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Chopsticks are being used as a tool in eating especially in China and Japan. However, there are other people in these countries who cannot utilize them properly. If in case, you have the same culture and want to know how to do it, there are steps that you can have a deep understanding and if you have different culture or beliefs, the following steps can likewise help you.



  • First, pick up any kinds of chopstick and put it between your thumb base and middle finger. In this step, you need to have a firm grip by stiffening your hand which is similar on using a pen but this is a little bit lower. Lay the broad end of chopsticks on your hand’s crook where your finger and thumb connect and rest its narrow end between your thumb base and your index finger side.
  • The second chopstick should be gripped by your thumb and index finger. This is the one that moves when you start eating. Also, you need to place your thumb on this chopstick side so that it will rest above the first. For a comfortable position, you can adjust how you grip it. Furthermore, when the two chopsticks cross, it cannot pinch your food. Avoiding this, you have to make sure that the chopsticks narrow end should be even.  
  • Do frequent chopsticks opening and closing. In doing this, avoid the chopsticks broad ends to look like an X image because it cannot pinch your food. In order for you to master using chopsticks you can make a frequent practice which you will be prepared when your partner asks you to go in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.
  • Start picking your food. The easiest way that you can do is 45°. When you feel unstable doing this step, put the food down and do it again until you will feel the ease. Perhaps, you can practice it to noodles.


  • Be aware with the rules in sharing food. In some Asian cultures, it is not good when you use your chopsticks that have been in your mouth, you need to utilize another pair and you can use the other side of your own.
  • Know the things to do when you and your friends do not start eating yet. The rules in using chopstick does not end when you begin eating but also it has general rules that you need to follow. First, never stick it upright in the food because it looks like an incense. Second, avoid spearing your food with the chopsticks ends because it is impolite. Third, never pass the food in a chopstick to chopstick manner. Next, do not cross it. If you are already done, put it on the left side of your dish. And lastly, do not point it to other people because it is a sign of disrespect. Aside from these, there are other rules. But these are the basic ones that can help you meeting with foreign people.
  • You need to dig in when you eat rice. It is very acceptable when you lift your bowl with rice towards your mouth and start eating it. You will experience a lot of difficulties when you eat without lifting the bowl. In Japan, it has stricter rules about it but when you are in Vietnam, China, and other countries you are free.

Using Chopsticks

Tips on using chopsticks

Using this tool in eating might look like very easy, but in reality it is a little bit complicated when you are a first timer. In holding it, you have to make it parallel in order for you to scoop rice and other kinds of food. Likewise, you can pinch larger food pieces.

  • You will be seen as either unlearned or refined cultured when you use chopsticks. In order for you to avoid to appeal unlearned, you need to hold it on its end. Also, it is better that your hands are farther away from a specific food. In addition, never stab what you eat because it is very rude and it is an insult to the one who prepares it.
  • If you will practice using it, you can utilize sliced and floppy foods such as sliced cheeses and cold cuts which can let you discover how much pressure you are going to apply and how you can keep the tool lined up.
  • In using it, you will ascertain whether you know it or not when you feel comfortable picking up your food. Moreover, when you are able to bring a piece of food into your mouth successfully.

Using chopstick is simple as seen, but difficult to make. If you want to really learn something you will follow the steps given. And the most important thing that you need to do is continuous or frequent practice so that at the end of the day you can use it effectively and efficiently.

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