The Best Golf Carts in the US

The rules of the game may not change much, but that doesn’t mean you have to play golf the same way your parents did. Sometimes you need to add some style and kick things up a notch. What better way to do that than with one of these incredible luxury golf carts? In truth, they may be a little outlandish, but they sure are cool!

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Not a golfer? Stick with us anyway, because some of these golf carts are out of this world!

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Special Edition Garia Golf Cart

Garia makes a bunch of really fancy golf carts, but this one takes the cake. While it may not have the unique look of some of the other carts you’ll see on this list, it certainly has all the bells and whistles.

First off, the cart has a refrigerator in it! What better way to keep water or other beverages cool while on the links? It’s not a big one, but it’s big enough to fit a few bottles. It also features a really cool built-in golf ball and tee holder so you don’t have to go digging through your bag for new balls.

If you’re one of those golfers with a fancy GPS system, and why wouldn’t you be, this thing is is already wired up for you system and ready to help guide you to each and every tee box.

Other features include a removable bin, several cup holders and a Hydrolink water filler system which is designed to help keep your batteries functioning longer.

Externally, this cart is really cool to look at it. Unlike golf carts of old, it features some great curves and, overall, has a modern design. I also dig the fact it has a heated windshield and a windshield wiper and washer system, which all are great for those days when you just have to golf in inclement weather.

The coolest part of this cart, however, is that it’s street legal! It may only get up to about 25 miles per hour, but this baby can absolutely be taken onto the road, should you feel so inclined.

Best Golf Carts 1

Comfy seats, golf ball holders and a refrigerator? Bells and whistles galore!

Best Golf Carts 2

If you’re looking for luxury in your golf carts, this is the one for you. The Garia Special Edition really hits all the points when it comes to comfort.

Looking for something a little more unique? Maybe a little less golf-carty? I’ve got you covered.

The Shadow

Let’s get away from your standard golf cart look and jump into something a little more … classy. What’s more classy than a golf cart which looks like it should have its own chauffeur?

The Shadow, by Pennwick, is a marvel to look at. With its glossy black finish, large front grill and impressive frame, this golf cart is made to turn heads.

Imagine pulling up to the first hole in this baby. You’ll have folks letting you play through just so they can take some time to admire the heavy-duty fiberglass body and 12-inch rims on this cart.

It seats up to four and can hit 20 miles per hour, which is more than fast enough to have you zooming between holes on the course.

As additional options, you can throw in an Alpine stereo, add leather seats, make it longer, put some wood in that dash or even paint it a different color. I’d probably go for red, myself!

Should you feel inclined, the company also offers the option of adding a hardtop or enclosing the whole thing, which could be handy, depending in which part of the country you live.

Best Golf Carts 3

If you want to do more than just step up your golf game, try rolling up in The Shadow!

Best Golf Carts 4

This golf cart is undeniably classy. It’s like something you’d see in a movie, maybe one with Al Pacino hitting up the links. Just be careful you don’t end up in the trunk!

We can keep it a little old school moving forward, but this next cart is in a whole different category!

‘56 Ford Pickup

The 1956 Ford Pickup body design of this cart by Luxury Carts is incredibly cool. You’ll feel like Marty McFly when you climb into the seat of this beauty.

With its unique design, cherry wood inlaid bed and hand laid fiberglass body, this golf cart is a work of art. And that’s before all the incredible options you can odd!

If you really want to spice things up, Luxury Carts can throw on 17-inch rims, a chrome tilt column on the steering wheel, leather seats, a stereo and more. With all that, you could probably get this thing into a car show and win a few awards!

Best Golf Carts 5

This incredible golf cart would look awesome on the course or on country back roads!

Best Golf Carts 6

Take a trip through time with this beautiful ‘56 Ford Pickup golf cart. Not only does it have style, it features everything you need to have an excellent golfing experience.

Looking for something a little less kitschy, but still impressive? Here’s an idea from a company who knows a little something about class.

Mercedes-Benz Style

This cart may be by Garia, but it is all Mercedes-Benz. This model is actually the inspiration for their Special Edition, which you may remember from earlier in this list.

The Mercedes-Benz Style golf car, and, yes, they’re calling it a car, is like something from the future. It features curved lines, carbon fiber details and some pretty impressive technology.

It includes an integrated onboard touchpad filled with vehicle information. The speed, parking brake status, how much power is left and more are shown on this interactive marvel. Many of the vehicle’s functions can also be accessed via the touchpad. With a simple touch, you can turn on the headlights, the driving mode, windshield wipers, the heated windshield and more.

