The Lack of Scientific Evidence behind Cell Phones Being a Cause of Cancer

For years now, people and organizations have put weight behind a theory that says cell phone use causes cancer. In mid-December 2017, California’s Department of Public Health released a guideline on how to lower the exposure to cell phone’s radio frequency energy. However, despite this guidance, there has been no reliable proof that the energy generated from cell phones causes cancer.

carcinogensThe guide that was released is an updated version of the unofficial guide that the department was required to issue after being sued by a Berkeley researcher. While the release does state that more scientific research needs to get completed, it still produces concern in some cell phone users across the world.

Difficulties of Studying the Effects

It’s virtually impossible to conduct a solid, scientific study that gives clear results on the effects of cell phones and cancer. Unlike with developing medications, you can’t introduce them in the same way. You’re not likely to find a group of people who aren’t already familiar with cell phones, or already using them in their day-to-day lives. With new medications, researchers can test the side effects and results with placebo pills and actual pills.

Cell phones, on the other hand, can’t be tested as easily. You can monitor a study between people who use a cell phone more than others, but many other factors come into play such as genealogy. There is also an imposed moral risk with conducting the studies should the results reveal that radio frequency energy does result in cancer.

“Possibly Carcinogenic” Doesn’t Mean What You Think

All of the studies that have been conducted on human health, cancer, and cell phones, have been inconclusive. That or they’ve found nothing but weak links that had simple explanations. Regardless, these studies have prompted the International Agency for Research on Cancer to label cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic.” Carcinogens are agents that cause cancer.

To those who aren’t familiar with the agency’s terminology, you might get swayed into believing that substantial scientific evidence has been produced, and the organization believes that cell phones create a health risk. That isn’t the case. When the International Agency for Research on Cancer labels something as “possibly carcinogenic,” it means there are questions as to whether it causes cancer in the first place.

There are many agencies out there whose sole purpose is to find the scientific proof behind the elements that cause cancer, but International Agency for Research on Cancer isn’t one of them. Their job is to list all of the agents that are possible carcinogens, carcinogens, or not carcinogens at all. Cell phones and coffee are both listed as potential carcinogens.

Skinny Jeans Pose a Bigger Risk than Cell Phones

At the end of all of the discussion, the fact remains that if cell phones were a cause of cancer, the amount of cancer diagnosis and tumors would have skyrocketed. Currently, there are over five billion cell phone contracts in the world, but despite these numbers, the percentage of cancer patients has remained the same.

Studies suggest that cell phones emit a non-ionized form of energy, so it doesn’t negatively impact DNA. In fact, the only thing that cell phones seem to do is heat an area of your body that is so small; it would do no damage. Studies have also suggested that men who wear skinny jeans or constricting underwear could be affecting their ability to procreate more than what cell phone use could.

cell-phonesEven though there is no scientific proof that the technology inside of cell phones can damage your health, there is still one primary concern that you need to consider. Distracted driving is a significant issue that poses a bigger risk than cancer or infertility caused by cell phones. Thousands of people die every year because of distracted driving. You’ll be good if you’re talking on your phone all day long or even have it taped to your face. However, just make sure that you’re turning it off once you get into the car, or aren’t texting anyone when you know they’re driving.

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