Stunning Historical Photographs

The photographs you are about to see have come from deep within the vaults of history. They tell stories that have never been told before. The shots are a fascinating look at what life was like decades ago. Many of those who lived through these times are now long gone, and the stories went with them.

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The historical photographs bring those forgotten eras back to life. They are an astounding glimpse into a life that is now hard to imagine. These rare images can’t be forgotten once you set your eyes on them. It is amazing what this world has been through!

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Friendly Skies

This photo is of a 1969 flight in Scandinavia. SAS Airlines released this stock picture as a way to advertise its services. During the 1960s, air travel was still relatively new and a novel idea to many. If they saw this picture, maybe they could have more travelers fly with them. This airplane picture is starkly different than what we see in today’s airports.

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The air stewardess had a lot of responsibility back then. Not only did they have to ensure the safety of the plane and its passengers, but she also had to serve a full course dinner to all of the flying patrons! There are no sandwiches and crackers here. SAS Airlines offered the best of the best when it came to food. There was everything and anything you could imagine. It was like a restaurant in the sky! No wonder there are so many smiling faces in this shot.

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1920s Photo Shoot

These nine young women were ready for their close-ups. The photo was taken in the 1920s, and this was the bathing suit style of the times! Bathing suits were one piece, and women were expected to cover their hair as well. It was a whole lot of clothing for a day at the beach!

Historical Photographs 2

Despite the many layers of material, the women look happy to be getting refreshed in the water. This public water park was all the rage during this time. When it was summer, parks like this one saw thousands of people pass through its gates. It was an easy way to stay cool and remain social during the hot months. These women look like they are getting ready to start a game of water polo or volleyball. Times were much simpler back then, and this photo is a reminder of that!

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School of Nature

Open-air schools were popular in the Netherlands during World War II. At that time, many diseases were on the rise, and the government had to think of new ways to combat them. They decided that children could benefit from having school in the outdoors. After a proper cleaning of all the school supplies, school teachers set up their classes in the nearby fields.

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Children were happy to be learning outside. It was fun to watch nature go by while learning their ABCs. After the war ended, the Netherlands decided to keep the open-air schools active for a few more years. By the end of the 1950s, there was still a handful of them that could be seen dotting the countryside. It is not known if the new idea helped stop the spread of disease, but it seemed to keep the children engaged and happy.

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Boy’s Best Friend

Dogs have always been a loyal and sweet animal to have around the house. When they become part of the family, they are yours for life. They protect their human clan and can even save the day when parents and guardians aren’t watching. This picture is proof of that claim. This young boy from the 1920s has wandered away from his parents. He decided to play a game of golf in the nearby stream.

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The family dog knew how mischievous the little one could be, so it decided to follow him. Thankfully, the dog was in the right place at the right time! Just as the little boy was winding up to hit his golf ball, he tipped forward and was heading straight for the water! The dog’s quick instincts prevented all this from happening, and the young tot was none the wiser!

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Space Wives

When man first orbited the moon in 1968, the whole world was watching. The mission was the first of its kind, and no one knew if the men aboard the spacecraft were going to make it. This picture captures the moment where the world heard their voices in space for the first time. These aren’t just any women, either. These are the wives of the astronauts who were chosen for this journey.

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There is no doubt the wives’ hearts were beating out of their chests as they waited to hear back from their loved ones. They were proud of their husbands, but they also knew the dangers they faced when getting there. It was silent for a long time while they waited for their voices. When NASA finally broadcast their status, the wives let out a yell and started clapping with relief. Their husbands did it!

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Mama’s Boys

Little boys love their mothers. These two cuties are no exception. The photo was taken in 1960s France, and the boys were randomly found by a photographer who was walking the streets. The tots were tasked to hold their mom’s purses while they ran errands inside a nearby shop. You can tell by their faces that their lives were hard, but they had hearts of gold.

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When the photographer asked the children to pose for the camera, they were confused with what he was asking. They haven’t had their picture taken before, and they didn’t know what to do or how to stand. The little one on the left was curious to see how the camera worked. The shy guy on the right froze in the midst of his confusion. Hopefully, the families received a copy of this picture for their homes. This picture is pure innocence!

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Warning Shot

These American soldiers have a message for Adolph Hitler and his German army. The World War II military men painted these words on shells they planned to use very shortly. Despite the dark and gruesome scene, the men still had a great sense of humor about things.

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It must have been Easter time when this picture was taken. Since they couldn’t be with their families and loved ones, they needed to find a way to put a smile on their faces. They couldn’t decorate Easter eggs, so they decided to adorn their weapons with Easter greetings. These ‘Easter eggs’ were just what they needed. It was a break from the death and destruction they experienced every day. The German front lines didn’t know these were coming at them in a few short hours. Hopefully, these men made it out of this dark time alive.

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Heart Stopper

Can you believe this is a medical machine? It was built in the 1800s and designed to help control heart problems! The medical professionals thought that the feet held the secrets to a healthy heart. They started studying patients who were suffering from heart disease to see if they could reverse the effects by using this large contraption.

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Of course, after a few studies, the equipment was deemed useless. The man seen in the picture was instructed to take off his shoes and place his feet on the machine in front of him. When they turned it on, it gave off some energy that was intended to affect the circulatory system. Over time, his heart was supposed to get better. It’s an amazing look at the medical world hundreds of years ago. We have come so far in technology and medical practices!

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Judy Garland

The movie, Wizard of Oz, is loved by millions of people. Judy Garland played Dorothy and became a huge sensation upon its release. She was a force to be reckoned with when she was on screen. Judy portrayed an innocence that was quickly disappearing as the years went on. This picture was taken in 1938 while Judy was taking a break from the iconic film.

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She was just 16-years old when the movie began filming. She is seen here reading a magazine and catching up on current events. She doesn’t seem to notice the photographer or the rest of the cast and crew behind her. The three young men to the left of the picture are extras for the film. They are still in costume and look rather out of place in the picture. What a fascinating look behind the scenes!

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