Whatever Happened to the Cast of ALF?

Almost everyone wonder if the Extra Terrestrial (ET), a movie in 80’s wherein the alien befriend a little boy and his whole family while it is on the escape from the government offiials inspired the American science fiction series, ALF (Alien Life Form). It has been said that it was a copy of E.T, but actually it is not. Alf could talk and eat cats while E.T could not do the same.

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Let’s take a look at the Cast of Alf and their life after the success of ALF.

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Max Wright as the innovative father, Willie Tanner

Max was one of the favorite dads in the series ALF. He is an innovative father who is mostly interested in aliens. In the American science fiction, ALF, Max did not have a good time working with ALF because the ALF is a puppet. Max Wright also led a difficult and troubled life since his career, including legal problems, cancer, drugs and sex scandals.  Max now is already bald and has a white hair. Max still wore his thin-framed glasses that are favored in the ALF as Mr. Tanner.

cosmetic surgery

His loose clothing in this generation is way far than his buttoned-down neatness and elegant of Willie Tanner. In 2000 and 2003, he was arrested for driving while drunk and was diagnosed with lymphoma. Despite of the accidents and problems, Max returned in acting and theatrical world, starting in the Modern Family and the Shakespeare in the Park.

Next Up: The Ever-Gorgeous Anne Schedeen

The Ever Gorgeous Anne Schedeen as Kate Tanner

In the American science fiction, ALF, Anne played the role of Kate Tanner, a mother of two and the lovely wife of Willie tanner. At first, she has hesitations in keeping ALF in their house. But then, she grew up on loving him more. After the success of the series ALF, her next role is as a detective on the 2001 film Judging Army. After that, she eventually gave up everything about acting.


In the present time, Anne is a decorator and is now living with her husband, Christopher Barrette, a talent agency owner together with their daughter in Los Angeles. She’s now 51 and she stated that the reason behind her giving up her career is that the level of stress causes her to be high and tiring. Thus, she finally decided to let go of her career and now she lives happily with her family. There’s no news about her since then but there are some recent pictures that she was with her family.

Next Up: The lovable Andrea Elson

The loving Andrea Elson as Lynn Tanner

Andrea Elson played the role of Lynn Tanner, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tanner and the sister of Brian tanner. She said that the best thing happened to her during the filming and the set of ALF. This is where she met her husband Scott Hopper. She was diagnosed with bulimia making her skinny and somewhat twig. In 90’s, Elson appeared in some shows like married with Children, Parker Lewis Can’t Loose and Who’s the Boss. She’s now with her 20-year-old daughter and her husband, Scott Hopper and stays in Los Angeles.


After the success of the other film she started, Andrea Elson then hasn’t acted since 1998. And then, she eventually gave up on acting and there is no more news about her since then. This decision of hers led her to become more focused on her daughter and as a wife of Scott Hopper.

Next: The Sneaky Ben Hertzberger “Benji Gregory”

The Sneaky Benji Gregory also known as Benji Gregory.

Benji played the role of Brian Tanner, little brother of Lynn Tanner and the first one to befriend with ALF. Back then, during the set and the filming, he was very thin and small. The Benji Gregory now looks different. But, he never got the interest in undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.


Benji Gregory is now known as Ben Hertzberger. After the series success, The ALF, he started to participate in 3 movies. He ended up his career in 1993 through a voice role in the Once Upon a Forest as Edgar the Mole. He was rumored to have an Aerographer’s Mate for the United States Navy. He then was a film major at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

Next: The Blabbing and Bumbling Liz Sheridan…

The Blabbing and Bumbling Liz Sheridan


At the series, she played the role of the bumbling neighbor, Mrs. Ochmonek, of the Tanner’s. Mrs. Ochmonek is the one who always keeps her eye on the house of the Tanners. After the series, Liz plays the role of Helen Seinfeld up to the 90’s of her life. She also had an appearance on the Empty Nest, Numb3rs and the Blossom. She was married and eventually her husband got into some accidents where it leads him to his death.


Also, she has a steady work as a voice-over like Life with Louie. She’s married with James Dean and later she becomes the author of a romance book that is called the Dizzy and Jimmy. She was now fat and yet still strong. She looks like she enjoys her life these days and always remembers that her book is more like her love story.

Next: The Mysterious Guy John LaMotta.

The Mysterious Guy John LaMotta.


He played the role of the husband of Mrs. Ockmonek and a father. In real life, he’s an active boxer during his time and he also won several titles. In this present time, he’s already 95 years old and has finally given up on boxing and acting as well. On the latest news, August 30, 2016, there were rumors that he is already dead at this time, but later the rumor was proven to be scam.


He is still alive and good despite of his age. At the age of 90 years old, he was rumored to be married again for the seventh (7th) time around with the 12 years’ engagement with Denise Baker. Despite his age, he is still active and most of all love to lay a finger on his fiancée. He can be seen in some boxing fights and other event’s and awards. He’s a one tough guy with charisma.

Next: The lively and cool singer Josh Blake.


The Lively and Cool Josh Blake


Blake is the one who acted up in the ALF as Jake Ochmonek, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ochmonek in the series. Back then, during the filming of the ALF series, he was still a teenage boy. He was best known for his role as Jake Ochmonek amongst his other roles in some shows.  His birth name is Josh Buxbaum lives in New York, USA. Today, Josh Blake is said to be 42 years old.


There are some rumors spreading that he is already dead but it is not true. Josh is still alive and good while people said that he is gay. 2016 is supposed to be a very busy year for Josh Blake. He ended up his career in 2005 and eventually got back on it. He is a singer for now and has released a lot of his albums and gain popularity among the girls. He is now more focused on his career as a singer. Despite of recent activities, there are no other activities yet or what he’s up to with his life now.

NEXT: The joyful and Happy ALF (Gordon Shumway) Played by Michu Meszaros.

The joyful and Happy ALF (Gordon Shumway) Played by Michu Meszaros.


Gordon Shumway is the one that is called the ALF; he was the alien in the American science fiction series. He has a body that is full of fur and has a rippled snout, eight stomachs and facial moles. His heart is located in his head and he can talk and he can eat cats. He likes to burp and whistles without opening hismouth. He loves to invent things and love to help out Mr. Tanner.


The man who frolicked and behind ALF, which is Michu Meszaros, a 2-foot and 9-inch man, died at his own home and had been into a state of coma. He died at the age of 76. Therefore, ALF was also dead.

Next: The ever creative and innovative Paul Fusco.

The every creative and innovative Paul Fusco


Paul Fusco is one of the stars of the sitcom of American science fiction, ALF. There is where he acted as the creator, voice and the puppeteer of the Alien Life Form. He is the one who established the production company, the Alien Productions along with Bernie Brillstein and Tom Patchett. He also produced the animated series ALF tales and the ALF; The Animated Series. During the set and the filming of the ALF, he is still great and lively. Paul Fusco indeed has grown his career over the years.


In 2016, he started at the Donald Trump’s The Art of Deal: The Movie. Again, in the Mr. Robot, a TV series in America, he became the voice over of ALF and the puppeteer. He was the one who voiced Gordon Shumway. Paul Fusco produces some ALF cartoons and the Project ALF wherein it ended up cancelling other series. This went out unexpectedly for some reasons. Now, the Sony pictures, the creator of some great animations and animated movies, bought the right to the ALF including the plan. The plan is intended to produce and create a Live action/ CGI film that is more like “The Smurfs” and its other series.

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