Technology Trends You Can Expect to Takeover in 2018

The information age is advancing, and regardless of if you’re a tech aficionado who is always seeking the latest gadgets and software, or if you’re an “average” customer, you want to know what’s happening. Last year was successful for smartphone debuts, as well as virtual reality and smart speakers, but what are the trends that are taking over for 2018?

technologyArtificial Intelligence

Throughout 2017, artificial intelligence (AI) got manifested through algorithms in machine learning, but it’s now getting pushed into a wide array of applications and devices. Predictions show that by 2018’s end, AI should be a mainstay in the majority of all technology. So instead of focusing AI on a single goal such as mastering a difficult game, artificial intelligence is going to get embedded into all new apps, devices, and new platforms.

Centralized Technology

With advancing technology and the rate in which smart devices (thermostats, tablets, phones, televisions, refrigerators, etc.) get released, consumers such as you need to rely on a lot of different apps to control your smart gadgets, and even navigation. While smart speakers were a great step in the right direction, the need to have your technology centralized is still stronger than ever. It should be as easy as owning a universal remote to control your technology, right? Keep your eyes open because 2018 could introduce something better.

Preparation of 5G

It’s nearly impossible to say for sure that a specific technology is going to be released on a particular date because things can always go wrong. However, 2018 looks like it’s going to be the year of preparation for developers, engineers, and even consumers of the eventual release of the 5G network. Get ready for a revolutionary network that changes the way internet services get used.

Consumer Data

It is no surprise that companies have been using consumer data in their marketing strategies for years. However, consumer information is a higher priority now that you’re relying on digital services and smart speakers. Unfortunately, it does mean that companies get access to almost unlimited personal information which means reduced privacy, but it also has benefits. The data could easily get used to create personalized ads and even predictive healthcare.

Automated Jobs

For years now, the progressing artificial intelligence technology has made it possible for some white collar jobs to get replaced by automation. Is 2018 going to be the year where a robot replaces you? Unlikely. However, you should prepare to adapt your careers accordingly, because while jobs won’t get entirely replaced with technology, they should get automated and job transformations have already started to happen in the United States.

Easy Conversation

Over the last five years, the strides in voice search, chatbots, and robotic speech have made tremendous improvements and are now more reliable than ever. Microsoft’s most recent test states that its voice recognition has a 5.1-percent error rate. Surprisingly, human transcriptionists have a higher error percentage. Predictions for 2018 show that as the software continues to improve, the error percentage should drop until our communication with devices is a seamless conversation. (

User Interface Overhauling

With the perfecting of smart speaker and voice search technology, you no longer have to stare at a screen to put in all your requests and information. 2018 should be a year that user interfaces (UI) are going to make a drastic change. You might have to adapt to the changes, but as long as they suit your visual and audio needs, it won’t make much of a difference.

artificial-intelligenceThere’s no way to say just how fast the trends develop in 2018, or which upgrades and devices you can expect to find them on, but you can find more exposure as the year goes on. It doesn’t matter how you feel about tech, and what your motivations are, it’s natural to get excited over the promise of new gadgets and interfaces that await you in 2018.

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