Trump vs. Clinton: The Next President

January 2017 will be the most powerful and special month for America- they will be having their new leader. However, the people are still in confusion of whom they will choose to be the next president of their country. Currently though, there are two names that are creating a big buzz across the nation- Donald Trumps and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump was a runaway winner in Indiana primary wherein most people has been expected. In the polls, demographics of states suggested as much wherein they already proven it right. However, all of these have fallen for about 55 percent.  Currently, he is the Republic nominee but one name is gaining more popularity from the Democratic Party who earns 98 percent bet in the market. It is no other than Hillary Clinton.

Due to this kind of situation, there is one question remains: who will be the next president of America?

US Presidency

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now considered as the frontrunners to the Democratic and Republican races for presidential 2016 nominees. The wrapped of nomination will surely change the next America’s President wherein it shot up from almost 17 percent up to 29 percent.

However, Hillary Clinton is still the one who draws 69 percent bets in the crowd since she started her race. Since Ms. Hillary Clinton started her six months race, massive number of people is already on her favour, giving her a greater chance on this election. As a matter of fact, she already surpass the history of Mr. Barrack Obama against John McCain on 2008 election, Mitt Romney in 2012, George Bush against Al Galore in 2010 election, as well as during 2004 election with John Kerry.

Hillary Clinton apparently overpower Donald Trumps through simply having seven to eight points in 40 in the hypothetical election polls that has been publish in previous weeks. If Hilary Clinton will win by its margin, her victory will be at least similar to Obama during 2008. On the other hand, the presidency of Donald Trump has still in real possibility of winning. He has three out of ten opportunities, 1,450 times more likely compared to Leicester and still on his hope to win the league for this year. This close match leaves people with doubts and uncertainties of who will lead and who will win the presidency position.

Yet, some percentages still remain and might still create big changes to the national polls. If in case, Mr. Donald Trumps can prove himself to become formidable, in to the swing states such as Florida, he will performed strongly to the Republican primary as well as across Rust Belt which is the places including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio wherein in the white and working class of voters will swing behind him.

Generally, we do not know yet if who will really be the real bet of people of United States. There are still few months left for the most aggressive and continuous political campaigns in the history wherein these two individual will be the great figures for this limelight for almost 40 years. Some primaries will surely drag another month for California for Trump to effectively wrap the States for the upcoming race.

Trump vs. Clinton

The race between Trump and Clinton is now increasingly to be unlikely contested. Most of the attention are in great focus for these two candidates if whom they will choose as their running mate. Both of them will try to unite in their own party and will ensure that they will get the supporters back of every people for the upcoming general election.

In August, people will see the fierce protest all over the US as Trump will hold some rallies to ensure large fractions. When September and October come, there will be the final race for both of them to reach their final stretch since they will now face the challenge of presidential debate. In November 8, Americans will finally vote for their bet. Subsequently, the country will eventually have their new leader and government

Is it Trump or Clinton? Well, nobody can answer this question until the Election Day and when the results are released. May the best candidate win this position.

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