Top Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Whether it’s a pain caused by an old injury, a twitch in a muscle from working out, or arthritis from a life well-lived, knee pain is miserable. Pain in one of the biggest and most used joints in the body can make daily activities nearly unbearable.

Although knee pain is a miserable condition, it is a very common medical complaint. Knee pain can be found in everyone ranging from small children or the elderly, but it is more common in women than in men according to medical experts.

Knee Pain Remedies Start

Knee pain can be found in various places throughout the joint ranging from pain in the bony structures to wear and tear in the muscles and ligaments. Dislocation and breaks can occur in the knee joint as well, and some knee pain is caused by chronic conditions such as lupus.

In addition to stiffness of the joint, other knee pain symptoms may include redness, noticeable swelling in one area or the entire knee, numbness in the knee that may or may not extend to the entire leg, and difficult standing or walking. Whatever the pain, and whatever the cause, many treatments, including these home remedies, can help treat the condition.

To see what these home remedies are and how they work, click Start Slideshow and decide what’s best for you.

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