World Militaries: How Strong Are They?

Military operations are an important thing for every country, and they are a major part of the country’s defense and security. This is why, for many countries, it is the part of their government that gets the biggest share of the yearly budget. To many countries, having a powerful military is a statement of pride and shows other countries that they aren’t someone to be messed with.

One of the best ways to tell how strong a country’s military is, is by seeing how much money they allocate to them from the available yearly funds. Other ways include: how advanced their technology is, the type of training, as well as the size of the army, among many others.

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Some may think that the quality of the military, and how good they are in combat, shows how strong a country’s military is; while others think it’s more about how much they have at their disposal. You be the judge.

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