Does Knowing Many Languages Actually Make You Smarter?

Everyone wants to be smarter, be it to be better at one subject or other or just to have more general knowledge. That being said, there are some ways that you can learn to help you not only acquire new skills, but also to help boost your overall knowledge. So how can you gain more knowledge? Turns out learning a new language or two can do more than just make you appear smarter, it can actually help increase your knowledge overall.


Practicality of Multiple Languages

The first reason you might want to learn a new language is of course that it is highly beneficial and highly practical. We live in a world where people do not speak the same language. There are literally hundreds of languages around the globe and though knowing all of them is impossible, knowing more than one does put you at a distinct advantage. Being bilingual or even trilingual can help you in your job, in getting a new job, or in communicating with people that you interact with in your daily life.

On top of that, knowing more than one language puts you at a distinct advantage above your competition and can help you to really flourish. Many countries, though their official language might be one thing or other, have residents that know more than one language or that have immigrated from another country and therefore may not speak the official language as their native tongue. Knowing more than one language can help you relate to more people and enrich your social and your professional life.

Knowing more than one language is a great way to prepare yourself for a world that is constantly changing. There are now more people that are bilingual than ever before and more people that know and use more than one language in their daily life. Knowing more than one language opens up a world of opportunities to those that take the time to learn them and can help you to become a smarter and better rounded individual that can relate to more people than you would if you only spoke one language your entire life. On top of that, learning a new language is now easier than ever before with more technology to help you learn and more apps and websites to help make learning fun so that you can quickly and efficiently learn a new language without becoming bored.

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How Does Knowing More Languages Make You Smarter?

The first obvious benefit is that knowing more than one language challenges the brain and the learner to solve problems and to start to comprehend things that they may not understand to begin with. On top of that, it allows for cognitive growth and for advanced problem solving that may not be present otherwise. When it comes to actually learning the language itself, the learner is forced to find a way to wrap their minds around the different way of speaking so that they can begin to really learn the language and use it fluently.

The process of learning a new language is one that makes you use your entire brain and makes you find out what the best way for your brain to learn truly is. On top of that, learning a new language helps you to really start to use your brain for more than one thing and challenges you to learn the ways of another country.

Still another benefit is that when the learner has actually acquired the new language, their brain is forced to learn how to block out one language while they use the other. This may be a bit difficult to understand at first, but actually, it means that even though you are speaking one language, the knowledge of the other language is still present in the mind and the brain is forced to resolve the conflict between the two languages. This means that the brain is forced to adapt and resolve internal conflict which helps to overall strengthen cognitive muscles.

It has also been found that knowing more than one language helps learners to solve certain types of puzzles that require focus and the engaging of different parts of the brain better than those that know only one language. In a study conducted children that knew more than one language and those that only knew one were asked to sort shapes based on shape and color. The children were asked to first sort by color then by shape into bins marked red circle and blue square. When they were asked to sort by shape rather than color, it required them to place the shapes into bins that were marked with the wrong color. It was found that those bilingual children were able to complete this portion of the puzzle easier than single language children.

It is also thought that knowing more than one language helps improve the brains executive function. So what is executive function? This means the command that helps the brain direct attention processes to one task or problem. This means that knowing more than one language might help you to block out distractions and focus on those simple interactions and problems that we have and better solve them.


So Should You Learn Another Language?

Odds are you are not going to go out and learn three new languages in a week. A better approach to using this research is to take the time to find an app or a website that allows you to work at your own pace to learn simple elements of a new language then progress as your own skills improve. Even learning a few fragments here and there can be beneficial and can help you to learn and improve overall brain function.

Learning more than one language, even if you take baby steps and learn a little here and there can help you to improve overall brain function and can help you to not only be smarter, but feel smarter. There are tons of great apps and websites out there that allow you to learn at your own pace wherever you might be so that you can truly learn a new language and make the most out of the process as a whole.

Just the process of learning a new language alone, not even actually using it, is enough to help you to start to really change the way you think and to help change the way that your brain works. The learning process is just part of the expanding of your brain and can help you to get better knowledge and to really change the way you think. Starting to learn a new language is a great way to expand your mind and if you do have children it is also a great way to get your kids started learning this valuable skill early to help them prepare for a world that is full of people that speak different languages and that are culturally diverse.

In conclusion, knowing more than one language, even if you do not use them all the time, is a great way to expand your mind and to really help improve your overall brain function for a better, more comprehensive, and more problem focused brain. Knowing more than one language can certainly help you to improve your overall smarts and can help make you a better rounded human being as well that knows more and can relate to more people.

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