World Militaries: How Strong Are They?

Military operations are an important thing for every country, and they are a major part of the country’s defense and security. This is why, for many countries, it is the part of their government that gets the biggest share of the yearly budget. To many countries, having a powerful military is a statement of pride and shows other countries that they aren’t someone to be messed with.

One of the best ways to tell how strong a country’s military is, is by seeing how much money they allocate to them from the available yearly funds. Other ways include: how advanced their technology is, the type of training, as well as the size of the army, among many others.

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Some may think that the quality of the military, and how good they are in combat, shows how strong a country’s military is; while others think it’s more about how much they have at their disposal. You be the judge.

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When you take how long a country’s military has been around, then Egypt wins hands down as they are considered to have the oldest military in the world. If you go as far back as Ancient Egypt, they have had a military since 2686 BC; though the modern incarnation has been around since 1922.

Egypt allocates $4.4 billion towards their military operations, though they do receive a substantial amount in financial aid from the United States. They have the fifth largest tank fleet in the world with about 4,624 ready for use. Many of these tanks currently just sit in storage. Egypt also has about 1,107 aircrafts and four submarines.

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Currently, Egypt has about 468,500 people in its military. Egypt’s military age is between 18 and 49 years of age and they sign on for one to three years depending on the circumstances that brought them into the military.

Egypt’s military is considered to be the largest within Africa, and in order to help bolster stability in the region, Egypt’s military will often provide assistance to neighboring African states. They currently are not members of NATO, but they remain as a strong military and strategic partner for them.

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Even though Pakistan isn’t one of the largest countries in terms of land mass, they have one of the largest and strongest militaries in the world. They currently have one of the largest militaries based on the number of active personnel, which equals 617,000. Their military age is between 16 and 49 years of age.

Pakistan typically allocates about $7 billion to their military each year. They also have about 2,924 tanks, 914 total aircrafts, and about eight submarines. They are credited with having attack helicopter fleets as part of the aircraft arsenal. They have three branches of service: Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and the Pakistan Air Force.

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What is Pakistan building faster than many other countries? Read on to find out!

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One of the things that is making Pakistan a force to be reckoned with is the fact that they are known to be building nuclear weapons faster than many other countries. It is thought that at the rate they are going, they are quickly going to become the country with the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

Another thing that sets Pakistan apart from the rest is the fact that their Armed Forces are one of the leading contributors to the United Nations peacekeeping efforts. In 2007, for instance, they had over 10,000 personnel deployed overseas as a part of this effort.

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In 2015, Turkey decided to increase their investment in their country’s defense by 10%. It was likely the fact that they share borders with areas that contain an Islamic State presence that caused them to make this decision. It is because of this decision that Turkey is one of the countries with a strong military.

Turkey currently spends about $18.2 billion on their military and defense. They have about 410,500 people in their active frontline. The country’s military age is set at 21, and you are seen as military fit until age 49. They allow for both men and women to be a part of the military. 700,079 men and 670,328 women reach the required military age each year.

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What does Turkey have as a bragging right that it shares only with four other countries? Read on!

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Turkey has about 3,778 tanks, 1,020 total aircrafts and about 13 submarines. Even though they are lacking in the number of carriers, they have one of the largest numbers of submarines, with only a small handful having a larger number. They also claim to have about 16,000 land weapons as well.

One thing that allows Turkey to have some bragging rights is the fact that they are one of the five NATO member states that are a part of the nuclear sharing policy. The other four member states are: Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Germany.

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United Kingdom

Even though the United Kingdom has a smaller size compared to the likes of the United States, China, and Russia, they continue to have dominance over other countries when it comes to the size and strength of their military. This is even taking the fact that the country plans on reducing the size of their armed forces by 10% through 2018.

The United Kingdom has about $60.5 billion invested each year in their military operations. They also have about 146,980 active frontline personnel. Their military age is 16 years of age. Along with the active personnel, they have about 81,850 people a part of the reserves.

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What does the United Kingdom plan to put into service that they named after their Queen? Read on!

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The United Kingdom has about 407 tanks, 936 aircrafts and about 10 submarines. They also have about 66 ships as a part of their navy. One of their claims to fame is the fact that they currently have about 160 nuclear weapons as a part of their arsenal. This fact alone will keep this country at the top of any list of powerful militaries.

