This Danish Teen Found a Long Lost Piece of History

When Daniel Rom Kristiansen was assigned a World War II history project at school, he didn’t know where to start. The Danish teen loved history but wanted to find something exciting to write about. He turned to his father for help.


Daniel’s father had an idea that may give him some inspiration. He told him a WWII story about their family farm that he had heard years before. This quickly started a search that ended up unearthing a monumental find. This was leaps and bounds more than what either of them could have imagined. This story is sure to be heard around the world for many years to come.

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 A Normal Day in Denmark

 A 14-year old boy, Daniel Rom Kristiansen, is your typical Danish teenager. He lives in the beautiful farm town of Birkelse, Denmark with his family. When he was given an assignment in his history class, Daniel was excited.


The World War II project meant he had to research a topic he found interesting and present it to the class. There were so many options that ran through Daniel’s head. He was a good student, so he wanted to make sure he chose the right topic to get him a top grade. He didn’t expect to find any groundbreaking news, but he planned to figure something out when he got home. Maybe his parents could help send him in the right direction.

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 Figuring out a Plan

When Daniel got home, he told his dad, Klaus, about his history assignment. His father’s eyes lit up when he heard what his son had to do. He started to tell Daniel a story he had heard from his grandfather. It had to do with the family farm they lived on.


The farm had been in the family for generations by the time The Kristiansen family used the land for cattle and harvesting food. Over 70 years ago, Daniel’s great-grandfather had said that a plane had crashed somewhere on their land. It had never been found but still could be in one of the fields. When Klaus heard the story, he didn’t know if it should be taken seriously. His grandfather was known for his tall tales. Nevertheless, he jokingly told Daniel to check around the farm just in case.

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 Looking Around for Clues

Klaus decided to go out with Daniel to look for this fabled plane. He had a couple of metal detectors in his nearby shed that he brought out for the occasion. They headed towards the back field where Klaus’ grandfather had said the plane had crashed.


If they did find the crash site, Klaus thought they were only going to find small pieces of the aircraft. The metal detectors can pick up some of the larger pieces that hadn’t been worn away by decades of weather and change. They turned on the detectors and got work. The slowly worked their way to the back of the field.  They both knew it was going to take them a while to find anything at all.

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 Hiding in Plain Sight

 After a while, Klaus and Daniel heard their metal detectors beeping. They were now in the area of muddy ground that they don’t often come to. They placed their equipment to the side and started digging. After a few minutes, they didn’t see anything. Whatever made the detectors beep was hidden deep in the ground.


Klaus’ neighbor had an excavator that could help them dig quicker. He and Daniel headed to the house to borrow the machine. They were excited that they may have possibly found something huge. They didn’t tell their neighbors what they were doing, however. The father and son wanted to keep this a secret until they learned what was buried in their field.

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 Finding What Is Lying Beneath the Surface

 Klaus and Daniel drove the excavator to the muddy site where they once were. They started to dig about six feet until they hit something that sounded hard. They looked at each other when they heard the sound. What could it be?


As they got out of the machine, they looked into the hole in the ground. They saw thousands of pieces of metal! They carefully went inside the hole to discover some more. Some of the pieces of metal had rivets and bolts. The panels looked like they belonged to some sort of airplane from long ago. Could this be the plane that Klaus’ grandfather had been talking about? Was his story more than just a fable? It certainly looked that way!

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 A Huge Find

 Klaus and Daniel continued to dig. They kept finding pieces of the plane with every turn. Once they unearthed the engine, they stopped to investigate the huge piece. Neither of them had ever seen anything like it!


The engine was intact for the most part and was surrounded by other parts of the plane. There were even unused bullets nearby and parts of machine guns. It looked like a fighter jet of some sort to both Daniel and his father. And they were right! The engine came from a Messerschmitt BF 190 plane. It was a German WWII fighter used around 1941. This discovery was beyond amazing! It didn’t stop there, though. As they kept digging, they found something truly spine tingling.

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 A Flashback to the 1940s

 Once they were about seven feet underneath ground level, Klaus and Daniel discovered human remains. The skeleton were the remains of the pilot of the plane. The clothing that was still draped on the bones confirmed it.


In addition to the German soldier’s skeleton, there was also a jacket, pants, and other parts of his Nazi uniform. They couldn’t believe the man had been buried here for decades! The WWII pilot met a quick end during the war. All of the plane wreckage confirmed the crash killed him upon impact. There was no way anyone could have come out of that type of plane wreck alive. Klaus and Daniel took some of the clothes to have a closer look. They weren’t left disappointed.

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Rare World War II Memorabilia

The father and son began to look inside the pockets of the dead pilot’s pants and jacket. They were packed full of his personal items! They started with his wallet. The billfold had Nazi symbols and emblems. There was also money from Germany and other small pieces of paper.


There was plenty more that they found in the pockets. It was at this point that Klaus told his son to stop digging. This discovery was becoming a bit more than what they could handle. He decided it was best to call the authorities to help them figure out what to do with all their newly found WWII artifacts. The world needed to know about this amazing find!

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 Understanding the Full Scope of the Find

Now that the police and authorities were brought in, Daniel and Klaus began to learn more about their find. The plane was part of the German Luftwaffe’s fighter force. The planes left from Europe and were sent to Britain and North Africa.


For the time, this fighter plane was the best there was. It was equipped with advanced landing gear and an enclosed cockpit. Both sides of the war knew the plane very well. It was a tough plane that could withstand the hard task of surviving a war. This plane that Daniel and his father found must have been shot down with some powerful artillery. The Nazi pilot had no choice but to go down with is aircraft.

