Wild Cat Facts that Will Have You Purring

Love cats? Cats are amazing pets. They may be a little needy and almighty, but a cat’s love is genuine and there’s nothing more relaxing that cuddling with your pet while he purrs back at you. While felines might not be for everyone, us quiet, relaxing folks who like a self-sufficient pet thrive in the company of cats. And sure, you love you cat, no doubt, but do you really know your cat?

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Cats are amazing, complex animals. If you’ve ever had trouble figuring out what your cat needs or why she does the crazy things she does, then you you’re in the right place. Get ready for some amazing cat facts that you didn’t know. You’ll learn something new, and get to know your incredible cat just a little bit better than before.

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Dominant Paws

We all have dominant hands. We don’t just use our dominant hands for writing, we use our dominant hands to do everything from swing a bat, to lift a fork, to even petting our cats! Most humans are righthanded because of antiquated beliefs that lefthandedism was related to black magic and the devil. In cats, it doesn’t matter what dominant paw they have. They’ll always be related to black magic.

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Gender has a lot to do with paw preference. For cats, males tend to be lefties while females tend to be righties. Do you have a cat of your own? Test your cat and see what paw they favor. Break out the laser or feather toy. When your cat attacks the toy, take notice of which paw they use for the first swipe! That’s more than likely their dominant paw.

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Cats Love Disneyland

There are 200 feral cats at Disneyland. It’s not clear where they’re kept, but it’s said that these cats roam the park looking for mice. And that’s their purpose. Of course, Disney wouldn’t want rodents to scare off guests, so these cats get the job done and leave with a full belly. Of course, these cats are feral, so they’re not the same cuddly domesticated cats you keep at home. Disney does spay and neuter each cat, but accidents still happen, meaning every once in a while, they find a litter of kittens.

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In 2011, Ryan Gosling appeared on Conan and talked about his love/hate relationship with Disneyland. In his hilarious interview, Ryan Gosling points out how he loves Disney because only they would think of something as strange as an army of cats to solve a mouse problem. But he says he hates them because Disney owes its success to a mouse and ironically, Disney also sets out cats to hunt down mice in the park! Mickey just isn’t safe.

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Cat Naps are Long

Everyone loves to sleep. We’re all looking for five more minutes until we just turn off the alarm and then wake up at noon in a panic. We humans spend eight hours a day sleeping and about thirty-three percent of our lives snuggled up like a bug in a rug. Cat owners everywhere know how much their cats love to sleep. Often, they spend many hours tucked away in a favorite spot getting some shut eye.

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No, your cat isn’t lazy. Cats need the sleep! That is, twelve to sixteen hours a day of it! Ultimately, your pretty kitty will end up spending about seventy percent of her life asleep. So next time you see your cat hitting the hay, make sure they’re comfortable. After all, they need about double the amount of sleep you do and no one is so kind without a cat nap.

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Cats Have Cash

How much is your net worth? Meet Blackie, the World’s Richest Cat, named by the Guinness Book of World Records. Blackie was part of a family that consisted of 14 other cats and a rich, but reclusive owner named Ben Rea. The family lived in an expensive mansion together. Due to falling outs, Ben Rea chose not to include his family in his will. When he died, the last remaining cat, Blackie, inherited $12.5 million. That’s a lot of cat nip.

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Ben Rea arranged care for Blackie and left donations for animal shelters. Some of the mansion’s caretakes received a sum of the money as well. As for what Blackie did with all his money? Well, no one is entirely sure. But as long as this cat’s happy, it’s not our business what he spends his wealth on.

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Cats Hate These Myths

Cartoons teach us a lot of things about cats. For instance, cats LOVE milk and fish. But did you know that while these cartoon cats might be happy, you should avoid feeding your real-life cats these things at all costs? Whether you’re feeding these things to your cats everyday or just once in a while, these foods can have disastrous effects on your cat.

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A cat lapping up a bowl of milk is a common scene from the movies. Although it’s cute, most cats are lactose intolerant, which means that milk can give them tummy troubles. Not all cats experience this, but it might not be worth the risk. It’s hard to tell if your cat is experiencing discomfort from stomach pain. Fish are also not that great for your pet. A consistent diet of tuna can cause not only malnutrition, but also mercury poison. What about raw fish? Certainly, that’s a staple for cats. But no—any raw meat can kill your cat’s essential B vitamins which can lead to neurological issues in the future.

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Cats Have Distinct Prints

Everybody knows that humans have unique fingerprints. They tell us apart, and if we do something bad, the law might be able to find us with just the simplest trace of our fingers. Cats are the same! The difference? They don’t have fingerprints, but nose prints. Do you notice the subtle bumps that pattern these kitty’s noses? Those bumps tell each cat apart!

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No cat has the same nose print. It may be hard to tell, but if you snuggle up with your feline, you might realize just how detailed their noses are. Additionally, with different colorings, patterns, and shapes, it’s plain to see. Each nose is as detailed as your cat’s amazing personality.

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Cats Run for Office

In Xalapa, Mexico, many citizens are frustrated with the quality of their politicians. Morris, the cat, a black and white hero says that people should be tired of voting for rats. So, in an attempt to facilitate change, this cat began his campaign against corrupt politicians back in 2013.

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While he didn’t make it onto the actual ballot, the mayor of Xalapa knows he’s got genuine competition. It seems people like the cat more than him! On Facebook alone, this cat, a symbol of government frustration, has garnered over 375,000 likes! That might not seem like a lot until you learn that in 2010, the population of Xalapa was reportedly around 424,000. While Morris might not be winning any elections, we can all agree that he’s starting the right conversation and creating unity in the face of corruption.

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Cats Can’t Enjoy Sweet Treats

After dinnertime do you find yourself poking around the cabinets and fridge for something sweet? Desserts are just a way of life. Fruits, cookies, ice cream, cakes, and candies give us that sugar that we desperately want and need. We all have a favorite desert, but your cat doesn’t.

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Cats are missing part of the genetic coding that would allow them to taste these yummy delights. But that doesn’t mean that cats taste nothing when they eat desserts. They can’t taste the sweetness, but they may taste something bitter or sour that keeps them munching. Instead of feeding cats sweets, go heavy on the meat. Cats need meat and a lot of it. Generic cat food contains grains to bulk up the food which may actually harm your cat in quantity. So find a better pet food option or feed them fresh.

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Cats Hold World Records

Nevada’s Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness owned Stewie, the world’s longest cat. Stewie was indeed one very big feline at around 4 feet or 1.2 meters long. He’s a Maine Coon, which tend to be big, gentle cats. He also held a record for the longest cat tail, but that’s not very surprising. Unfortunately, Stewie was bravely fighting cancer and passed away in 2013.

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Robin said that people would always tell her how big Stewie was, so in 2011, she decided to see if her cat could get a Guinness World Record—and he did! While he was alive, Stewie did a lot of awesome charity work, like visiting the local senior center to play and cuddle.

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