In 2020, the United Kingdom plans on putting the HMS Queen Elizabeth into active service as a part of the Royal Navy. This aircraft carrier will be large enough, with a flight deck measuring a whopping 4.5 acres, to carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters all across the globe.

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The Italian military is comprised of the Italian Army, Air Force, Army, and the Carabinieri, which is the Italian’s version of the military police. Even though Italy is a smaller country, they have an impressive array of aircraft carriers, submarines, and planes at their disposal.

Currently, Italy allocates $34 billion a year for their military’s use. They have almost 350,000 active frontline personnel, divided amongst their Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Carabinieri. They also have almost 42,000 in the reserves as well. The military age for Italian citizens is between 18 and 25 years of age with a one-year serve obligation. They allow both men and women to be a part of the armed forces.

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Italy has 586 tanks, 760 aircrafts, and six submarines at its disposal. They have two large aircraft carriers as a part of the Italian Navy. The flagship aircraft carrier is called the Cavour, and it was designed to operate V/STOL aircrafts, helicopters, and even serve as the command center for the Italian Navy.

As of 2014, the Italian military is regarded as the third largest within the European Union and the fifth in the NATO nations. Italy has been a part of NATO since 1949, and they joined up at the same time as the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and several others.

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Even though Germany’s reputation took a hit after their actions during WWII, it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that they have an impressive military force. However, this has more to do with the fact that they have a fair number of attack helicopters and other aircrafts than anything else in their arsenal.

They have only about 179,046 active frontline personnel, and that is most likely due to the fact that in 2011 the German government eliminated the mandatory military service. They also have about 145,000 members in the reserve. Their military age is 17-years-old. Germany also has about 408 tanks, 663 aircrafts, and only four submarines. Lastly, they have about 5,000 on-land armaments of various kinds.

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Why did Germany do a radical overhaul to their military? Read on to find out!

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In recent years, Germany has done a reform of their military and it is considered to be the most radical one in history. This was mostly due to the new challenges of international terrorism and global cooperation needing a smaller and more flexible structure. Also, ever since WWII, Germany has been operating with a more stringent set of restrictions.

The German military is known as Bundeswehr and was founded in 1955, though its current form only dates back to 1990. They have five branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Joint Support Service, and the Joint Medical Service.

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South Korea

South Korea is considered to have one of the most modernized militaries in the world because they spend a large amount on military equipment and weapons. This is due to the fact that they share a border with a dangerous and unpredictable neighbor to the north of them.

South Korea spends about $62.3 billion each year on their military. They have about 624,465 active frontline personnel, with the military age being 18 for volunteers and mandatory from 20 to 38 years of age. However, during wartime, this changes to 18 to 40 years of age. They also have 2,900,000 of additional personnel in the reserve.

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Even though South Korea is a relatively small nation, they have a large military, as mentioned, and they train their people well. Their training regimen matches that of the United States’ forces. They are even known to train their armies together.

All-in-all, South Korea has about 2,381 tanks, 1,412 aircrafts, and 13 submarines. They also have attack helicopters to help them gain an advantage. Lastly, they have 166 ships. All of this makes South Korea’s air force the largest in the world. South Korea has three branches of their military: Army, Navy, and Air Force.

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France followed the lead of Germany, and in 2013, they decided to freeze their military spending and cut down their defense jobs by 10%. This was done in order to save money to be used on technologically advanced equipment. However, having said that, the French military is nothing to slouch at.

The French military is small, with only about 202,761 active frontline personnel, but they are highly-trained and are capable of force projection when needed. Their military age is set at 17.5 years of age. They also sport reserve personnel of 27,785 men.

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France allocates about $43 billion towards their military. This is about 1.9% of their GDP, which is far below the spending target that is set by NATO, which is 2% of a country’s GDP.

The French military has 423 tanks, 1,264 total aircrafts, and ten submarines. They also have a new aircraft carrier that they named the Charles de Gaulle. They have about 9,000 ground vehicles when needed. Lastly, they claim to have around 290 nuclear weapons at their disposal as well.

If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe the fact that they are members of the EU and the UN, and have significant deployments, such as throughout Africa, will convince you that France shouldn’t be trifled with.