Not only does it serve to help with the vehicle, the touchpad can also display the layout of the golf course, your current position, an interactive scorecard and a weather application. Can you think of anything this thing is missing?

Externally, the Mercedes-Benz Style golf car looks very much like its golf cart brethren, but it isn’t without its own style. Looking at it head on, you know you’re seeing something special. This thing is unlike any golf cart you have ever seen. The headlights are set into the face like jewels on either side. Seeing this car come through the fog is impressive as the bright lights cut through.

Best Golf Carts 7

From the smooth curved lines to the piercing headlights to the built-in technology, the Mercedes-Benz Style golf car is made to impress.

Best Golf Carts 8

When it comes to features, the Mercedes-Benz Style golf car does not disappoint. It may not have quite as many options as the Special Edition cart it inspired, but what it does have is an incredible sense of style and technology made to blow everything else out of the water.

If Mercedes-Benz isn’t your style, maybe you want something a little more classic, but still with the same feeling of sophistication. Look no further.

Cadillac Escalade Limo Golf Cart

If you roll up onto the golf course in this baby, you better be ready with a couple bottles of champagne and have some good music to play, because a party is sure to follow.

The Cadillac Escalade Limo golf cart is dressed to impress with standard features like 16-inch chrome Escalade wheels and simulated Burlwood accents. It sits at just over 130 inches long and is 55 inches wide, giving plenty of room for four passengers to cruise the course in style.

If you’re looking to add a little something extra, Cool Carts of Texas can throw in a Sony Sound System, leather interior, a security system, a mobile video system, a full enclosure, or pretty much anything else you want.

This cart can reach speeds up to 19 miles per hour, but you won’t need that when you’re cruising from hole to hole, giving knowing nods to jealous players as you roll by.

Best Golf Carts 9

The Cadillac logo is unmissable on the grill of this beast, so everyone will know you’re golfing with style.

Best Golf Carts 10

I’ve never been a big fan of the Escalade, but this golf cart makes me want to reconsider that opinion. It’s very sleek and captures the essence of the Cadillac brand in a way one may not think is possible from a golf cart.

I think it’s time to get away from the bigger styles and go for something a little smaller, a little faster and a lot more red.

The F5

Speed. That’s the only word I can think of when I see the F5. With its sports-car stylings, it’s hard to think of anything else.

A couple different places offer the F5, each with different options, but it’s all quite impressive. This bad boy can reach speeds up to 24 miles per hour, which is a little faster than other carts we’ve seen today. This is good, of course, because I want to zoom across golf courses in this thing.

With the included radio, you could be blaring ‘80s tunes as you try to get your stroke count down.

Best Golf Carts 11

Always wanted to own a Ferrari but couldn’t quite get that down payment together? Might want to think about the F5, though it’ll cost you, as well.

Best Golf Carts 12

The F5 may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other carts we’ve seen, but it certainly does have style. Drive around, let the wind blow through your hair and aim for that hole in one.

Are wheels something you’re just not interested in? Well, then, you’re going to want to stay tuned.

Bubba’s Hover Cart

I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this before.

Back in 2013, golfer Bubba Watson and his sponsor, Oakley, decided it was time to take golf carts to the next level. Dissatisfied with the downsides of the traditional golf cart, like being unable to go through water or having to keep onto certain parts of the course, Bubba wanted something that could meet his needs.

So, with hovercraft company Neoteric Products, Bubba Watson helped invent the hovercraft golf cart. This thing is really cool! You can zoom right over water and sand hazards to get to your ball. You can pop in and out of wooded areas, in the event your ball has left the fairway. You can even take this thing onto the green because it has a footprint 33 times lighter than the human foot, according to the manufacturer.

All of this is pretty impressive, especially when considering it was built from the ground up to be used as a golf cart. The designers looked at everything a standard golf cart has and put it into this beast, from the canopy to the hand holders to the golf bag storage.

The fun part about all of this is that this isn’t a one-off product. A golf course in Ohio recently purchased two to be used as rentals for people using the grounds. And the company still sells them! Though they cost quite a bit more than your average golf cart.

Best Golf Carts 13

Getting from point A to point B while floating on a bubble of air is an excellent way to travel!

Best Golf Carts 14

Bubba and Oakley have, in the past year, upgraded from the hovercraft to jet pack technology. No, that is not a joke! Though I can’t say I see it really taking off, not in the way this hovercraft golf cart should.

