WNBA Players On And Off The Court

The WNBA is a league that houses some of the most superior female athletes of today. Their hard work on the courts has been revered by fans for the past 21 years, making them household names across the country.

These women have not only gained notoriety for their success on the courts, but for their triumphs and actions off the court as well. From leading private lives, to enjoying the social spotlight, these ladies run the spectrum of professional and personal happenings.

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To learn about these stellar players and their accomplishments on and off the playing courts, continue reading the following list. Some of the information may surprise you and may cause you to gain new favorite WNBA players and teams. In fact, some of the most surprising information is near the end!

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Maya Moore – On The Court

Maya Moore is the star forward for the Minnesota Lynx. Drafted as the number one pick in 2011, she has led her team to the WNBA finals five times, and helped them to win three of those championships. As a starter, she has dominated the game and considered one of the best in the WNBA.

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This past year, she was the youngest player to have won the WNBA Top 20@20 award, which celebrates and spotlights the league’s best 20 players ever to have played. She also was chosen to play for the 2016 Summer Olympics, her second stint, and earned her way to a second gold medal while playing for the US women’s basketball team. She is a force to be reckoned with on the court and has made herself into a true WNBA star.

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Maya Moore – Off The Court

Maya is a private individual who prefers to keep her basketball life and personal life separate. Raised by a single mother, Maya is an only child who relishes the close relationship she has built with her mom. Born in Missouri and raised in Georgia, she now resides in the Atlanta area.

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The single and devout Christian has been vocal about her faith, centering her life around her religion and her family. She lists playing the drums and cooking as some of her favorite activities. She recently has started experimenting with recipes and cooking healthy meals for her friends and relatives. Although very tight-lipped when it comes to her personal life, you can definitely tell she values her family the most.

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Nneka Ogwumike – On The Court

Nneka Ogwumike is the Los Angeles Sparks power forward and leader in the sport. Receiving top accolades in all that she sets out to do, she is simultaneously and currently the reigning WNBA MVP and the league’s union president as well. Not only does she get to show her stunning prowess on the court, highlighted by 2016 AP WNBA Player of the Year, but she leads the league’s women in preserving their best interests on and off the court.

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In addition to her Player of the Year status, Nneka has also set numerous records while leading her team to victory. She is dependable in her plays and is dynamic at the rim. She currently is enjoying a contract extension with the Los Angeles Sparks, having been with the team since 2012 as the top pick in the first round of that year’s WNBA draft.

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Nneka Ogwumike – Off The Court

When Nneka is not dominating the WNBA courts, the Texas native of Nigerian descent enjoys family time with her three younger sisters. One sister, Chiney Ogwumike, currently plays for the WNBA as well. She often visits her parent’s homeland of Nigeria to see her family and friends, while enjoying the country’s people and rich culture. She is proud to be African and often supports various causes for the country and continent.

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Her current actions while not playing basketball also include raising funds through UNICEF to support the education and empowerment of girls. Nneka believes that a quality education can open doors of opportunity for all young women. She has routinely contributed and raised money to support Nigerian efforts back in Africa. A proud proponent of education, she is a great advocate to have for our young girls.

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Diana Taurasi – On The Court

Diana Taurasi is an exceptional WNBA player for the Phoenix Mercury. As point guard and shooting guard for her team, she recently became the league’s all-time three-point shooter in WNBA playoff history. In addition to her shooting expertise, she has excelled in defense as well, reaching 1,500 rebounds this year. Her records are hard to break, as she constantly shatters older personal bests from years past.

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Diana Taurasi was selected by the Mercury as the first pick in the first round of the 2004 WNBA Draft. Since then, she has had many notable and extraordinary basketball playing seasons, culminating in multiple years of winning the ESPY award for Best WNBA Player and is considered one of the top 15 players of all time by the WNBA. Each season she plays, she brings more to the table. She is a true force to be reckoned with.

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Diana Taurasi – Off The Court

Taurasi recently married her ex-Phoenix Mercury teammate, Penny Taylor, days before the start of the 2017 WNBA season. The wedding and the relationship came as a surprise to many fans, as she kept that part of her personal life extremely secretive. She is a believer of keeping her professional life separate from her personal life.

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The Chico, California native is the second daughter of an Italian father and Argentinian mother. A fluent Spanish speaker, she is proud of her family’s heritage and history. She always had basketball playing in her blood and achieved childhood success by playing pick-up games in her neighborhood and formal playing when she reached middle school.

