Out With the Old and in With the New: Technology Habits to Ditch and Adopt

Everyone makes at least one New Year’s resolution when the clock strikes midnight and a new year comes. The majority of resolutions are to stick to a resolution, but how often does it happen? What some people fail to realize, is that resolutions don’t only have to be about weight loss, eating healthier, going to the gym, and saving money. While those are all commendable resolutions, what about the digital ones?

technologyYou can use this list to help you on your way to resolving some lousy tech habits.

Show Off Your Fitness Tracker

The classic New Year’s resolution to exercise more has undoubtedly made its way to your list at least once or twice. The cycle is the same. You resolve; spend a couple of months eating healthy, exercising, and wearing a fitness tracker to help you keep track of it. Then what happens? The fitness tracker ends up deep in a drawer, never to be seen again.

Try to think of your new fitness tracker like an accessory, because that’s what it is. You can hold yourself accountable by rearranging data so it can get seen in a public place. If you think you are going to take it off, have someone you trust remind you to put on your tracker. As an added tip, buy one that’s waterproof so you can wear it in the shower.

Always Have a Back-Up

Whether it be your phone, laptop, computer, or iPad, backing up your information is essential. You are always going to get prompted to backup valuable information, especially when you’re starting to use the cloud. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve been doing it.

Studies have suggested that the majority of Americans put off the backup of their devices until it’s too late. Ensure that you aren’t finding yourself in an awkward position and backup your data before it happens to fall into a toilet or out the window.

Learn Something New

Thanks to the benefits of technology, you can learn almost anything through specific apps, videos, and the internet. What better way to let technology help you take on a new skill than by using it to learn an instrument, a subject, or learn how to cook?

Recycle Gadgets

Break the habit of letting old technology like computers and cell phones sit and gather dust. There are plenty of things that can get made with old devices, and many manufacturers offer recycling programs to their customers. If you do decide to recycle your technology, ensure you do it right. All of your files should get wiped entirely from the device before you hand it over to anyone else. You’re doing a good deed by recycling, but you want to ensure that you remain safe.

Digital Declutter

When you take part in the annual spring cleaning of your house, you’re left feeling with a sense of accomplishment and freedom after it gets done. There’s just something about getting rid of clutter that can cause you to feel less bogged down. Think of your devices in the same regard.

Your technology gets weighted down. You can’t expect it to run at optimal performance when you have it full of apps and programs that you don’t need. Give your devices a winter cleaning and remove apps you don’t need, do a disk defrag or clear up storage space, and delete old emails. Your devices are going to thank you for it.

Make Room for Other Things

There’s a good chance that technology could be eating up a lot of your life if you’re thinking about all of your devices while reading this. Everyone loves technology, and it’s made life easier on so many levels. However, it’s also played a part in disconnecting the human race from each other.

If you really want to stick to a new resolution, try creating a healthy balance between the tech world and the real world. Instead of perusing Facebook or Twitter at lunch, go for a walk or have a bite to eat at a café with a co-worker. You can also pick a day a week where your entire family eats dinner at the table instead of in front of the computers or televisions.

fitness-trackerThe technology world is endless when you want to learn new habits, and all you have to do is reach out of your comfort zone. Try learning how to use new technology as a way to broaden your outlook on some of the changes that you can make. For example, switch your iPhone in for an Android. Use your fitness tracker, remove the clutter, and give yourself a balance of the real world, and your health tech resolutions are going to last through the year.

What New Year’s resolutions have you made this year? Start a discussion.

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