ‘Start Slideshow’ to see just how funny.


We all have goals in life, they are what keep us focused and grounded. Some people love to make lists for the week, month, and sometimes for the year. I personally love it when I can make a list and then start ticking them off as I complete them, it is such an amazing feeling.


This kid though, has mixed things up, a few short-term goals and then a long term goal. I’m not sure the mixture really shows the maturity level to match the final goal but who knows, I have never been one to underestimate the determined. I wonder if the first two has been ticked off or not.


Have you ever sat in an exam and read the question over and over trying to figure out what exactly the teacher is asking, and then how the heck are you supposed to answer? It has happened more than once on occasion for me. Clearly this kid had the problem, I will not blame the child, I will in turn blame the teacher for not clarifying the question a little better.


Maybe this kid is better at English than math, at least he/she was able to practice his/her writing skills. Although this does make me laugh, the endless use of ‘or’, I do kind of wonder was the kid being funny or did he/she think that writing ‘or’ in every slow would be correct.

Truth be Told

There were many days spent staring up at the clock in class where it literally felt as if the hands were not moving and we were going to be there for the rest of our lives. I believe this student felt the exact same way as I had felt all those years ago.  I’m curious to know how the teacher felt after reading that, creative criticism anyone?


I for one would not like to spend my last hour, or eternity for that matter in a classroom. At least he/she selected ‘Fair’ instead of ‘Poor’, that may not have gone over very well.


In those first stages of learning, it is fun to watch children as they discover all the new things that they can do on a daily basis. Yes, these times can be very taxing on the parents as I’m sure there were a few stressful moments when their kid lept off the couch yelling ‘I CAN FLY’.


I’ve been witness to these foolish declarations, luckily fast reflex and lots of padding on the floor saved numerous lives. This kid however, takes the cake with his declaration of ‘I CAN P!’ In my opinion, I think he was pretty smart in showing that he wasn’t just going anywhere, but actually took the time to draw the urinal.

Be creative!

I love to draw, it has always been a big pastime of mine, you can create such amazing things with just a pencil and a piece of paper. When I was younger my friends and I would doodle this big scribble on a page and then pass it back to each other to then try and create something awesome from that random scrawl.


Sometimes what we created was mind blowing, and I can see that this kid has a great imagination. Not sure if it was what the teacher was looking for, but it’s pretty awesome in my opinion.

Silence of the Lambs Makes a Comeback!

If you’re into creepy movies that just make you cringe, then Silence of the Lambs is definitely one that you should be watching. Hannibal Lector was quite the disturbed character, and his love for brains was not exactly that appetizing, however I guess this kid disagrees?


Not sure if that is red flag worthy just yet but his friends and family may want to keep a close eye on him in the future. I hope the teacher wasn’t too creeped out, and I truly hope that the kid meant the cantaloupe is delicious and not the brain. Reincarnation? I hope not.

One Word Descriptions.

Have you ever played Taboo? That guessing game where you are need to describe a word without using the key words and your team has to guess what you are describing? Well, it can be extremely frustrating but yet very fun. This kid clearly had one very descriptive word to describe school – Hell.


I’m not sure if I would go as far as that, but then again, we don’t really know the circumstances of the situation. Either way, it is a little funny to say the least. I hope he/she still got marks for answering the question, whether or not the teacher liked his choice of word.

I am, whatever you say I am!

Now, those words take me back to year 2000 when Eminem released The Marshall Mathers LP. There were many years spent blasting his music and rapping along with music. Although Eminem’s lyrics stated ‘I am, whatever you say I am’, this kid is saying the opposite, he is saying that he is ‘whatever he says he is’ which is, a fox.


Hey kid, if you want to be a fox, be a fox! As you have stated, foxes are clever, however being sly isn’t exactly a quality trait to be proud of. What I would like to know is how did the snake come into play and why does he have cookies?

Not the Right Letter Kid

I remember when school was so simple, just put a letter in the blank and there you have it, an actual word! I especially loved it when there were pictures attached, then there was no guessing if someone meant book, nook, cook, took, or look. Truly though, sometimes you had to take a risk!


