When This Man Risked His Life to save a Stranger He Got More than He Bargained For

Christopher Dempsey is a man who lives by his honor and integrity. So, when he went to work one winter morning, it wasn’t a shock to see him spring into action when it came to helping a coworker in need. There was no hesitation to do more than most of us could even imagine doing.

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When Christopher offered to donate his liver to a woman he never met, most knew there was no talking him out of such a risky situation. He knew he couldn’t sit back and watch his colleague’s family suffer. When he became a live donor, Christopher thought there was a chance he could save her life by his one action. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he was going to get so much back in return.

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Living a Normal Life

Christopher Dempsey was a man who led an ordinary life in the suburbs of Illinois. He usually never did anything out of the ordinary. So, when he went to work one January morning he didn’t think his life was going to change within a few hours.

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After a busy morning, Christopher was looking forward to his lunch break. He grabbed his food and sat down in his usual spot. As he was eating, he couldn’t help but listen in to a coworker who was talking rather loudly about his cousin. The woman was on the brink of death and in desperate need of a liver transplant. The family didn’t know what to do or where to turn to. They have done everything they could think of to help her. Christopher was heartbroken to hear of their plight.

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Ready to Go

Christopher knew he had to do something. Before this job, he was in the Marine Corps and was taught not to run away from any situation. He used this as fuel to reach out to his colleague. He went up to him and said he wants to help. The other man couldn’t believe what he heard. After a private conversation, the gentlemen decided to see if Christopher was a match.

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In order to be a good match, the donor has to be in good health.  The liver must be a good fit also. Christopher knew he was a healthy man, so he hoped he could a perfect match for the sick woman. He got tested at a local university. The woman who needed the donation was just 25-years old. Her cousin told her about Christopher’s offer. She was thankful but didn’t get her hopes up.

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An Extraordinary Man

Christopher has always been a giving man. His friends and family knew him to go out of his way to help anyone. It wasn’t a surprise when they heard about his offer to donate his liver to a stranger. This wasn’t the first time he offered to help someone in their time of need, either.

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A few years ago, he had heard of an elderly woman who had a house that was crumbling around her. She had no money to make the necessary fixes on her home. She had no family or friends to help her figure out her situation. Christopher couldn’t just sit back and watch the old woman suffer. He offered to use his own money and muscle power to fix her home.

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Meeting Some Resistance

Even though most of Christopher’s family and friends supported his plan to try and donate his liver, there was one person who was a bit nervous about it—his mother. At first, she didn’t know why he was putting himself at risk for a complete stranger.

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If he was to donate, he may not come out of it the same. There was even a chance that he could die as a result of the donation. Christopher, however, stood firm. He understood his mom’s concern, but he wanted to press on. Eventually, his mother saw that her headstrong son was never going to change his mind about this. She soon knew that she either had to support him, or get out of the way. Thankfully, she became one of his biggest cheerleaders.

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A Perfect Match

The university contacted Christopher with his results. He was a match! Christopher was in disbelief. He immediately told his mother what the outcome was, and they both collapsed in a heap of tears. They were thrilled he could actually help the woman.

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Up until this point, Christopher had only contacted the woman, Heather Krueger, by text. He decided to call her a few minutes later to tell her the results. Heather was in shock. She tried not to show her excitement because she was far from being out of the woods. She was weak and frail by now. If she were to go on the operating table, there was a big chance she may not make it. She was scared but hopeful for a positive outcome.

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An Unfair Life

Heather was told she had liver cancer in 2014. She was in her young twenties and she and her family were left shocked by the diagnosis. Her tests showed she had stage four cancer and had a small chance of surviving.

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By the time Christopher heard her story, she had several family and friends who offered to get tested to see if they were a match for her liver. At first, Heather got her hopes up with each potential donor. As the list quickly became smaller and smaller, she started to fall into a depression. While she wanted to stay positive through it all, it was hard to smile in her situation. She didn’t know if she was going to make it.

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Quickly Going Downhill

When Heather’s liver cancer was detected, she was first put on a universal waiting list. However, when doctors saw that she was getting worse by the day, she had to be moved to a live donor registry. If she had to wait for someone to pass away to get a liver, she was never going to make it.

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Now that she was on the live donor list, she was told that a match was not going to be so easy to find. She only had two months to live, and things looked grim. Heather knew she had to prepare for the worst. As the weeks went on, she knew her body was starting to slow. By the time Christopher came forward, she was close to death.

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Meeting Each Other for the First Time

Heather wanted to meet the man who could possibly save her life. They both wanted to meet in person before the surgery was to take place. They planned a lunch to get to know each other better.

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A week after they matched, a date was set. Heather was eager to get to know Christopher. From what she has seen and heard, he was an honorable man. Christopher was excited as well. He was hoping he could touch base with the woman he was so happy to fight for. He felt he was in the right place at the right time. It was fate for them to cross paths and now to meet. He hoped they could build a lifelong friendship from this one moment.

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Going above and Beyond

When Christopher and Heather finally met. He was devastated by her story. Not only was she diagnosed with stage four cancer, but she was also have issues with the pile of medical bills she and her family were faced with. Heather had estimated the bills were thousands of dollars a month at a minimum.

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Once Christopher heard this, he wanted to help Heather even more. He was a motorcycle fanatic and belonged to a local bike club. He had asked other members of the club to help him form a fundraiser to help with Heather’s hospital bills. He knew with the upcoming surgery the cost was only going to skyrocket. Christopher was trying to ease her stress any way he knew how.