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 There Is a Lot to Learn

After Klaus called the historians and authorities, no one could believe what they had found. They set up camp in their farm field and carefully removed the plane parts and human remains. The WWII historians wanted to take the items to Nordjyllands Historiske Museum.


Here, the historians discovered something truly powerful. They thought what Klaus and Daniel found was it. Upon further examination of the artifacts, they managed to piece together the history of the plane and its German pilot. This story was taking a life of its own. Klaus and Daniel kept in constant contact with the museum. They wanted to know everything about the WWII find. This was their find and they were proud to be a part of it all.

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 Becoming a Media Sensation

The day after Klaus and Daniel contacted the authorities, their story was known around the world. They had no clue how big this was to become. Sure, they expected their local media to reach out to them for an interview or story, but they soon started to hear from news outlets from numerous countries!


In the interview, Klaus often said he had no clue what could have been buried in their farming fields. When they discovered the plane and bones, it was like looking into a snapshot of the past. It was an exciting time for him and his family. There was no telling where this huge discovery was going to go from here. It seemed like every day, something new was exposed!

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 No One Knew the Truth

 When Klaus first heard the story of the crashed plane from his grandfather, he didn’t know what to think. The older gentlemen like to joke around and tell tales. This could have been one of those times where he stretched the truth out a bit. In his 40 years on the farm, he never thought to go out and explore.


When he was working on the family farm, there was no debris anywhere that he or anyone else saw. His grandfather had also told him that the German military had removed the plane soon after the crash. If there was anything left to discover, it was going to be minimal at best. The rest of the family felt the same way. They just thought of the story as an old fable that the grandfather liked to say from time to time.

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A Dangerous Situation

 Before the historians could remove all of the war debris from the farm field, they decided to close the site to the public. As they were removing the pieces, they noticed the plane had crashed with ammunition still on board. The weapons could still be active and could detonate at any time.


The local police helped to fend off the curious community. They had also brought in a German organization that specializes in these types of sites. They kept records of German soldiers who died during the war. They wanted to help the historians to try and figure out who the pilot was. They used the bones and various possessions to cross check with their information. It was a process that may take a long time to go through.

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 What the Historians Found

 A German historian named Soeren Flensted had a theory as to what happened to the German pilot. He was well versed in WWII planes and history. To him, the pilot was young and had little experience flying the fighter plane. He even found a record of a pilot who had crashed in the area.


The young German crashed into a Danish marsh in 1944. From what he saw in his files, the German army had trouble trying to reach him. They were in enemy territory, and the mission was too dangerous to pursue. To Soeren, the pilot Klaus and Daniel found could be him. The plane was well used during the war, so it is no surprise to see that model and its parts in the Danish location.

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The Information Keeps Rolling In

Soeren and the other historians working on the war debris had a lot of information to deal with. They went through each item in detail. The team looked for clues that could break the puzzling case wide open.


The guns and ammunition were painstakingly looked at to see if any of the supplies were used. The engine was reviewed for any hints on the history. The museum was not only looking at the items Daniel and Klaus found, but they were still finding more pieces at the farm. Soeren eventually found what he had been looking for all along—more information on the Nazi pilot. He knew the personal items could easily help him crack this curious case.

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 Personal Items Lead to Discovery

 At the Kristiansen farm, Soeren and the team of historians found more items that belonged to the pilot. There were unused condoms, Danish money, and food stamps. The stamps were for an eatery that was located in Aalborg, Denmark.


Aalborg housed a WWII German training base for pilots. They were making great headway! They hoped one of these objects could take them even closer to finding the identity of the pilot. Even though his theory on who it could be still made sense, he needed to prove it with evidence that was found at the scene. He was hoping there was one piece that was going to tie it together for him. Soeren continued to look for clues. He was determined not to give up so easily.

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 The Meal Ticket

 The food stamps that were found told a little more about the pilot. He must have left Aalborg that day, fresh from the training base. His plane was the first of its kind to be found in Denmark. This was important to note as it could tell a lot about the German occupation at the time.


Not only that, but the historians also happened upon something else. Klaus and Daniel had handed over some personal items to the museum. One of them was a watch with initials on the back. The letters were still easy to read: “HW.”  They also found a small personal calendar with a name inside. Soeren believed he figured out the puzzle!

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 Identifying the Lost Pilot

 Another historian helped Soeren crack the case. Deutsche Dienstelle found the record of a 19-year old military pilot named Hans Wunderlich. He crashed his plane in 1944 at the same location where Klaus and Daniel found his remains.


The team used his bones to help them confirm his identity. Along with the food stamps, calendar book, and watch, it was a slam dunk. The records Deutsche had showed that he was born in Neusorg, Germany in 1925. There was no reason as to why the plane crashed. The German files showed they tried to save him, but it was soon determined to be a pointless effort. They left him in the field and seemed to forget about him when the war was over. The German war commission decided to have his remains brought back to Germany, so he could be put to rest.

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 Hans’ Family is Long Gone

 When Hans died, he had no wife or children. He had a sister who they started to look for, but she died in 2006. This was the same year Hans’ parents passed on as well. There was no remaining family to look for.


The rest of Hans’ belongings are going to stay in Denmark. The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland plans to show of the items to help the country learn more about their role in WWII. The curator of the museum wants to keep everything together, so the visitors can have the full story of Hans and his fighter plane. It is a story that needs to be told and revisited often.

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 The Ultimate School Project

Daniel had the greatest story to write about for his school project. His teachers were so impressed by the find, they gave him the day off to watch some of the excavation. Klaus finds it all exciting. He had no clue their little Danish farm town was going to be famous because of what they did!


It took over 70 years to find the downed plane, but it was well worth it for the father and son. This is a story they can now tell their grand kids as time passes. The duo is happy that they made this impressive discovery together. It has definitely brought their relationship even closer.

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