I must applaud this teacher, even though the poor child clearly wrote the incorrect letter in the blank, the teacher wrote the appropriate response and still gave the kid marks. Careful though, we do NOT need anymore self-entitled children who can do no wrong in this world.

I Love Books

Just a few years ago, the book trilogy ‘The Hunger Games’ was all the hype, everyone was talking about it and stores were trying to keep up with the demand. Due to such popularity, the books were then adapted to film where they actually turned out pretty great.


Although, any normal person would understand that the concept of the books was not realistic and that there should never be anything such as ‘The Hunger Games’, we can see that this kid clearly disagrees and thinks that it is the best solution to overpopulation. I like the creative answer kid, although it is a solution, it is not the BEST solution.

Right and Wrong

Sometimes in life we can be completely right in an answer, and then blow it up by just adding a few extra words that should never have been uttered, therefor resulting in the foot in mouth syndrome. This child however, put those words on paper. He/she was on a roll, the correct answer was written down, then they just had to go and add a mean little comment on the end.


If I was the teacher I would have docked marks, funny? Maybe, mean? Yes. I’m just glad that this was just a test and not a real life scenario. Careful kid, words can hurt!

Drink Please!

There is nothing more relaxing after a long day than to come home, pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and just relax. However, if you start to make it too much of a habit, your children may just pick up on it and then you have the teacher contacting you.


I’m not sure how the teacher reacted to this child’s response to what his or her mother should do less of, I’m thinking maybe a little laugh, however I’m sure that mother received a phone call at some point. At least the kind made the picture colorful, so hopefully it’s not that bad of a situation.

Just deal with it

Oh the truths that can come from the mouths of babes. This has to be one of the most straight forward and hilarious answers so far. What do you do when you fall down? Get up and deal with it! Ha! This made me laugh out loud so hard even though it was something so simple it is so true.


Now don’t get me wrong, if you fall and seriously hurt yourself. Cry. Call for help. Do whatever needs to be done. But if it is not serious, and you just want attention, the suck it up, brush yourself off and deal with it yourself. No need for unnecessary drama people.

Don’t ‘Fale’ me

Ok, so sometimes you don’t study for a test, instead you go out with your friends, watch a movie, or maybe just have a nap instead. In doing so, you are only making our life harder, and of course there are times that your teacher surprises you with a pop quiz. Those days, I wanted to go home sick.


However, if you are not prepared, you still need to try your hardest, and I know we are all guilty of leaving little notes on our tests for the teachers. But kids, if you are writing to ask them not to fail you, at least make sure that you spell it correctly.

Smartie pants

Ok ok, sometimes we all like to be a little smart and say something so obvious in order to either make someone laugh or to be mean. However, I do not exactly think that this teacher was referring to the previous year ending when he/she asked what ended in 1896.


I believe the reference was to the Jameson Raid ending, which was part of the Boer War. I always found History quite interesting, however if you didn’t pay attention in class. I can understand why someone would get this wrong. Try to at least be a little more creative next time.

Draw Me A Picture

Earlier I had a few words to say about the fact that teachers need to be specific about what and how they ask a student to do or draw. Then again, if a kid doesn’t know, then they just don’t know. This kid at least tried. From the topic of the question I would assume that this is a science class and I think the student decided to take a creative approach to the question.


I mean, if you think about it, the drawing is a true representation of the question? Maybe less of the science side and more of the art side? Points for creativity should be awarded.

How High Can You Go?

As someone who loves to sing and comes from a very musical family, I can appreciate the different vocal ranges of individuals. Some are able to hit those deep bass notes that send vibrations through your body. Others can hit notes that can shatter glass, for example – Mariah Carey.


The notes that woman can hit will make your toes curl and your hair stand on its end. I can understand completely why this answer was given, because honestly, unless you are inhuman, I can’t see you hitting a note higher than Ms. Carey. Kudos kid, I hope you got full marks for that answer!

