Are These Photos Real or Fake It Is A Mystery?

When we go online, we sometimes see photos that look real but are proven fake. Or vice versa. It is so hard to tell these days what to believe and what to discard. The following pictures you are about to see are going to play with your mind! You won’t believe what proves real or unreal!

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Prepare to be shocked as you navigate your way through the exciting shots! You may need to do a double take on some of them! Warm up your mind and get ready to be amazed. These photos are beautiful, bizarre, and somewhere in between!

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A Lesson in Amputation

This guide to amputation from the 1800s is incredible! The step-by-step poster shows a true gentleman how to cut off a limb if needed! The details that this shows is comical as it is jaw-dropping. This has to be fake, right? The last step, taking a sip of brandy, means you have made it through the ordeal with success. Wow, what an achievement!


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A Bouncing Bear

This photo of a bear gracefully falling down from a tree was seen around the world by news outlets. The poor animal is pictured just about to fall onto a big trampoline. Although this sounds like a potential headline for a tabloid, it really did happen! Don’t you wonder what happened to the bear once it landed?

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A Sad Day at The Zoo

This poor toddler was looking forward to his first day at the zoo. All the lions, tigers, and bears that were waiting for him are now put on hold. With his cute animal hat and tiny stature, he looks so sad peering into the closed park. Look what the government shutdown did to his dreams. They’re crushed!


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A Dog’s Day

This pup looks like it is in heaven! This is a real shot of the animal enjoying its time in the water. The way the picture is taken, however, has caused some to think it is photoshopped. Nope! What you see here is a real photo of man’s best friend cooling off on a hot day. If only we all could experience happiness like this!

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America The Great

This photo is photoshopped! Thankfully, what we see here is a quick edit of a photo at a recent presidential rally. The shirts worn by these women originally said ‘Make America Great Again,’ but the message was obviously twisted in this edited shot. Breathe a sigh of relief, friends, this one is definitely not true!

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Love for Harry Potter

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this quote rings true for many. Although you may want to wish this one is real, it is not! Sadly, this was made as a joke. Not everyone found this doctored photo funny, however. There are many Alan Rickman fans who hold the actor near to their heart. To toy with their emotions is a bit cruel!

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The Look on Hillary’s Face

This was taken during the moment Osama bin Laden was captured. The look on Hillary’s face says it all. This was one tense moment! There were whispers that this photo may have been fake since it shows all these bigwigs in one room. This picture is all true. It was released by the White House to show the history-changing moment we all lived through.

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That Handshake Says It All

This picture of Obama and Trump at the White House looks like it could be fake. After all, these men look like they are both forced to breathe the same air as the other one! Despite the look of disgust on their faces, this is not a fake photo! Yes, we all know what they are muttering under their breath!

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A Moose with A Flag

This photo was taken on a country road somewhere in Canada. The driver of the car claimed they spotted a baby moose on the road. While that is a cool photo in itself, it didn’t stop there. The little moose was also holding an LGBT pride flag! While this is amazing, it has been proven to be false! That darn Photoshop got us again!

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Watch Out Below!

This photo was taken by a photographer who was waiting for a diver to come through the water! How amazing is this? The picture was snapped just as the man creates ripples through the water by his plunge. Look at how the water looks almost feather-like around the arms of the diver! Incredible to say the least!

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Frog Pose

This frog looks like it was being put in time out? Those crossed arms look human-like as it glares off-camera! Everything in you wants to say this photo is fake, but can you believe it is not? This frog was just captured at the right moment and the right time! How funny is that? That is one tough amphibian for sure!

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Repairing While Driving

This photo was taken during military training somewhere in Asia. It is a true picture! The soldier with the tire is getting ready to fix a flat while his fellow army man keeps the motorcycle in motion! What does this military practice prepare them for? If they are ever in this situation in real life, they need to take a picture again!

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This Can’t Be Real

Wow! This is some stunning photography! A lone man is pulling a country road into place with ease. It looks like a bedsheet as it leaves his hands and morphs into concrete as it hits the ground! This is a true feat if it were true. Alas, it is not! This is the work of a professional using Photoshop to get the perfect shot!

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On A Mountain Top

This picture of a castle on an island is great! How fun is it to live like this! It sure looks real, but it is not. This is a fake picture of a German castle that was edited to look like it was built on water. That body of water can be found in Thailand. The mashup of two countries is a cool idea, though!

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Eyes on Australia

Take a look at this picture that was taken off the coast of Australia! A storm is brewing and the water is churning epically! The oncoming of storm of water and dust is very real! Can you believe this is what they have to put up with on that continent? That looks like a blockbuster movie in the making! Everyone run and take cover!

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A View from Paris

This is an amazing sight you can see in Paris! While it looks like a giant grass ball, the land is very much flat! This real shot is an optical illusion that shocks your senses! Even knowing the truth, it is hard to understand what you are seeing. We are going to have to take a trip to Paris to see how this is done!

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A Hole in The Ground

This photo of a sinkhole looks devastating! Could a hole that size really be true! Unfortunately, it is. This photo was taken in South America right after a large sinkhole opened up and swallowed everything around it. No one had ever seen something that can devastate a city like that. How are they even going to attempt to fix that?

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Sand Sculpture

This photo made its rounds for many months. The photographer said the sand you see in the picture became this way due to it being struck by lightning! The impact was so forceful, it catapulted the sand into the air, and the particles melted together. Too bad with further research, this photo and photographer were found to be frauds!

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Piano in The Wind

Is it possible that this piano was left outside for so long, a tree started to grow inside of it? The tree must be decades old and the instrument even older than that! How amazing is it to find such an out-of-place shot in nature? Well, we got tricked again! This is another photoshop job done by a professional photographer! Darn!

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Floating on Water

Wow! What gorgeous scenery! This water shot looks like paradise! There is something wrong here, though. That boat looks like it is floating on air! Could it really be so? Despite how cool this sounds, it is not as it seems! The water here is so clear and calm, it can make it look like you are floating on nothing! Amazing! Where is this place?

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