Does your golf game need a little muscle? Maybe a little bite?

Shelby GT500 Super Snake

When I was a kid, I really wanted a Mustang. Eventually, I grew out of that, but now I could really go for this Shelby GT500 Super Snake golf cart from Cool Carts of Texas.

This monster, available in both gas and electric versions, is almost as impressive as the car on which it is based. It features a 3 Phase AC Induction motor which puts out about 4.4 horsepower. It has a motor shaft driven drivetrain. It uses a reverse helical geared transaxle. The specifications on it are impressive, to say the least.

To really get the Shelby look, it features the Ford Shelby GT500 Badging on the grill, as well as a custom Super Snake Hood to match the familiar look of the car. The Shelby logo is also visible on the backrest and the Super Snake stripes go from the front of the car all the way up over the matching canopy. They really put in some time to get the look of this thing just right.

In addition to the looks, this cart also sports a locking front storage trunk, golf bag attachments, all the safety lights you could need, a fold-down windshield and vinyl and UltraSuede upholstered seats. There are enough little goodies to keep anyone happy.

Best Golf Carts 15

Just looking at this thing should get your motor running. It may not have a giant engine under that hood, but you don’t have to tell that to your imagination!

Best Golf Carts 16

Whether you’re a motorhead or just appreciate the look of a nice car, you’re likely to be impressed by the Shelby GT500 Super Snake golf cart. It’s got great style and plenty of fun features.

Liking all these great carts but not really liking their prices? Then let’s get a little more realistic.

Yamaha Drive2

Yamaha should be a familiar name to most folks. Whether we’re talking about keyboards, motorcycles or jet skis, you’ve likely heard of Yamaha.

Their golf carts have been around for years, but their new line of Drive2 carts is worth taking a look at. The carts come in several different varieties, including gas with electronic fuel injection, gas with a carburetor, AC electric and DC electric.

Each of these has their own benefits and faults, but they seem to be really pushing their PowerTech AC technology. According to their site, it has a cradle smooth suspension system, Trojan batteries that last for quite a long time, the best hill-climbing ability of the bunch, and a Yamaha-built charger. (I think that last one is just to toot their own horn a little bit.)

As far as features go, this thing has fully independent suspension all around, which makes for a pretty smooth ride. Up front is a newly designed dashboard. The new layout has more room for stuff, larger cupholders and a place for rangefinders and mobile devices. It also, apparently, has a larger sweater basket, so that’s cool, and a larger storage bin with a no-slip mat.

Best Golf Carts 17

If you’re looking for something to just get around the course in comfort, this is probably the cart for you.

Best Golf Carts 18

Though the Drive2 isn’t as flashy or souped up as some other golf carts out there, it will definitely get you from hole 6 to hole 7 in no time, and at a price you might actually be able to afford.

Best is, of course, completely subjective. It’s going to be hard to deny, however, that our next and final cart is one of the coolest things you’ve seen.

The Gotham Golfcart

Straight out of Batman’s garage comes the Gotham Golfcart.

Inspired by the Tumbler, Batman’s car in the Dark Knight movies, this thing needs to be seen to be believed. It has a metal body to keep its passengers safe from flying golf balls, super villains or the occasional zombie apocalypse.

Its design is actually incredibly similar to that of the film. From the golf bag holders in the back, which sit astride the afterburner on the Tumbler, to the fins and visible rear suspension, they seem to have thought of everything. The Gotham Golfcart even takes things up a notch by adding two more wheels to the rear set. These are, of course, all course-friendly.

Inside, things get even cooler. The cart has adjustable leather seats for extra comfort, cup holders, an iPad stand and lights!

Also like its movie inspiration, this golf cart can move. Its 6-horsepower engine, a battery-powered go-cart motor, can hit speeds nearing 38 miles per hour. Is somebody racing you to the next hole? Looks like they’re going to have to wait until you’re done, because there’s no way they’re beating you there.

Best Golf Carts 19

Divots have met their new worst enemy. This may not be the golf cart your course needs, but it’s the cart it deserves. Other awesome Batman-inspired golf cart quote.

Best Golf Carts 20

I’m probably going to lose cool points for this, but I’ve never been a huge Batman fan. I have, however, always been a fan of his vehicles. The Tumbler is easily one of the coolest cars the Dark Knight has ever had, and this golf cart version is a fantastic homage to something so great. If this is something you think you need, get it, and start slaying the course.

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