As one of the more familiar faces of the WNBA, she has lent her time and effort to numerous charities over the years, raising money and helping many children and adults she has come across. She is a valuable member of not just her team, but her community as well.

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Candace Parker – On The Court

Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks is an amazing power forward and center. Shortly after her first-round top pick status in 2008, she grew to be a powerhouse, ultimately becoming the second WNBA player in history to dunk in a game. She quickly climbed up the notoriety ladder and garnered both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards during her first season!

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She is considered one of the best 20 WNBA players of all time according to league insiders, dominating the game with her scoring and rebounding efforts. She is a consistent source of excellent performance for her coaches and teammates. There is plenty more gas left in her tank, and she signed a multi-year extension agreement with the Sparks to prove it.

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Candace Parker – Off The Court

Candace was married to Shelden Williams, a Duke University basketball player, since 2008. She has a daughter with him, Lailaa, who was born in 2009. Unfortunately, after 8 years of marriage, they have recently decided to separate and are planning to divorce.

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Despite her rocky marriage, Candace has received many other accolades in her personal life. In 2007, she was considered one of the 100 World’s Most Beautiful People by People Magazine. This fame has allowed her to be recognized by old fans and those that are new to enjoying the sport. The Missouri born woman was raised in Illinois by her parents who saw her potential in the sport and pushed her to play basketball during her high school years. As expected, she excelled throughout high school and college. Despite her beauty and her basketball brawn, she has remained humble and thankful throughout the years.

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Elena Delle Donne – On The Court

Elena Delle Donne is a new and fresh basketball player for the Washington Mystics. She was the second pick overall in the 2013 WNBA Draft. The shooting guard and small forward was recently traded to where she is at now and has exceeded expectations from all sides. Her debut performance with the team was a blistering success, scoring a team best of 24 points and whispers of a possible playoff berth and championship came into play. Most recently, she was nominated for the ESPY 2016 Best Female Athlete award. She has certainly been noticed by the league, coaches, and fans for her outstanding accomplishments.

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Setting the tone with her new team, she has not only upped her game and statistics, but has impassioned her teammates to follow suit. She has quickly become a fan favorite, garnering old and new fans alike. Her team trade has resulted in lucrative success for her and has created an excitement Washington D.C. has not experienced during their WNBA existence.

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Elena Delle Donne – Off The Court

Elena Delle Donne recently announced she is engaged to fellow WNBA player and longtime girlfriend, Amanda Clifton. The wedding is set for later this year and they are both looking forward to the fall date.

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The athlete has been in the news recently due to her Lyme disease diagnosis. Prone to flare-ups, the disease has been interfering with her professional and personal quality of life. She has stated that she has to take numerous supplements and vitamins to manage the disease as the fatigue and pain can be crippling at times. Despite the attack on her health, she is determined to continue playing the game that she loves. Facing the disease with grace and that beaming smile fans have come to know and love.

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Brittney Griner – On The Court

Brittney Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury in their center position. She was chosen as the first overall draft pick in 2013 by her team. During her first game later that year, she made two dunks against the opposing team to equal her with Candace Parker’s career total. In 2014, she led her team to the most wins ever during the regular season. They fought their way to the WNBA Finals, where they won every game to reach the pinnacle of the league and win them a championship trophy.


WNBA Players 10a

During her highly rated career, she has set numerous records for blocking, average points, and rebounds. She has steadily been a fan favorite during her brief career and promises to garner more as she soars up the ladder of basketball success.

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Brittney Griner – Off The Court

Brittney is a huge tattoo aficionado. The majority of the art work done to her skin has significant meanings. She loves to get the work done and has the tattoo sleeves to prove it.


WNBA Players 11

She is the youngest of her four siblings, and she was raised in Houston where she played for her high school team. She has said in recent interviews, she was constantly under stress and victimized by bullies for being different. It made her childhood difficult to enjoy as a result. However, she has turned her childhood trauma into something to be applauded. She is constantly doing charity work and speeches to reach out to school aged children today to work with them and bring attention to bullying and discrimination.

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Tina Charles – On The Court

Tina Charles plays for the New York Liberty as their center. As the overall top pick in the 2010 WNBA draft, she went on to be named the league’s Rookie of the Year. She progressively became an athlete to watch during her first few years playing. A couple of years later in 2012, she became the WNBA’s MVP, breaking many records along the way.