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When compared to some other countries of its size, the Japanese military is relatively small, but they are well-equipped. One of the things that are in its way is the fact that after WWII they signed a peace treaty that effectively prohibits them from having any type of offensive army. However, due to disputes growing between them and the ever-growing China, Japan has started expanding their military again after 40-plus years.

Even though they were unable to have an offensive military, Japan has had a self-defense military since 1954 that they called the Japan Self-Defense Forces, or the JSDF. This military is broken up into three branches: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. The military age for Japan is 18 years of age and you are available for military services between 16 and 49 for both men and women.

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Japan currently has about 247,173 active frontline personnel as well as about 57,900 in the reserves. They have a budget of about $49.1 billion, which is the sixth highest in the world. They have to spend this much in order to fund the maintenance of their 1,500 aircrafts, 131 ships, 16 submarines, and their helicopter fleets.

Japan has the fourth largest submarine fleet and they have four aircraft carriers, though they are only able to be equipped with helicopter fleets. They also, surprisingly, have the fourth largest attack helicopter fleet behind Russia, China, and the United States.

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China’s military is called the People’s Liberation Army, or the PLA. It was founded in 1927, and it has been growing ever since. One of these reasons is because military service is compulsory within China, but this is rarely enforced due to the sheer size of the military currently.

The Chinese military has grown in size just as quickly as the country’s population. This is both in the size and capability of the military. Just in terms of manpower, it is the largest military in the world with 2,333,000 members in its active frontline. This is still only about 0.18% of the country’s overall population. They also have 2.3 million in the reserves.

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What information has China been able to “borrow” from other countries? Read on to find out!

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China has a massive drive to increase spending towards the military. Currently, they are spending $126 billion but they hope to increase the budget by 12.2% soon. Much of this spending goes towards their 9,150 tanks, 2,860 aircrafts, and 67 submarines. With these numbers, they have the second largest tank fleet, only behind Russia, and they have the second largest submarine fleet, behind only the United States.

China is known for acquiring sensitive information from other countries, such as the information on the new F-35 design. This is also true for other sensitive military technology. They are also in possession of 300 nuclear weapons and know of 180 different ways of deploying them at any given time.

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It is well-known that Russia as the unquestioned second strongest military, second only to the United States. This is mostly thanks to the massive modernization and the impressive program put in place by Vladimir Putin. However, most of its growth can be attributed to the fall of the Soviet Union 20 years ago.

Russia currently spends about $84.5 billion on their military, but this amount is expected to increase by about 44% over the next few years. This is the second time that Russia has increased its military spending, as it increased by a third already since 2008.

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What does Russia have that is the third largest in the world, behind the United States and China? Read on!

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Russia has 766,000 in its active frontline personnel and just about 2.5 million in its reserves. However, the reserves only get mediocre training compared to the active members. The military age within Russia is set between 18 and 27 years of age. You are expected to serve for 12 months when you join.

Russia has a tank force of 15,500 tanks, making it the largest in the world. They also have 3,429 aircrafts and 55 submarines. They have an aircraft fleet that is the second largest, only behind the United States, and they also have a submarine fleet that is the third largest, behind both China and the United States. What makes them stand out is the impressive number of active nuclear warheads at their disposal, 8,500.

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United States

Even though the United States has made many spending cuts, they still spend about $601 billion on their military, which is more than the next nine highest spending countries combined. Most of this money goes towards their 1,400,000 active frontline personnel, 8,848 tanks, 13,892 aircrafts and 72 submarines.

Along with their active frontline members, the U.S. also has an additional 800,000 members in the reserve. This is comprised of both men and women. You can join the military at 17 with parental consent, or 18 for voluntary service. For first time enlistment, the maximum age is 27 for the Coast Guard, 34 for the Navy, 35 for the Army, and 39 for the Air Force.

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What is considered to be the United States’ biggest military advantage? Keep reading to find out!

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The United States’ biggest conventional military advantage is the fact that they have a fleet of ten aircraft carriers. They also have the largest number of aircrafts in the world, as well as cutting-edge technology, such as the Navy’s new rail gun. Lastly, they have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, equaling about 7,500.

With all of these advancements, the United States has had the uncontested most powerful military in the world since WWII. Even with this said, China, Russia, and Japan are making advancements as well and are also forces to be reckoned with.

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