Who’s to Stop Tim Lincecum

It is always painful to say goodbye especially if you already created an impact to people around you. This is the kind of feeling and emotion that Giants have right now. This is because of the team’s general manager, Bobby Evans as he announced that Tim Lincecum already finished his contract for this season. And after that sad announcement, there was a confirmation that Lincecum undergone surgery on the left hip. This information covers the Giants fans with sadness while sharing their emotions in the news online. The sadness that they feel is greater rather than the deficit of this team in NL West.

Such feeling from the fans and even to the team itself is not a surprise because of Lincecum contributions in allowing his team to have 3 World Series of championships. Without him, Giants can be just considered as an ordinary team. Lincecum was able to provide many firsts in his team. He was able to become the first ever star of new era, the one who first sign things of the changes in AT&T Park. This man was able to quickly eclipse his other pitcher with popularity and star power as well.

Tim Lincecum

Many fans are hoping to see more things and greater things that he can really do. But this chance will no longer come because no one can push him from coming back. His decision is already final but before he comes up with that decision, he hardly thinks of it. There are factors and people he considered in finally giving such decision. This is no longer about his passion and will to play, but it is already his health that is at stake. No matter how he really loves to continue pursuing his love to play, he can no longer do it.

It is the slow fading surgery that Lincecum encountered, which makes him to really stop from playing. Probably, any player who undergone the same surgery may possibly do the same and those who already in that position may understand the decision of Lincecum. And no one ever thought that he will experience such surgery. This is because of his quirky and really good manner of playing in the game. He is more than an athlete ever since he fit the city where he is playing right now. This man has really the capacity of marching to his own unconscious beat that will surely surprise every viewer. He is simply unconventional; this is why many Giants fans love him so dearly.

His inability to play now is really a loss knowing his track record and credentials in this field of sports. He was able to won even back to back in CY Young Awards of being the best National League pitcher. This is only awarded to him during his first 2 seasons with Giants. He was able to toss the 2 hitter against Atlanta during his very first post-season game that outduel Phillies’ Roy Halladay during his first game in NLCS. In the clinch of game in World Series against the team from Texas, he simply struck out the 10 batters while becoming better in Cliff Lee.

Lincecum Retirement

Lincecum is really goofy and odd that will give you an outside mold of a typical player of baseball. He was able to really deliver memorable moments, huge performances that created impact to all his fans. As became a part of Giants team, he simply change its culture to a better one making him to be the reason for the team’s improvement in every game they play that allows them to experience the limelight of their career.

It can be so unfortunate that this kind of player was able to end his journey in baseball career, not because of any other reasons but for the welfare of his health. But it does not mean that people will forget whatever contribution he made in the world of baseball especially to his team and fans. Instead, there must be avenues in allowing other baseball fanatics and even player to remember all his contribution in baseball championship. He can be a great model and inspiration to all aspiring baseball players to take also the path of Lincecum in becoming the best in his chosen field of interest.

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