Oh, my Goat

Kids – they can say the darndest things. Some of which can be so appalling that you have to grab your child and walk away from public interaction. My friend’s children are like this, you never know what is going to pop out of their mouth at any given time, so you are always on high alert.


This case however, was put into writing. I am not sure how the teacher reacted, but I would not have been able to without a giant burst of belly laugher. As innocent as the child’s intentions, you can’t help but to laugh at this one. Maybe teach the children to space out their words better.

Go fast or go slow

Go ahead people and just have a little chuckle at this next picture. This is a prime example as to how things can get a little tricky on tests. I must say kudos should be given to this kid for knowing that California and New Jersey are both states and how do describe the ‘movement’ in each.


If only the teacher had said ‘refer to the pictures above’. Poor kid, the answers were right here in front of him/her. I know technically the answers are incorrect, but couldn’t there be bonus points given or something? I probably wouldn’t have even thought of that.

Simple, do the Math

Saucy. Kids, they can truly be the definition of saucy, even when they don’t try to be. I makes me laugh so hard when a child says something sarcastic or saucy and it’s so bad or rude that all you can do is laugh out loud. Well this is a prime example that sends me into fits.


I understand what the teacher wants, he/she would like to see the workings – next time, state that! Or else you end up getting comments like this child provided, in which I don’t think he/she should be docked any marks because technically it is correct.


If you have your license, you know that driving at night can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you have others being disrespectful on the road. This answer pretty much sums up my exact feelings to those who leave their high beams/bright beams on even when there is traffic coming towards them.


I think that car companies should start installing sensors that force the high/bright beams to turn off when another vehicle is sensed. This would save a whole lot of swearing and road rage if you ask me! I hope this was a bonus question on at test at school and not on a written driving exam.


As kids we sometimes don’t understand the cost of living. We assume all is good in the world and we trust that we will always have heat, lights, and of course internet. In some families, the bills are made known and the kids are responsible for doing their part to help run the house hold.


I know in my family we had chores to do and once we were old enough to get some form of job, then we did, and we bought the ‘extras’ we wanted. This kid is clearly aware that he lives for free and don’t mind stating it either.

We shouldn’t Put People in Groups

In life we meet all sorts of people, different ethicizes, religions, cultures, you name it. What we sometimes do not realize is that we automatically group certain people together, whether we mean to or not. Good intentions, bad intentions, regardless, we still do it.


I find it hilarious how this person answered their science question with such a simple yet strong word, and really there is a lot of truth to his/her answer. It really makes you think, though I believe the teacher was looking for the word ‘Taxonomy’ which is the science of classifying living things.

Seriously? Is there even a choice?

Well, if your day needs a little brightening or better yet, a good chuckle, then check out the answer this kid gives his teacher. Yes, it was saucy, but really is there even a choice? I don’t know about you but I agree with the kid. There is no choice between a Seahorse and a Barnacle, come on, who would choose a barnacle?


Regardless of the fact that this kid was very blunt and may have answered this question a little more politely, he/she certainly has a good point don’t you think? Seahorses are seriously beautiful and exotic creatures.

Make it Rain!

This kid has goals. I must admit this is a very interesting question to put on a test and really can make someone think. If given the word ‘Fortune’ I don’t think I would have came up with something so creative and hilarious as this kid. We have all heard the phrase ‘Make it Rain’, and the kid is correct, it usually applies to money which makes this even more funny.


Especially when the kid draws a picture of money floating in the sky. I wouldn’t mind ‘making it rain’ if I could start grabbing the money and stuff it in my pockets.

Be Safe

Prom; this is the night that all the senior students look forward to. King and Queen, dancing, and of course, the plan to hook up. You see these things in any typical high school movie, which leads me to thinking that either this kid saw one of those movies, or kids are learning all kinds of stuff at an early age.


I must give the kid a slow clap though for making sure to remind that senior to wear a condom before getting down and dirty. The pretty green flower adds a touch to the letter that makes it much more effective in my opinion.

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