WNBA Players 12

In 2014, she was drafted to her current team and ended up having a spectacular season. She achieved a career record number of points per game and led the league when it came to rebounds. She also has consistently been named the WNBA’s player of the week, winning the most awards by any other player. Her accomplishments are unrivaled and are sure to keep rising as the years go by!

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Tina Charles – Off The Court

A notably quiet person outside of basketball, Charles finds her happiness in helping others. She has generously given large portions of her WNBA salary to fund struggling schools in the U.S. and other countries such as Mali.


WNBA Players 13

She most recently donated half of her basketball salary to a charity called Hopey’s Hart, an endeavor she created after a relative’s death. She strives to make a difference in other’s lives, often times placing herself last in order of importance. She is a selfless and extraordinary person who is sure to be a role model to many young children across the country. The New York raised player is a fixture in her community, creating a much better place for all.

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Sue Bird – On The Court

Sue Bird plays for the Seattle Storm as a point guard. Picked first overall in the 2002 WNBA Draft, she has subsequently gone on to be chosen in the Western Conference All Star Team and was the runner-up for the Rookie of the Year Award. She is a consistent and tough player who has helped her team achieve success year over year.


WNBA Players 13a

Earlier last year, she signed a multi-year contract to extend her stay with the Storm. She is a fun and dynamic player to watch, giving her team and her fans her personal best with every new season. She has won four Olympic Gold medals playing for Team USA, her most recent one was for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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Sue Bird – Off The Court

Bird is the child of a Russian Jewish father and American mother. She has one older sister who she grew up with on Long Island, New York. Other than her immediate family, she keeps all other aspects of her personal life and status private.

WNBA Players 14

In her community, she has been a leader in many charitable efforts and has received the league’s WNBA Cares Community Assist Award for her commitment to making children a priority. In addition to winning awards, she hosts various clinics, mainly in New York, which help young athletes hone their basketball skills, while advocating a healthy lifestyle, in the hopes of going professional one day. She is a great player to on the court and just as great of an individual off the court.

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Lindsay Whalen – On The Court

Lindsay Whalen is a point guard for the Minnesota Lynx. She was selected in the 2004 WNBA Draft as a first round pick and has gone on to win three WNBA championships with her current team.

WNBA Players 15

Drafted in 2010 to the Lynx, she has lead the league multiple times in assists during regular season. In addition, she has been a top contender for MVP status and has enjoyed becoming a top fan player choice each year she plays. She is also considered one of the top 20 players the WNBA has had since its existence. She is a determined and gritty player that enjoys being in the middle of the action. When she is on the court she never disappoints.

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Lindsay Whalen – Off The Court

When she is not leading her team to victory, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband, Ben Greve. Married since 2007, she leads a quiet life outside of any social spotlight. She loves to travel and enjoys the occasional game of golf with her semi-professional golfer spouse.


WNBA Players 16

Growing up with two sisters and two brothers in Minnesota, she has always had a love for basketball, playing on both her high school and college teams. She has proclaimed her love of Minnesota sports and supports the city’s teams with fervor. A true Minnesota native, she is a local celebrity to many in the state. Despite her status, she has always remained humble throughout her personal life and professional career.

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Seimone Augustus – On The Court

Seimone Augustus plays for the Minnesota Lynx as a shooting guard and small forward. She came on the scene in 2006 and was drafted as the number one pick in the WNBA Draft. Her rookie year was strong as she broke the record for points scored by a first-year player. The year ended with her being awarded the WNBA Rookie of the Year. To say she accomplished a lot during her first year is an understatement.

WNBA Players 17

Currently, she is a league leader, consistently helping to carry her team to franchise best records. She is the one to watch when her team is on the court, dominating the rim and becoming MVP eligible as well as becoming a familiar face during the WNBA All-Star games.

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Seimone Augustus – Off The Court

Augustus is married to LaTaya Varner since 2010. Meeting in Moscow, they had a small ceremony in the beautiful setting of Hawaii. She is not one to revel in attention and notoriety, preferring a quiet life with her spouse and relatives.

WNBA Players 18

As an only child, she was the apple of both of her parent’s eyes. She picked up her love of basketball through her father, who played recreationally while she was a child. Starting as a toddler, her abilities shone through almost immediately. As she grew, her skills became increasingly better. Her father took notice and started training her in her talent. She was an immediate standout during her high school and college years, while breaking records along the way.

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