A Tech-Free Home Might Hold Your Children Back

This is a High-Tech World

If you are not tech savvy are you going to survive in a world that is all about technology?

You sometimes wonder if the technology is going to go as far as it can and people will revert to the “good old days” or a tech-free home. Will people get fed up with certain parts of technology? Technology is right, and the world demands that technology keep pace with the times. The other side of this says that the side effects of high-tech changes are not proving to be so good.

If you speak to people, most seem to agree that all this technology is supposed to make life easier which is intended to slow the rat race we run every day down a bit. Instead, it seems as though individuals and families are spinning out of control and this helpful technology is the foundation for our constant daily race.

Many People Yearn for Some of the Good Old Days

These same people seem to believe that if you want to enjoy life again and enjoy life to the fullest, you need to do, at least, some things the “old-fashioned way,” with no technology involved.

Many parents feel that technology is taking over the family and refuse to have a flat screen, cell phones on in the home, video game centers, iPads, laptops, and more.

Some parents have gone as far as to have the basics using no LED. For instance, when cell phones go off, the rotary dial landline takes over, and friends, family, and work have the number. Alarm clocks are wind up Big Bens.

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A Certain Detachment is Growing

Go into any restaurant and watch those groups at the table awaiting their orders. Each one has a cell phone out. No one is engaged in conversation. People seem so detached from one another. Is this detachment from one another what our world has developed?

Watch the other driver, and most likely they have a cell phone to their ear. What is so darned important that they must be on the phone while driving? Some states are hands-free and ticket hefty fines if drivers are caught holding onto a cell phone.

You would have to agree that certain aspects of technology in not improving life. It is distracting most people and taking away any meaningful connections. People are finding they want a simpler way of living.

Tech-Free Home 2

How Do We Connect Again With One Another?

Parents want children to rediscover board games, hobbies using hands and minds, reading books and not a computer screen, and playing more outdoor activities after dinner where there is a real family interaction once again. These families want to look at faces at the table during meal time not at cell phones. Children used to make up things to occupy their minds and bodies. Take away the flat screen, video games, and computer and children are at a loss of what to do.

A family may have a challenge using a rotary phone due to technologies insistence to press numbers for departments. None these families do not care and are going for the old dialer.

Many believe that technology is making everyone into mental, physical and psychological cripples.

Adults and children are highly addicted to technology. So, the question remains, “If you make your home a tech-free environment is this going to hold your child back?”

The families who have gone tech-free think that their children will survive better because they are learning both worlds. When families go their different ways outside the home, they have their cell phones to stay in touch. Children use, and teachers instruct your child in computer science, and you know your computer at work.

Devote One Day a Week to “Unplug?”

Some parents have one day that all family members take one day a week and “plug.” Parents do say that this is a difficult idea to master because it is no easy for anyone to turn off all electronics and tune them out of your mind.

Many parents are in total agreement that technology today is an excellent babysitter when you as a parent do not want to be bothered. Give your young preschooler or kindergartner an iPad or provide video games to children of all ages and it keeps them out of your hair for hours at a time. But, is this doing your child any good. You have to care about what this is doing to them.

Parents are rediscovering the advantages of letting kids entertain themselves with toys, bicycles, and good old books. Parents want their children to have some of the memories they had while growing up. They do not want their child having memories of mom or day setting them in front of the television or game center.

Kids do adjust and quickly learn. Children are highly creative and can fit into a tech or tech-free world. If children grow up in a tech-free home, they do adjust in a high-tech world. After all, are we live in a smart tech world. Smart technology is easy to catch onto; techies develop things that way, especially older adults learn.

Parents, Stumped on First and Second Grade Homework?

Children need to learn early reading, writing, and arithmetic.

It has become so difficult for parents even help their children with homework and that is first and second-grade work, who can figure out homework anymore.

These new educational concepts are the fault of many educators who feel they need to keep pushing youngsters faster and faster through computer science. Parents feel that there is so much more to life and learning than how to turn on a computer and work a mouse. A few schools have not jumped on the technology bandwagon until the child enters middle school.

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Take it From the Smarties of the World

Read about some of our smartest and most innovated CEO’s. Many of these Smarties embrace a tech-free home for their children where they set strict rules on the use of technology in the home. What is that these Smarties know that perhaps you do not know?

Many of the teenagers of today and young adults lack social graces. Social etiquette is taught at home and not in the school room. Maybe this is because the child spent all their time with technology while growing up. Most of a child’s basic foundation forms by the time they are three years of age.

As far as homeschooling goes, parents have a better grip on high-tech gadgets than other parents who do not attend homeschool. Homeschooled children also have time learning computer science. However, the parent who is homeschooling can control this technology more strictly.

What happens if someday the world loses it technology, then what? Many people will be at a loss; they will not know what to do next. Children who grow up in tech-free homes will survive because their parents taught them the best of both worlds.

In Conclusion

Q.  Does a tech-free home hold a child back? 
A.  The answer will have to be, no it does not. In fact, children who are brought up in a tech-free home learn to adapt and prove to be well-adjusted citizens as they grow into adults.

Yet, some school districts feel that the poor students are the ones who cannot access technology from home. There will always be pros and cons and in the end, you as a parent must decide what is best for your children.

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