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The Liver Transplant Process

A liver transplant happens when a person with a diseased liver is given a new one from a live or deceased donor. The process is very calculated and has to be done just so to get it right. Depending on the livers and the situation, the operation can last anywhere from a few hours to 18 or more.

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If the transplant is successful, there is still a huge risk that the recipient could reject the liver. Also, the living donor must accept the danger that they may die as a result of the removal of their healthy organ. The fact that Christopher was willing to take this huge leap of faith for someone he never meant was incredible. Heather knew this man was amazing and someone to keep in her life after the surgery was said and done. She could never repay him enough.

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Getting Ready to Begin the Operation

It is now the day of the liver transplant. Nerves were running high between the two new friends. Heather was weak but still had a smile on her face as she was wheeled to the operating table. Christopher was ready for whatever he had to face to get his good deed underway.


After several hours of waiting, Heather and Christopher’s families were told that the transplant was a success. They both came out of anesthesia with no problems. There were no complications that went on in the surgery. Now, everything was a waiting game. The doctors had to make sure Heather’s body did not reject the new liver. They also had to watch Christopher for any post-surgery complications he could face.

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Sensing a Change in the Relationship

Once Christopher and Heather were discharged from the hospital, Christopher stopped her to have a talk. He said that he did not want her to feel that she owed him anything. He did this to help and wasn’t expecting anything more. If she wanted to part ways after this, it was up to her, and he was going to accept whatever she chose to do.

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Heather couldn’t just leave. She and Christopher now have a unique bond she can’t walk away from. Heather told him that she planned to stay in touch with him for the rest of their lives. He was now a huge part of her life. She truly cared about him like he did for her.

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More than Just Friends

Heather started to feel more for Christopher. However, she had to question her motives. Were these feelings a result of the bond they had with the transplant, or was she really falling in love with this man? Now that the surgery looked like a success, she had wanted to spend more time with him.

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Christopher had started feeling the same way. He was now on the long road to recovery and realized his thoughts on Heather ran deeper than just a friendship. Heather was brought into his life for a reason, and maybe it was because they were meant to be together. Neither of them expected to feel this way. Was this true love?

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The Long Road to Feeling Better

During the next few months, their recovery was a bumpy road. They leaned on each other to make it through. Heather often called Christopher to make sure he was ok and vice versa. He was in constant pain from the liver removal, and getting around was tough.

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Heather didn’t feel good either. Both knew they were the only ones who could even imagine what they were going through. Their families had met numerous times now that they were out of the hospital, and they had become even closer because of it. Heather’s recovery was obviously the toughest and longest, and Christopher knew he had to be there every step of the way. They needed each other to get through this.

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Confirming What Everyone Already Knew

As the weeks progressed, Christopher and Heather knew they were falling in love with each other. What started off as a friendship had now turned into something a lot more. They never saw this coming! They wanted to let everyone know about their new-found love.

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The went on social media and posted their new status. They were dating and in a relationship. Their family and friends were happy for the two. They seemed to know from the beginning that these two were meant to cross paths in life and create a friendship to last a lifetime. Another silver lining to the liver transplant? Doctor’s declared her new organ was thriving! The surgery was a success and Heather was now on the path to better health.

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A Whole New World to Explore

Heather had been sick with liver cancer for over a year. During that time, she had to put everything on hold to take care of her health. Now that she has met Christopher and is doing well, she wants to go back to enjoying life. There was so much she wanted to do!

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Heather and Christopher made sure to really enjoy their time together. They went on a much-needed vacation that included frolicking on the beach while enjoying each other’s company. They didn’t have a care in the world! They both made up for lost time and were happy to be where they were at. By Christmas, Christopher knew this woman was the only one for him.

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Getting Ready to Pop the Question

For a few weeks now, Christopher had been thinking about asking Heather to marry him. She was the love of his life and knew she felt the same. He decided the best time to propose was going to be right before Christmas. He bought the ring and waited for the perfect moment. After an amazing day spent together, Christopher finally decided to go for it.

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He got down on bended knee and asked for her hand in marriage. What was her response? Yes, of course! They were going to be one forever. From strangers to husband and wife. It was a Hollywood ending. Heather couldn’t wait to start planning and letting their circle of family and friends know about their upcoming wedding. Life was good.

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The Sweetest Vows

One year after meeting each other, the couple got married in the fall of 2016. Heather professed her love for her new husband in her wedding vows. In front of a packed crowd, she let Christopher know how much he means to her.

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She noted that it was because of him, she was still here today. He is an incredible man who makes her love life even more. Christopher’s vows echoed the same feeling. There was no doubt that this love story was one for the ages. Not many can say they met the love of their lives through an out of the blue liver donation! They have their health, they have a new lease on life, and now they have each other.

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Growing Stronger by the Day

After their wedding, media outlets from all over the world reached out to them to recount their story. Heather was happy to share it all. She is convinced she had an angel watching over her the whole time. Their happy ending was more than just coincidence.

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Christopher tends to replay the whole scenario in his head often. When he first heard about Heather’s story, it was one of the few times he ate in the work cafeteria. He usually took his lunch elsewhere. Heather’s relative who is also Christopher’s coworker was just a seasonal employee. If it was any other time, he may not have even been there! Everything fell into place the way it was supposed to. They are convinced it didn’t all happen by chance. Christopher’s generous actions led to them finding love in the most unusual situation. Now they can continue living together with happiness and health.

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