Must-Have Microscopes Every Science Lover Needs in Their Homes

You don’t need to be a scientist to reap the benefits that come with owning a microscope. In fact, there is more that you can do with a lens than study micro-organisms that you have only see at a 1200 magnetization. Microscopes can get used for your hobbies, to helping with your school science projects. In addition to that, they also get used for medicinal purposes, as well as forensic engineering.

microscopesThose are only a few of the top ways that you might use your microscope; however, there isn’t much concerning restriction. There are plenty of lenses available on the market, and each of them is different. Price, magnification, power supply, and LED lighting are all things to take into consideration when purchasing a microscope. However, to make the task easier, here’s a quick guide to microscopes, and how they perform.

USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flex Arm by Plugable

This microscope supports a wide array of operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows, and gets recommended for students and researchers who are seeking an affordable lens. Listing for approximately $34.95, the observation stand has over 700 customer reviews on Amazon with a 4.5-star rating.

The flex arm allows you to adjust it to whichever height is needed for a clear picture, and to change the magnification, you just twist the gray ring. In addition to that, the microscope has an energy-saving feature that causes it to turn off after a period of inactivity.


  • Useful for students, testers, researchers, collectors, and those interested in exploring.
  • 250 x magnifications that correspond with monitor sizing and a 2.0 megapixel sensor.
  • Includes webcam chipset and sensor to support various operating systems.
  • LED halo light with brightness controls and a flex arm stand with observation pad.
  • Windows and OS X additional features available with optional software.
  • Dual image capture: Take a photo by clicking the ‘take a photo’ button on the software, or using the button on top of the unit.

Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope by Learning Resources

Ideally shaped and widely recommended for the growing and curious minds of children, this digital microscope is small and portable. For $40, you can buy a magnifying lens that gives your children a smart and interactive way of learning. It has over 100 reviews on Amazon with a four-star rating.

The Zoomy has a 35-53x magnification, and rotating the top of the device is how you adjust the magnification. You can take a picture, or even make videos, by pressing the button at the top of the device. Charging of the Zoomy happens with a USB cord, so there’s no need for batteries.


  • Ideal for children ages 4+
  • Egg-shape fits perfectly into a child’s hand and makes for easy positioning.
  • No batteries required – powered by USB connection.
  • Encourages scientific and hands-on investigation.
  • Snapshot picture on top.
  • Four LED lights.

5 Megapixel Handheld Digital Microscope Pro by Celestron

There aren’t many affordable digital microscopes that can compare to the high-resolution image that Celestron microscopes produce. At $77, it has almost 300 customer reviews with a four-star rating from Amazon. It also has a magnification ability of ten to 200x that enables you to see precise details of your subject.

You can use a dimmer to adjust the brightness level of eight LED’s, and a button on the same cord that lets you take photos and video. The scope is perfect for viewing insects, coins, documents, 3D objects, and much more thanks to its full set of features.


  • Final magnification determined by monitor size, and great for low-power investigation of 3D specimens.
  • 4 foot USB 2.0 cable.
  • Windows and Mac compatible with intuitive software equipped with measuring features. However, the scope does not work with “Enterprise” versions of Windows.
  • 5 megapixel sensor to take high-quality pictures and videos.
  • Adjustable height stand.
  • Software and calibration ruler included.

3 Megapixel Camera 40X-2000X Digital Biological Compound Binocular by OMAX

Said to be a marvel in the world of microscopes, the OMAX binocular has two eyepieces with four lenses. There are an impressive eight levels that you can magnify an image by including 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, and 2000x.

With an affordable price of $370, the compound microscope has a five-star rating with Amazon and comes with an extensive list of features. It has a double layer mechanical stage that works by way of two knobs. The knobs turn in X and Y directions. In addition to its durability, the microscope is known for being extremely user-friendly and beneficial for everyone from researchers to hobbyists.


  • Three megapixel camera.
  • LED lighting.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Fine focus knobs.
  • Adjustable eyepieces.
  • Double layer mechanical stage.
  • High quality image and video.
  • Eight magnification levels.
  • Easy construction and user-friendly.

handheld-digital-microscopeNo matter what you use your microscope for, one of the suggestions on this list is going to work for what you need. Whether you’re looking for something to engage your child, satiate your natural curiosity, complete research, or just have a little fun, these microscopes have everything you need to get the job done.

What microscopes have you used in the past? Start a discussion.

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