The New Television Feature That’s Making A Comeback

Ever since it was first released over 50 years ago, the television has been one of the focal points of any home. While it started slow with the use of radio signals and a limited amount of television programs in channels, the TV industry has continued to expand rapidly over the past few decades. Today, those that are willing to pay for it, have the ability to have up to several hundred channels at their access through their television at any given time. While this digital cable technology has been revolutionary and provides people with endless amounts of entertainment, there has been a surprising trend in the television industry that many did not expect to see.

New TV Feature 1

The newest trend in the television industry has been the fact that many more people today are using television antennas than they had over the past decade. This television feature is coming at a very big time for the television industry that has already been affected by people cutting off their service. There are several different reasons why more and more people are converting from the expensive digital or satellite cable programs to the traditional antenna based systems.

Good Quality Service

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The first reason why people are converting from satellite and digital cable services to an antenna base system is that the service that is received with the antenna is actually very good. One of the main reasons why many people switch to paid cable systems in the past was that antenna systems were very inefficient and often resulted in static or poor service. However, television antennas placed on the TV and on the roof of a home have changed in technology and improved considerably. Today, those that live near major cities will have access to dozens of different channels and will even be able to get clear and consistent service. In many cases, the service is even more consistent and reliable than those with satellite programs, as it does not suffer from the same weather effects.


Another reason why many people are switching from cable and satellite systems to an antenna system is that it is extremely affordable compared to the alternatives. Over the past few years, cable and satellite packages have increased in price dramatically. Today, someone that is no longer receiving introductory offer benefits can expect to spend over $100 to $200 per month if they are paying for a full-service program. While there are some more affordable options, they often come with poor service and limited channel choices. These high expenses are compared to an antenna base system that is completely free on a monthly basis. The only cost is the initial installation and purchase of an antenna, which typically can be done for under $50.

 Change in Habits

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The third reason why some people are no longer paying for the expensive cable and satellite packages and switching to an antenna base system is that they are simply looking to change their personal habits. Those that have an elaborate cable package with hundreds of channels are far more likely to spend their evenings and free time at home in front of the television. While this can be relaxing, doing this on a regular basis and the bad for your health and prevent you from doing better things. Many are switching to an antenna system simply so they no longer are as likely to spend their nights in front of the television surfing through their elaborate channel guides.

In conclusion, the television industry has been affected a lot over the past few years.  One of the biggest changes in recent years has had to do with the increase in the amount of people that have simple antenna-based systems.  There are several reasons why antenna TV systems are catching on in popularity.

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