Why Selfies are Not So Normal

All of us have friends that we follow in different kinds of social media websites. These people are constantly posting selfie photos on their account. Most of these photos consist of some close up angles of one individual’s face that sometimes comes awkward.

You will find different poses like pouting lips, duck lips, funny face, cute face, and a lot more. If you are looking for this kind of photos in these websites, then you will be provided with thousands of images being uploaded every day. This overwhelming number of selfies simply proves that today’s world can be considered as the selfies movement.

Solo Selfie

But what does selfies really means? The word selfies immerse in today’s culture although it is not officially included in the English dictionary. It is one the famous words that has been incepted in year 2013. It best describes an individual that holds the camera, and then extends its arm to capture his or her face. It has been glamorized by the high –profile names of famous celebrities. Most of the people who love to take their own pictures or selfies have the opportunity to filter their pictures or edit it according to their likes.

Selfies are also done for some specific purpose such as to share some of their memorable experiences to their family and friends. However, people who love to post more than normal amount of selfies turns out to be narcissistic who always want to seek some attention. They feel that they need comfort and want some reassurance that leads them to become more focus on the social media. Taking selfies needs control, especially on the way you want to see through in one picture.  Selfies movement gives you the opportunity to transform yourself into something you wanted to be. The world of internet therefore becomes the best place for these people.

In previous years, selfies is not considered as problem as it just starting to gain its popularity. But now, once you open your social media account, it looks like it’s already part of daily lives of an individual. People become more obsessed in taking pictures and now, it is gone wrong.

So when does selfies become problem? According to expert surgeons, the requests for surgery increase because numerous people want to look good in their social media. They want to enhance their appearance and have a better look so they decided to undergo some operations. It is because people want to promote their selves and wants to show to other people that they reinvent themselves into something new. They want to establish good status in the world of social media, which is why they become obsessed on things that can make them instant- celebrities.

Some people are increasingly becoming conscious about their looks. Once they receive some negative comments, they instantly look for ways to make their selves look much better. Some change their diets, while others even skip classes just to get perfect selfies. Worse, some people attempt to commit suicide after several attempts of taking selfies because they are not able to capture a perfect one.

Due to this cases, there are lots of psychiatrist said that two out of three from their patients visit them since the selfies arise and become popular. They considered people who take pictures of themselves suffer from BDD wherein they cannot refrain themselves from taking their own photos. Selfies can also turn one into a narcissist. Individuals who constantly pose selfies are even perceived as attention seekers; but some oftentimes develop high-esteem because of this.

Group Selfies

However, there are some ways to save your own self from this kind of situation. One of which is to avoid comparing themselves from others in social media. If you do not have self-confidence, then posting selfies will help you feel better instead of focusing in different ways on how to change negative image like self-respect, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.

Even though not all people suffer from low self-esteem or struggle, it is still best for you to see the real thing inside the social media. Yes, we will see the difference between the selfies of rich and average level person; however, it should not be the basis for you to get jealous about and avoid comparing yourself with them rather fuels your own self with real confidence.

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